Friday, December 26, 2008

Marriage Test 2008 Is Still In Progress!

Well we are still buried in snow. In fact we have gotten about 8 more inches since the last time we chattedand we are expecting 3 or 4 more inches tomorrow. Won't that be fun?
The Hubs and I haven't killed each other yet ( I need him to drive my ass around) but we have gotten creative and have started thinking of ways to USE the snow to our advantage.
Say hello to our new cooler!
Corona anyone?
Just step out the door and grab yourself a cold frosty beverage.

Maybe I could interest you in a Coors Light

Cocktail anyone? Maybe a Bloody Mary?
Have you found any uses for your snow?
What are you doing with your snow besides shoveling it and cussing at it?


Linda said...

Timi, LOL! Well I am glad I won't read about either of you in the paper, YET!
We are SOOO over this stuff, especially since they seem to not know how to use a snow plow here.
I and many others have called the city of Arlington street people today, guy told me " it is city policy not to plow residential streets because there is now place to put the snow!" But I bet the Major's street is plowed!! Grrrr
Hey, someone did pay me 99cents for my eBay auction, so I am hoping he comes soon ( from NY) and just takes it. I will give him the hot chocolate ( spiked maybe_ of his life time if he does that!
Stay safe, you are creative at least. Hubby and I would probably come over for the beer or something , IF we could get there!

Laurie Anne said...

My dad also took advantage of what he liked to call the "Enviro-cooler". Unfortunately, it is raining down here and all our lovely snow is going bye-bye. I guess Pierce Co. has it's perks after all :0)

WSU Laura said...

Oh we just have juice in our snow-filled backyard. Since we had to R/S Christmas for tomorrow with family. And the rain has yet to come as promised, but hey it is snowing again. Hmmm other uses - how about a snow facial, snow cones with white snow, a wicked igloo, or make ice/snow statues ( in some places those are called snowmen). Have a good day!

AGSoccerMom said...

Wow and you are going green. Ain't nothing better than Ice Cold Beer.

Barn House said...

Hey Timi! We were definitely on the same page with this idea...but I scooped up the snow into some big metal buckets so the beer could be right at my footsteps on the porch!! (yes, very civilized we are) Really, I couldn't risk slipping and breaking my neck on the front stairs trying to get to/from my Bud Light tall boys! ;o) Looks like you guys had just as much fun as we did being snowed in.

J & J