Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let The Holiday Season Begin!

I love this movie! The Grinch That Stole Christmas has been on of my favorites since I was little. This picture represents how my holiday season has been kicked off.
This picture has nothing to do with the post. It just cracks me up and I had to share it with you. Charlie hating the holidays. This always reminds me of Max the dog from the Grinch That Stole Christmas. Beat down, miserable, hatin the holidays. Sometimes it's just how you feel during the holidays.

OK, Back to the real scheduled post..............

I ventured out to Jo Ann's yesterday to shop for some mirrors and a couple other items. When I got there it was crazy busy. Big sale, no school, and apparently the holiday season has begun with or without me.

In true retail fashion there were only a few checkers on hand so the line was probably about 30 people deep waiting to check out. I waited in line 20 minutes to check out with my $10 worth of stuff. I contemplated several times just laying my stuff down and leaving. I decided what the hell, I'm here. I've waited this long. I might as well wait it out.

About 7 or 8 people in front of me in line was a woman with 2 shopping carts full of cut yardage. When I say full I mean heaping. It took the poor checker forever to get that all bagged up for her. You could see the frustration on both the ladies faces. When they were done the woman rolled both carts out of the store even more heaped then when she started. Now all that fabric was in slippery plastic bags. There were more then 5 or 6 people who left through that same door after that woman.

Stay with me this does have something to do with my story..................

So I pay for my stuff and head out the door. On the floor going out the door to the parking lot were bags of fabric laying on the ground. I picked them up and took them back in to the checker right by the door and let her know that I had picked them up outside the door. We both agreed that it must have been the woman with the two carts of fabric and she would be back. So I left it with her. On my way to my car in the parking lot I could see on the other side of the parking lot (totally opposite of where I parked) that the woman with the 2 carts of fabric was still unloading her fabric in to her car. So I hurried over to catch her before she was done.

This is how my good deed/trying to be helpful went;

Me: Excuse me, did you buy some pink and white stripped fabric and some solid pink fabrics?

She turned and looked at me like........what the F is it to you?

Her: Yeah, why?

Me: You dropped some bags back there and.............

Interrupted before I could finish and she shot a look like I was crap on her shoe.

Her: Well, go get them!

This said with a tone that was so rude and demanding all I could do is look at her stunned. I was thinking "are you kidding me?"

***Note about Timi*** my eyes don't hide my feelings. If I'm pissed, your going to know it. It's a genetic defect. My whole family has eyes that need no words. I have stopped the naughtiest kids in their tracks and looking for their mothers with just one look and not saying a thing. Sometimes it's a gift sometimes its a detriment.

Me: No, I can't go get it for you. It's right in side the door............

cut off again

Her: Well what did you do with it? Is it just laying on the ground?

Now I'm just pissed!

Me: No! When you go back in to get it yourself, it will be at the first checker in the door. She is expecting you.

I turned around and walked off. Half way to my car I heard her finally yell thank you to me. I said your welcome without turning around. Probably rude on my part but what I really wanted to do is flip her off as I was walking away.

As I was sitting in my car steaming I kept seeing a scene from Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze as Dalton. The part where he ripped the throat out of the bad guy with his two fingers.

I wanted to go Roadhouse on her ass!
Then I asked myself these questions..........

Is this how the holidays are going to go this year?

What the hell is wrong with people? By doing a good deed or being courteous to others does that make me weak and a target to be treated so rudely?

Are people so self absorbed that they can't think of anyone but themselves? After all, lots of people walked out that door, stepped over the fabric and never took the time to stop and pick up her fabric. I was the only one who stopped and picked it up AND returned to the counter. Someone could have picked up all those bags and just gone home with them. Thank you bitchy lady for buying dishonest lady some fabric!

Do you think her mother raised her that way?

I wonder if she talks to her kids and husband that way?

I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she just had the shopping trip from hell at JoAnn's and was all bent out of shape and just ready to go.

You know what.............

Too F*&^% BAD! We all just had the shopping trip from hell in there!

Now go out and practice some kindness today to prepare for the holidays. Open the door for someone, turn away when you cough, Say hi to someone, help a little Grammy get something off the high shelf at the store, help a Grandpa read Grammies list in the grocery store and point him in the right direction or better yet just go get it for him. It's not hard people!

For those of you who practice this year round........

Thank you!

Keep up the good work!


Laurie Anne said...

I hope you F'n Wednesday is much better.

Amber Rose said...

This post is sooo true!!! Why are people like that?? I have tons of stories just like that one..
Tis the season to be jolly??

Sue at Serendipity said...

I should think she is now calling herself all kinds of rude and stupid for being so awful to you-bless you for picking it up and setting her such a fine example of kindness-hope it took!!!!

April said...

You and I would be a dangerous duo this shopping season ... I am a little Italian girl with a big mouth! If provoked, there is no telling what I might say!! Hee, hee!!

WSU Laura said...

To counter that rude BEEEYOTCH I was at the mall yesterday and an elderly woman in the Starbucks line dropped all the change out of her coin purse. Bless her heart! Each person in line helped her retrieve it all. :- )