Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let Marriage
Test 2008 Begin!

Here in Western Washington we are under a blank of snow and ice. This started last Saturday with a light dusting then freezing. A week before Christmas and we are being held somewhat hostage by a wet white nuisance called snow! Here at The House of B's we live on a hill, so with bad weather it's sometimes a bit difficult to go anywhere. We also lose power often, we have not gotten our Christmas shopping done, and..........The Hubs has been trying to work from home all week. It's truly a marriage test.
We had Marriage Test 2006 when we had an ice and snow storm and lost power for 3 days and then were snowed in 5 more days. That was truly a test. This is a cake walk so far.
This is what we woke up to this morning
The back side of our house
The deck
I could barley get the doors open to take the pictures because of all the snow.

My Snow Bitch!
The Hubs was getting ready to clear the satellite dish. Our TV stops working when there is too much snow or ice on the satellite. It's The Hubs job to go out and brush it off when needed. He's still trying to figure out how that got to be his job. I figured since he was dressed and out there he might as well clear the walk way too. It's his job too.

We got our mailbox hit on Sunday by some kids screwing around in 4 wheel drives. This is the 2nd time this year it's been hit. The first time was by the mailman during the summer. When I saw it laying in the ditch on Sunday I was thinking "FINALLY!" "I get a new fancy wrought iron mailbox!" The Hubs went out and put it back up. DAMN!
I'm praying the same kids start screwing around and hit it again causing a fatal blow.

The front of our property from the road.

Up the roadDown the road

Across the street

Charlie loves the snow. He puts his nose down and runs like a snow plow.

A double batch of Orange Cranberry Scones
So what did I do today besides laundry, cleaning, and trying to get what Christmas gifts I do have wrapped? I baked. Orange Cranberry Scones. I also made some Eggnog cookies for the first time. They have to refrigerate so I'll have to bake those tomorrow.
Around 2 pm I couldn't take it anymore! I needed to get out of this house. After 2 days of not leaving it was time
I begged The Hubs to take me to town.
The Hubs: "why do you need to go to town?"
Me: "I need to go to the post office and grocery store"
The Hubs: "it can't wait for a couple days?"
Me: "No I need to go right now"
The Hubs: "I'll go start the truck but whatever it is you need it better be critical to your existence!"
Me: "oh it is!"
So very slowly we made our way to town
Our road out to highway
This is our road out to the highway. Very hilly with lots of turns and big ditches.
The freeway in to town.
It was pretty good when we went in to town but as it got dark all that nice clear wet blacktop started turning to ice. The Hubs slipped in the parking lot at the store and landed right on his butt under the truck. It was at that point I kind of felt bad about my "critical to life " items I had in my bags.

This was my "critical to life" purchases
Bananas, bitter sweet chocolate, eggs, whipping cream, cookie cutters and some shave cream. If I'm going to be trapped in the house I might as well get some baking done and get a good shave on my legs right? These items are critical to my staying sane while we are in the middle of Marriage Test 2008
The Snow Bitch at it again

When we got home The Hubs decided if it was going to freeze tonight he better get out and start shoveling again. Since we had been gone it had snowed some more and covered the walks again.
Tomorrow..................more fakebusy to keep from going insane.
Linda over at Royal Touch just sent me a link to what she has been doing all day while snow bound. Apparently she has been in couped up longer then myself.


April said...

OMG, while I am laughing my ass off, I am just thinking to myself that my marriage would have ended if I dragged my man out for those items! In fact, he'd probably make me walk home! Ha, ha!!! Too funny!! Glad you are trying to stay sane ... I HATE snow!!!

Royaltouch said...

LOL, well I am in the same snowy boat with you all! over 15" here. WE had a partial Marriage test here today as we shoveled, swept and so forth together. But I am wounded, so he has to do most of it, lol! Snow Bitch of mine!
Real test will be when I go out for my "vital" needs and he has to take me, while avoiding the local doughnut makers in the middle of the road. These country boys you know, they think it is their play ground!!
Go to my blog and you can see from my post today what being house bound has done to me, LOL!
Stay safe, shave those legs while eating chocolate, plus a scone for me, as they look darn good and good luck on your test!!

Timi said...

OMG! Snow Bitch and I are laughing so hard we can't talk! Snow Bitch thinks your the funniest thing to come along. He just said you were funnier then me!
You know I have to put a link on my blog to this! You have been in the house longer then me!

Royaltouch said...

Thanks Timi and Snow Bitch #1, I appreciate it. Hey if I make good bucks on my eBay item, we will go out to dinner, on me and hopefully do some good with some of it too.
After all if they can get bucks for one potato chip with Jesus on it, why can't I for our "special" snow!
You cracked me up, glad I could do the same, it is good medicine.
Plus I have been hanging around with a funny guy for over 15 years, he is sort of the Hawk Eye Pierce at his work as a Mental Health Counselor, when he is not being my Snow Bitch that is, ha!
Stay safe, hope you got enough provisions the first outing as it is due to get worse.
Time to break out the hot buttered whatevers and hunker down!
I will try to be more productive tomorrow, one friend suggested "Canned snow" . So I have made her head of my Product and Development Dept.
It is possible, dry ice and some empty water bottles ( must recycle) and bam we got a little industry here!
Some scrap book material labels and bam we have it!


Hi Timi,
I don't know how it would be to live in the snow but it sur is pretty to look at! Thanks for the visit and I hope you and yours have a merry Christmas!

breanna said...

sorry ladies, i've totally got you beat for "days stuck in the house" and for "days my marraige has been walking a fine line"

i'm down in portland, and we've been in our house since SUNDAY. now, you have worse weather where you are, buy i'm from southern california where snow only exhists in little plastic christmas globes. so i'm definitely out for driving. the mister, on the other hand, is from spokane but has been in two really horrific snow-related wrecks, so refuses to drive if he sees a white speck anywhere.

i don't mind being home, in fact i LOVE that he's here to help share the baby duty, but HE is going crazy. like, REALLY REALLY crazy. i don't know what we'd do without the 2nd tv, and if our dish goes, i can't even go there!

also, things are getting WAAAAAY worse today, so there's no end in sight. and if that means our flight to spokane gets cancelled tuesday, i have a hunch the mister will have steam coming from his ears and will require restraint.

heaven help us all.

pennythequeen/queeniep said...

Ii live in Okla... last years ice storm 11 day of no electricity!!!! Just about went crazy!
I have a brother in law in Issaquah. Is that close?
It sure is pretty!
Liked reading you blog.