Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why Can't We Have Fancy

Soap Like Everyone Else?

The Hubs and I were at the mall the other night. While we were wondering through Macy's I walked by the Martha Stewart handsoap and lotion display.
Turning to The Hubs

Me: That new Martha Stewart lotion smells really good.
Here smell it.
I hold out my hands for him to smell.
The Hubs; That does smell good. You should get some of it. We should get some new stuff for the bathrooms too. Something that smells good and looks nicer. Anytime we go to other peoples houses (The WSU's) they always have nice handsoap in nice containers.

Me; Nope! We aren't getting any!

The Hubs; No? Why? Why can't we get some fancy handsoap like everyone else?
This said in his best imitation of me throwing a fit

Me; Until the bathroom appearance quality goes up, the soap quality isn't going up! Let that be an incentive for you!

The Hubs; Whatever physco spoiled brat!

I was in Macy's yesterday and Martha Stewart had all her stuff on sale. So I broke down and bought handsoap and lotion FOR THE KITCHEN.
The Honeysuckle is really nice.

So until the bathrooms get remodeled we will be continuing to use the mismatched bottles of Softsoap that I keep refilling with the large no smell refill jug.

I use to have good smelling softsoap in the bathrooms but they discontinued the flavors I liked so I just started refilling the old containers. I never found a favorite flavor again.

When I'm in love with my bathrooms, I'll start dating them, and bring them gifts of nice soap!

On a completely different subject...................

I try not to buy prepared food. I usually make most everything from scratch.

It's sometimes cheaper, it's better for you, I'm allergic to some additives in food, I'm such a picky eater I like to know what's in my food and (I) Princess Lazy Ass has nothing but time.

Prepared items with meat is something I TOTALLY stay away from. I'm super picky about meat so I never eat anything that is prepackaged for my convenience. I barley can eat a hamburger or chicken from a fast food place.

I was in Costco (where two people with no kids don't have any business shopping for food unless they are expecting a crowd. We don't, it's too much food that gets wasted for us) shopping for WSU Laura's birthday and I came across some turkey burgers.
I thought "WOW!" " I love turkey burgers, I especially love them made with Swiss cheese and caramelized onions"

I was thrilled. I've been making my own turkey burgers with these ingredients for years. It's something I make a large batch of and freeze.

"How easy, I won't have to make them, I'll just pop them in the microwave."
This is what I bought
Don't they look delicious?
These suck!

They have the texture of a 1970's Banquet Salisbury Steak TV Dinner or an old sponge. They STUNK so bad when I took them out of the package I about gaged. Heated one up, took my first bite and I bit in to something hard and gross. It looked like turkey guts (bone) when I spit it out. The texture, taste, and smell was AWFUL!
These will be going straight in to the garbage!

I totally got sucked in to Costco marketing. While shopping around trying samples of other delicious item I got sucked in! Made me think........oh how convenient, totally forgetting why I don't buy prepared food.
It only took $9 to remind me!
What was your worst Costco purchase?


Stephanie said...

Im all about fancy handsoap!!!Wouldnt it be fun to see what everyone out there in blogland uses for bathroom soap?! LOL
I currently have Bath and Body Vanilla Noel in one bathroom, Peppermint in the other... those are good ones!

Andrea said...

I love the Martha Stewart soaps, but my absolute favorite is Bath & Body Works Cotton Blossom. It smells so clean, like a fresh basket of laundry!

Maison Douce said...

I so hear you about the soap, I'm getting a little tired of the same ol' softsoap myself!!!

Lisa said...

Worst costco purchase?

the giant CAN of que bueno nacho cheese, LORDY..I cant believe I ate the whole thing...Im off the fake cheese now, and forever.

adozeneggs said...

I love fancy soaps, I'll be checking out macy's online for the MS stuff.
I totally agree with shopping in small locally owned shops. I try to stay out of malls and big chain stores.
All I can say about those microwave turkey burgers is this, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.