Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History Right Before My Very Eyes

Whether you voted for or against today, you witnessed a historical event in our country. This will probably be one of the most historical things I'm honored enough to witness in my life time.
At least in the top 5 I would think???
I didn't vote for Obama, but as I stood (No furniture, carpet coming in the morning) in front of the TV I held back the tears as I saw all the African American reports, Obama supporters and Katie Couric holding back tears also. One reporter was broadcasting from a church in Atlanta and he literally was shaking while he was trying to do his piece.
What a great event to witness.
Congratulations President Elect Barack Obama!
You have a huge mess to clean up and the highest level of expectations to live up to. I wish you all the best of luck.
Now back to All About Me.........
This blog is A Girl Named Timi not a President Named Barack!
More pictures later of my ALMOST finished downstairs!

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Lisa said...

Interesting, your first vote!

was it kinda like the other first time? All rushed and uncomfortable?
Remember the high hopes you had, then how it wasnt totally what you dreamed it would be...me too.

lord, here we go!
(oh, and "yes.we.can.)