Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Furniture Is In

Because I know you all are holding your breath waiting for me to get the pictures up of the furniture back in the room (well Laurie Ann might be) I'm doing a quick post.

Last night and this morning we got the furniture back in the downstairs family room. It was nice to be able to move stuff around and try it different ways with out trying to move that BIG ASS TV. I have been begging The Hubs to buy a new flat screen. I think he's thinking about it, but I think he's also thinking about me getting a job!

The room is long with doors or an entrance on almost every wall. I think we came up with a configuration we can live with. We're going to try it out for a while. We moved the furniture up closer to the stove and TV (even with glasses we can't always read the writing across the bottom) and out of the way of the French doors. I also took out some furniture and used some different furniture from other rooms that wasn't really being used.

I used a side table that I had up in one of the bedrooms for between the chair and love seat. Then I took the milk glass lamp out of the computer room that I bought at a year or so ago and didn't know what to do with. It's kind of Grandmaie, but I'm kind of likin it. We will see, I change my mind often.

I think I don't like the lamp shade on that lamp.
The French Doors that open up to the sunroom. I like the new traffic flow between doors and stairs. It just seems to flow better.

The chairs might be a little too close to the stove. I might claim that chair right next to it. The Hubs hasn't hooked it up yet. Still waiting on a part. He better do it fast we are expecting the first rain and wind storm tonight. Which means.............No Power!

Charlie's treadmill is going to have to find a new home I think or The Hubs and I are going to have to get off our ass and use it. I have those 2 crocks that I have had for years and have never put anything in. I need to find something for them that will spiff up that corner. Any suggestions other then flowers?
Now I need to find stuff for the walls. Something fabulous.
Thanks for following along.
Have a great day


April said...


WSU Laura said...

Looking good! I am going to miss that vinyl floor though. . . PSYCH!

Laurie Anne said...

It looks great!! I think some long curly willow would look fabu one of those crocks :0)

lili11 said...

I want u to know that I like what u posted here. Great!

Lisa said...

Hell to the YESSSS!!

my goodness what a job youve done with the place my miss Timi!

and totally, like my normal self, I am adding in that I would paint that wall all blue, then go from there. That might inspire more painting of that room, you know, since your in your mojo and all.