Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oregon Bloggers Party

Hey! Remember I said The Hubs and I were on our way to Oregon?

Well, we had a fun whirl wind weekend. It was suppose to also be Bejeweled Blitz Rehab for me which worked fantastic. Until we got home. That's a whole other blog posting. I got the problem!
So anyway..............

We took of down to Silverton and Salem Oregon to stop in at The Blogger Party , see some family, and do a little tax free shopping.

I didn't get very good pictures of the blog party. I was talking, admiring Joy's house, and well.........talking. So please click on the links to the other bloggers that were there to see more pictures.

Isabel, Joy, and Lisa
These are the 3 lovely ladies who put this shin-dig on. They have some great shows coming up. If you should be lucky enough to be in the show neighborhood or don't mind doing a little traveling (great girls trip) you should check out their fabulous items and introduce yourself.
This is Queen Lisa. She was my very first BBF from Oregon. We met at
The Farms Chicks Show last year.

The Barn House gang and Queen of Tarte. They will be at Sand Point (a convention destination in Washington) in March. I can't wait for that show. It should be a good one.
The blog party had nummy treats, a fabulous guest list and best of all.....everyone was crafting these lovely crowns. They were made out of chicken wire and anything fun you could find to glue on them. There were some lovely crowns being made.

Joy's cute shop. She has very fun stuff, reasonably priced, and well........she's just fun to visit with. If your ever in Silverton don't miss this stop.

Busy crown makers

I was admiring Joy's displays hanging up high. Loved the aprons pinned up around the ceiling.

Visiting and more crown making

More bad photography by Timi
This was so fun to meet all these ladies. The Hubs even talked about what a fun time it was and how interesting it is that such fabulousness can be made from what most would call junk.
After the party we surprised my 87 year old Grandmother with taking her to dinner. Then we met The Hubs step brother for cocktails. We wanted to see him before he is deployed to Iraq next month. He will be missed.
Sunday we did a little shopping, pigged out at Sonic, and made our way home.
It was a fun weekend!
So Washington Bloggers................let's have a party!
Send me your thoughts of where and when.


WSU Laura said...

Yes, yes, yes! Just tell me where and when and I am there.

Laurie Anne said...

I'm in :0)

Linda said...

Yes, I agree, weekends best for me as sometimes hubby has to drive me.
But I am game.
Wow Timi looks like a really fun weekend!
Do we need to have it in March, all wear green and be Irish? lol
Drink green tea or beer or something?

Coastal Nest. said...

Dont forget coastal nest, who is waaaay over.... on the coast. Where are the activities??

Amber Rose said...

looks like you had a blast lady!!!
Glad you made the you can bring back all that bloggy goodness to us here in WA:)

Coastal Nest. said...

Award comin your way. Get it while its you.

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

Hi Timi,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the blog party. What part of Washington are you from? I guess I missed that you were from out of the state......I live in Washington too. Washougal.....which is about 15 miles east of Vancouver. I had a wonderful time at the party and loved my crown. I hope to see you at the next one!


Chloe Rose
Kindred Roses