Thursday, December 11, 2008

New York Part II
More New York pictures and stories.
On day 3 we got up bright and early so we could get in line for the TODAY Show. It was bitter cold, the wind was blowing a bit, it was really freakin cold and early in the morning.
So off we went to Rockefeller Plaza

Laura and Genine trying to keep warm while we were waiting for the Today Show crew to come out. We would have been just as happy with seeing Harry Connick Jr. or Kevin Bacon, who were both on the show that day. We stood along the fence with the nicest young lady from Boston. She was there freezing her butt off and promoting Frozen Pole. Check it out, it's a fun website.

A few pictures snapped while I dared to take my hands out of my pockets and remove my gloves to take a picture. That's why we don't have very many pictures from the TODAY Show. It was just too damn cold! The whole plaza looks much bigger on TV. It's very small and there isn't much room to stand. You would have thought standing that close would keep us warm. NOPE! If you moved just a little there was usually some aggressive Grandmas with 25 of her aggressive buddies all dressed alike pushing you out of the way. If you have ever come across one of these Grandma Gangs you know they are more deadly than gang bangers with guns! You have to stand your ground or those old ladies will eat you alive!

Our Birthday girl Laura (yes it's been her birthday for a month and half) got to shake Meredith Vieira's hand and Meredith called her honey. After that Laura was ready to go inside somewhere and get warm. We were all done!
Meredith stood outside and shook hands and chatted with everyone in between segments. Then when it was her turn to go in she said good bye to everyone and let them know she would be back out to sign autographs and take pictures. HOW NICE! She really was super nice.
Of course we left before Kevin Bacon came out. He ended up standing and doing his interview right in front of WHERE WE WERE standing. The story of my life!
After we got warmed up at Dean and Deluca (which is the great little coffee shop/gourmet deli that you always see in the back ground of the TODAY Show)and were getting ready to leave so we could go catch the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. As we were heading to get a cab, we got stopped by this gentleman flashing a badge at us. He was so damn funny. We laughed all day at his antics. He was from the New York City Fire Department and they were selling hats to raise money for the New York City Soup Kitchen. Of course we all bought hats. We are suckers! He had a little thing for Michelle. He kept telling her "I'm going to take your sexy ass home with me!"

Off to the Statue of Liberty!

Laura had got tickets for the tour inside the Statue of Liberty a few weeks prior to us going to New York. This is a MUST DO! This is also something that you MUST do before you even get to New York.

*******Tourist Hint******* The Hubs and I didn't get Statue Of Liberty tickets ahead of time when we went to NY a couple years ago. This was a huge disappointment.
When asked about how to get up in the museum and observation levels we were told you need to get to Battery Park super early and get in line to get those tickets because they only allow so many a day. So we did. We went super early in the pouring down rain. NO TICKETS LEFT! Later when talking to a woman who had gotten those tickets she said you HAD to do it online ahead of time. The tickets get bought up online first and there are never any left to purchase at the park.

If it was cold in the middle of town how freakin cold do you think it was on the water??? Really cold! Here we are on the ferry going to the Statue of Liberty. I look like I'm an Englishman going to procure fish and chips or on my way to an Avengers Party. Nice! Thank God I didn't take an umbrella with me that day!

I'm so going shopping for new clothes! I might even look in the mirror before I start going out in to public.

Here are some more of Michelle's fantastic pictures
Looking down from the observation deck to the flag courtyard

Our fantastic photographer Michelle.
She is so damn cute, funny, and nice! I really enjoyed getting know her.
She made me laugh everyday talking to me in her Achmed The Dead Terrorist Voice. Telling me to shut up or she would kill me. It cracked me up every time.
OOOHHH wait.......I wonder if she wasn't kidding?
Laura and I screwing usual

Picture taken from the ferry on the way to Ellis Island

The girls on the observation deck
Left to Right; Michelle, Laura, Genine, Timi aka Dr. Keel

A couple of us loved the "sorority pose" You know the little bend in the knees and moving in as close as possible to each other.
Here is a great example of a "sorority pose"
Looking up Lady Liberty's skirt from the outside

Looking up Lady Liberty's skirt on the inside.

Dr. Keel had a hard time getting on board with the sorority pose.

View of Brooklyn Bridge from observation deck.

Look at how great of a picture Michelle's camera takes on the zoom. I was so impressed.
Next stop Ellis Island
As you walk in the door there is this display of how people traveled back in the day. I can't even imagine coming over on a boat, with a trunk or just the clothes on my back. I find Ellis Island fascinating. I can't even imagine how hard it was, how horrible the conditions of your country were to make you want to come here to what couldn't' be much better conditions.
Inside Ellis Island.
After spending most of the day at Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island we headed back to town. Where we jumped on a tour bus and went down to the Tenement Museum. We decided that since we had just been to Ellis Island this would be a great follow up. It's a great museum and I highly suggest it. It just gives you another view of how hard life was once you got to New York City through Ellis Island. We couldn't take pictures at the museum but if you go to the website they have some great pictures.
I just think the history of New York is so interesting. I can't get enough of it.
After a long day of taking in just a little of the New York history we decided to partake in the New York City arts. Dinner and a show. Can you think of anything more New York?
Well we didn't do just any ole'show.

We had the best time. We got there way too early so we sat up to the bar for a little drinkie pooh before it was time to be seated.

A little preview of the drink menu

This was Lila. She was also our bartender and kept us company before we were seated for dinner. We knew we loved her as soon as she walked in to the bar to start her shift. She looked at all us, and yelled "What are you bitches doing here so fuckin early?"
She was a great performer also. Fantastic bartender, super funny, quick witted, and just an all around fantastic person. We loved Lila.
The girls giving us SEXY pose lessons before the restaurant opened. We never did get it down like they had it.
The Hawaiian Beauty Brie. What a sweetheart. One of the nicest most gracious of the wait staff.Jessica. She was so incredibly beautiful and super nice. We found something that we all had in common with her and we were instantly friends.

She was trying to give Laura lessons again on posing sexy. Laura looks more terrified then anything.

Then came Pauline!
OH MY GOD! That's all I can say about Pauline. Talented, a body that any woman would die for, and just ............well funny and talented. We totally enjoyed the show she put on.

Our cute little waiter who brought us food and drink.
They brought Laura a bithday desert plate and sang "Happy Blowjob To You"
It was fabulous!

Group photo outside afterwards. See how red our faces are??? It's from laughing so hard.

See the guy looking at us through the window? That's Ed. He's the security. He's probably in is mid to late 60's, fit as a fiddle and very protective. He wanted to make sure that we ladies took our pictures and got in a cab safely. He was just a nice guy. Rumor has it that Ed took on 4 big guys that came in to the bar to cause trouble. Haters of the arts so to speak. Ed kicked all their asses.
He's a hero!
Love the sign!
Lucky Cheng's is so much damn fun. It's not for the easily offended. We had a great time and recommended it to everyone we talked to.
By the end of our trip to New York groups of women on our tour buses where asking us where to go. Guess we looked like we knew the hot spots.
We had so much fun at Lucky Cheng's we decided that when we got home we would become supporters of the arts in our own back yard. We will be starting with Gay Bingo. Charity, gambling, and fun. Can you ask for anything more?'s all about supporting our local arts.
Well that's all for today. I have a million more pictures. I'll try to get more up by Friday because after that..............It's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Pictures! Oh you will want to see the pictures from this party. Last year was a blast!
Stay tuned!


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Rainbow Room, drag shows, Times Square..I'm going to New York with Timi!

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I loved the Tenement Museum. So fascinating. The cabaret looks like fun.