Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guess Where I went Last Night?

YEAH! That's right!

Kathy Griffin Live. The Hubs and I were lucky enough to be invited by the WSU's to see her at the Paramount Theater last night. It was a fun night of WSU gloating (they won Saturday) in the heart of U of W country, cocktails, and laughing until your sides hurt followed up by laughing so hard you give yourself the hiccups.

The evening started out with us going to Cascadia for sliders and martinis. The reviews for the restaurant weren't so good but we heard they had some fantastic sliders and a pine martini we needed to try.

After driving around in Bell Town for a little while we finally found the address.

This is what we found.

Not the actual restaurant but you get the idea.

I guess the bad Yelp reviews did it in. Don't under estimate the power of Yelp.

We ended up at the Bell Town Bistro which had fantastic happy hour specials that were great! We drank, gloated over The Cougs win some more and enjoyed visiting with The WSU's.
I will be writing a Yelp review on Bell Town Bistro. It really was a great dining experience and I recommend it.

After drinks and dinner we were walking down the street back to the car and inside this little shop WSU Hubs spotted a picture he wanted to look at. So he and The Hubs went in to take a real quick look. WSU Laura and I waited outside. We didn't want to get caught up in the shopping when we were suppose to be getting to the show. Once you get us in a store we don't usually get out quickly.
The next thing you see is The Hubs standing in the window waving me in frantically.
So we go in to see what the fuss is about.


Yes that's right! The Hubs knows me so well. He knows I love funky shoes and boots. There isn't much funky about me but I do love me some funky ass shoes!

Plaid rubber boots. I'm so getting these! They didn't have my size at the cute little store we stopped in but I got home and IMMEDIATELY looked them up online. Seems Buy Trendy Shoes is where I need to get me some funky ass boots! They have lots of fun styles. LOVE THEM!

We were off to the show

Can I just say.................

Kathy Griffin Rocks!

I really do like her. I know she's all crude and offensive but I don't care. Hell, I'm crude an offensive. I love her! I love how she gossips and tells the dirt on Stars and the best part of it know she's telling the truth. WSU Laura and I left with mascara running down our faces from laughing so hard. The Hubs and WSU Hubs spent the rest of the evening recapping, reciting, and laughing. This is a great show if you have a chance to go...........GO! Even your straight husband or boyfriend will enjoy it.

I'm so excited for her new season of My Life on The D List to start.

After the show we went on a little tour.

We happen to know someone, who knows someone, who is a Big Shot With Keys to the new 1521 Second Street Luxury Condo building that is almost complete in downtown Seattle. These condos have the most spectacular views from their 1.8 million dollar condo windows you have ever seen. We went up on the roof to where the community deck will be located. Also located on top of the building (floor 39) are two private decks for the penthouses.

So here is the view from the top. Snapped with a camera phone by the Big Shot with the keys! It's fantastic!You can see all of Seattle. We were told that in the day time you can see Mt. Baker to the North, Mt. Rainier to the South, The Olympics to the West and The Cascades to the East. Including all the bodies of water that surround the Seattle area. It really was a spectacular view last night.

This is a view out of one of the condo windows. Right over Pike Place Market. HOW FABULOUS!

The Big Shot With Keys snapped this photo of The Hubs and I in front of another spectacular condo view.
Space Needle and huge Flag flying in the background.

What a great time we had touring this property after hours. You can't imagine how beautiful these condos are. Not only do they have fantastic views from every condo window but they all have automated toilets that come with remote controls. Freaking amazing! I never knew I needed help in the bathroom but apparently I do!
Here is something cool that I found (well actually Big Shot With Keys pointed it out) on the website of the company that is building all this fabulousness.
Then go to Back to Web-cam (to the right)
Then go to Time-Laps (to the right)
Then hit the arrow in the middle of the building.

This is freakin awesome!
Excuse some of the blurry rains here sometimes.
What a fun time we had with The WSU's last night. Thank you Laura for getting great tickets for us. Thank WSU Hubs for driving downtown and being The Big Shot With The Keys. It was fun to see what you have been working so hard on for the last couple years. The Hubs and I were totally impressed!
Now it's time to get busy!


Royaltouch said...

Were you at the 10 pm show on the 22nd? Because my hubby and I were too! One of my early Christmas presents, Kathy rocked huh! It was fun! We are seeing Robin Williams on Dec. 5th too.
Thanks for visiting my blog, you are in my neck of the woods too and like alot of the same places!
Lucky you going to NY, wow that will be a fun time, enjoy and safe travels.

Laurie Anne said...

Eggnog Pie??? you gotta post that recipe.

Lisa said...

shes my bff..Love her.
Hello, those photos. SNOB!
USOLUCKY! can I touch ya?