Thursday, November 13, 2008


So this last Monday was the kick off of WSU Laura's Birthday Week. You know, the week where you get to do nothing, shop all week, order everyone around, and attend social functions in your honor all because ........It's Your Birthday! This coming weekend, Saturday to be exact, there will be a big Hootinannie in her honor. It's a surprise and she knows something is happening in her honor, but she doesn't know what...AND IT'S KILLING HER! I thought I would share with you and her (she's a regular reader) a little of what's going on. Some of the planning and non planning that's been happening.

This was the cake she had featured on her blog with wishful thinking that it was going to be presented to her on her 40th birthday.

Her Hubs (WSU Hubs) called me and wanted some help in the planning.
I said "SURE I would love to help!"

He had all these great ideas to do something fun and classy for her because you know WSU Laura is the queen of classy fantastic parties. She makes Martha Stewart look like a freakin slacker.

My response to him............HELL NO! It's her 40th! This should be something embarrassing and memorable. I'm thinking tacky, educational, and down right "what the hell" worthy!
After my suggestions on what I thought we should do, WSU Hubs quickly told me that my help was only needed on a limited level. Oh, OK.
So with what seemed to be a little hesitation, I was put in charge of the cake.

After reading WSU Laura's blog on Monday I know she has an idea about what she would like her cake to look like but.........(Me)Princess Lazy Ass isn't that creative. Yes, I could have called some professional fancy place like Mike's Amazing Cakes to do something fabulous or something totally different like
The Erotic Bakery. (You need to check this one out!)

Not only is Pricess Lazy Ass not creative but I'm L A Z Y and a huge procrastinator. I started to think about it today, which is 2 days before the big day. I no longer have time for ordering something! With that said, I'm going to try and make it myself. It's the thought that counts right?

Here are a few cakes I found on line that sparked some ideas of what I could create;
How about a Lego cake? That looks easy enough. Maybe make it pink?
I don't know what the hell this is but I would bet a million bucks that the cake I create looks a lot like it!

This just made me laugh. I don't think I'll try to copy this cake because it looks a little beyond my skill level. However.......I'm so going to save this picture so I can have it made in the event WSU Laura decides to have a SWINGERS theme for her 50th birthday. Seeeeeeee thinkin ahead!
WHAT? You never know?
Oprah says you could have swingers livin right next door to you! I'm not going to pooh pooh anyone for lifestyle choices. I don't care. I'll make them a cake too!

WSU Laura would love this! I know Kit Kats are her favorite. DAMN! Again too bad I didn't think ahead!
Would you like me to tell you about my ideas that got me voted off the WSU Laura Birthday Planning Committee? OR DID THEY??????? We won't know for sure until Sunday will we. WSU Laura..........are ya scared???

I suggested to WSU Hubs for Laura's birthday, I was thinking a tour of a potted meat product plant.
How interesting?????? Memorable and Educational

Then from there we could go to an Imitation Crab Meat manufacturing plant for a tour. I've always wondered what the hell that is and why it tastes like crap.
Again..........educational, and thought provoking.

We can get all dolled up in the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE as it's know in the industry) to tour the plants. Complete with rubber boots, hairnets, and lab coats. It will be a little hard to chit chat with one another wearing resperators, but it doesn't matter. I suggested we invite a bunch of people that Laura doesn't know to mix things up a little. Hell with the family and friends! You see them all the time! I know that's what she would like but that's soooooooo EXPECTED don't you think?

These would be our tour guides. Explaining how they scrape the floors and put the crap off the floors in cans and plastic bags and sell it. Now I don't know if that is how they do it for sure but that's what my Dad told me.
He also told me that soy sauce was made with all the flies collected off the window sill, then put in a blender with water or if they were really fresh they would just squish them through the window screens so you would get the flavors of the other bugs stuck to the screens. The Chinese Food place we went to when I was a little kid (there was only one in town) had a bit of a fly problem. It's my Dad! Why would he lie to me??????

From the tours we can go have hamburgers and maybe a crab salad. Then we can watch Vin Diesel movies over and over again. While we watch Laura lick her eyebrows and drool all over herself.

Hey Laura! I have been watching you. Is it your birthday baby? I got a little "somethin-somethin" for ya.

I've been so sad that we haven't seen each other in a while. (It's because my movie career is in the crapper right now.)

Hey Laura Baby, you want to put a little more sun block on your Vinny Baby? Try not to touch my big bulging biceps. They are sore from my work out today.

Maybe I invited him????? Maybe that's what I've been so busy doing this week?????????? Who knows???? LAURA DOESN'T!

My other idea was to have a party at the local laundromat. On a Saturday it should be busy and everyone loves cake right? Again not with family and friends, but with strangers. More fun, unexpected, and........we can get our laundry ALL done at once while we are there.

Laura knows something is going on but she doesn't know what. Frankly neither do I because I got voted off the island. Creative people are often misunderstood ya know? So stay tuned............The party is on Saturday I'm hoping to have some fantastic pictures of the Birthday.

Have a great weekend!


WSU Laura said...

Ok I am peeing myself right now with laughter and a litle fright.Umm can you make me a poster of all the Vin photos? And thanks for the idea for your 50th birthday, a swingers theme at the laundromat.

April said...

I literally have tears in my eyes .... Timi - you are so funny!!! Love it!! And thanks for the eye candy ... I am a Vin fan, too (well, Fast and the Furious Vin). LOL!! WSU Laura is one lucky girl to have such a great friend!! Can't wait to see what kind of trouble, I mean fun, that you guys get into! :o)

WSU Laura said...

Hey April DO NOT encourage her!!!

Preppy Sue said...

Just came over via Laura's blog and I'm LOL!! You are too funny!

Stephanie said...

Cute, very cute!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)