Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't Bother
Returning My Calls!
3 years ago this month when we moved in to this house and I was over whelmed with ugliness. I wrote to HGTV (every show that had an e-mail address) and BEGGED them to come help me. I had no idea what to do with the red walls, wallpapered walls, dark brown dirty carpet, 1970's bathrooms, Brady Bunch wrought iron railings, bubble gum pink and purple walls, and 1980's country decor light fixtures.
Well it's slowly coming room by room. I have muddled through the remodeling process. We have been through a couple contractors and have stories to tell.
As most of you know this last week and this week we have been overhauling our ugly downstairs family room where we live most of the time. It's been a big fat mess, there has been a lot of cussing and swearing going on and the checkbook thinks it's a movie star it's been out so much.
What the room normally looks like. It's where we spend most of our time. Laundry, magazines, computer, dog and cat stuff, shoes, and the general catch all room. It's also the room that has 3 entries in it that get used all the time.
From the TV wall looking up the stairs in to the entry way and kitchen.

I hated this the most! This brick wall that was dirty, it smelled, and was just a huge eye sore.
The wall that Charlie's treadmill is on. Beautiful cedar paneling. When the dust bunnies feel off the kitchen floor they hung on for dear life to the cedar paneling. It was usually covered with big huge dust bunnies.

Open stairs that housed the biggest dust bunny nest you have ever seen. Like real bunnies they multiply quickly. I think the ones that survived the paneling fall found homes under here and started breeding.

So today was the day.........

New carpet day.

We ordered our carpet from Remnant King Carpets in Everett. Go see John, he is super helpful and they are very reasonably priced.

When they ripped out the old carpet that pretty vinyl was all the way through the room. Why would anyone want to cover that beauty up? I bet in the day it was lovely!

Carpet being installed. These guys did a great job. We will be having them back for our future flooring needs.


So it's almost done! I have a little touch up painting to do, door knobs, new white outlets, and floor molding. I can't even tell you how excited we are. Especially with the holiday party season coming up. We have something planned and it's going to be nice to have this done.

The old TV wall and laundry room door. Charlie wasted no time getting doggy nose prints on the new glass door.

Sunroom door wall. It's going to be beautiful opened up for parties. It will be great this spring and summer too.

The new stairs and railing.

The old cedar paneling wall that had Charlie's treadmill on it. Not sure the tread mill is going to go back over there.

Sooooooooooooo here it is! The new tile and stove. In and finished. The stove pipe painted, the carpet laid around the tile. It looks fabulous! Thank you Lisa at Coastal Nest for suggesting keeping it simple and all the same color. I love it!

I'm so excited to get furniture moved back in. Waiting for The Hubs to get home from work so he can have the honors of helping me move furniture back in. Not to mention I thought he would want to see it empty and all done.

So here's my painting dilemma

I can't decide if the walls look odd with the colors divided. It only looks odd when you get down to the wainscoting. I went a head and took Laurie Ann's advice and painted the whole room blue to see how I liked it. Not to mention, it was a lot easier then painting the whole room over back to the off white.

Let me know what you think about the walls. I'm going to live with them a while and see what I think, but I'm undecided on how weird it looks.

Thanks for following along in our construction project. It was fun to get to show you what was going on.

Have a great day



Laurie Anne said...

The room looks great. Way to go!!
I think all you need is a little bit of trim to give the blue a place to stop. I love the openess of the trilevels, but the wall painting can be tricky. Can't wait to see the when all the stuff is back in :0)

April said...

Walls are tricky ... usually the rule is to paint an entire wall until it runs into an end (no cutting off at a random point), but it is hard to say with your walls being we can't see the whole picture up close and personal. You can always hide the cut-offs though - pictures, wall decor, shelving, plants (you know, those fake ficus trees?) ... I think the room looks amazing!! You guys have done such a beautiful job!! Way to go!!