Friday, February 6, 2009

Back To Our
Regularly Scheduled Non-Sense

First off..................
If you don't know about this already, you need to know about it now.
Joy is having a blog party this weekend in Silverton. She along with Lisa and Isabel are hosting this a party. I frankly think it's a fantastic idea and we ladies in Washington should try to organize something similar.

I'm planning on going down to this fabulous little shin-dig.
The Hubs and I are going to take off for a little weekend road trip. I know it's a girls party and I shouldn't drag him down there but you know what? We need to get away from the house for a couple days. Especially him. He's been working hard. He can go to Sportsman Emporium, Cabela's, and Sportsman Warehouse while we are down there. Not to mention I promised him a trip to The Sonic ,so he's all excited to go now.
I'll report back on Monday with pictures and stories. It's going to be fun.
Hope you can make it.

Now Back To The
Non Sense of The House of B's
I know I know I know! I have been absent for the last week from blogland.
Your asking Why? Where have you been? What have you been doing?
Well I'm embarrassed to tell ya!
Dr. Phil says you can't fix what you don't acknowledge right?

These are pictures of an addict in the making.
Piled up mail, counters filled with junk and a sink full of dishes that have been there for days.
The house is a mess and I have stayed up 24 hours feeding my addiction a couple days this last week.

I started out hiding my addiction from The Hubs, but he has now discovered what the problem is around here. He was disgusted!

Hi my name is Timi and I'm addicted to FACEBOOK!
I signed up for Facebook last May but never really got in to it. Then when the snow hit over the holidays I started getting a lot of activity and I got more in to it. I guess everyone else was bored too. It was fun and something different to do. I have been reconnected with lots of old grade school and high school friends. I had an old friend that I picked strawberries with when I was in the 4th or 5th grade find me. How fun is that?
I even got The Hubs hooked on Facebook during the snow. I mean really whats the best way to make yourself feel better about an addiction?
Get others hooked so they can't look down on you!
The snow melted, holidays were over, and things kind of died down. People went back to work and their regular lives. I got some stuff done around here.
THEN.................Laura, and Ann sent me Bejeweled Blitz.
Which is a fun little computer game to play. Well it got ugly.
It's a little competition with your friends on Facebook who are playing also.
I started playing this stupid game and ended up sitting up for 24 hours playing Bejeweled Blitz trying to beat Laura and Ann's scores. It never happened. I was still sitting in the same chair, in the same clothes, doing the same thing at
3:30 am when The Hubs got up to go to work.
I slept for a little while and was back at it again!
The Hubs was all disgusted with me with, so what did I do............
I got him addicted too!
So it's been 3 days of us both Bejeweling and us getting nothing done.
I got a message from Laurie Ann yesterday that said "why don't you get off Facebook and blog!"
Talk about an intervention!
Last night another friend posted on Facebook after I admitted my problem........Wow, you don't have a life and you suck at the game!
So today..............I'm on day ONE of Bejeweled sobriety.
If you sign up for Facebook or you are already on Facebook please let me know. I'll add you as a friend and get you addicted too!
It'll be fun!

Here are a couple things I managed to tear myself away from Bejeweled for.
The Hubs and I had Princess Spoiled Brat over the weekend last week. While she was here I decided that we would have a Princess Spoiled Brat Birthday Week Kick Off Party. Her birthday is this weekend and we won't be here so like a good over indulging Aunt we had a party here.
In attendance at this party was Princess Spoiled Brat's camping buddies. The kids that we go camping with but she doesn't see during the winter months very much. Since camping season is right around the corner this was a good time for them to get to know each other again.
The WSU Boys and The Gotthiershittogether Girls were invited.
It started out at The Ceramic Place for a little pottery painting. Which was a huge hit with the girls. The boys had a good time, painted and were ready to go in about an hour. The girls could have stayed 2 or 3 hours. The boys aren't in the picture because they couldn't take it any more. WSU Hubs came and picked them up and took them to the next stop.
Donna joined us too. It was fun and I highly recommend this for a fun girls day out or party of some sort.

The moms had a good time too.
Then it was off to Alfy's Pizza for a little dinner and fun.

The Hubs got some Rapper teeth that look great on him!

Because Princess Spoiled Brat is a spoiled brat, I decided that there would not be a gift giving party for her. In fact I didn't tell anyone it was her birthday. We just called for a get together. When Princess Spoiled Brat got to our house I told her the plan. It was going to be a reverse surprise party! We would surprise our guests with it being her birthday and they were would be the one's getting gifts. So Saturday morning we baked cupcakes, she decorated them and we went to town to get some gifts for our guests. I gave her $20 and turned her loose in the Dollar Store.

For those of you with kids I'm sure you have done this. For those of you with no kids..........this is a hoot to turn a 6 year old loose in a $1 store with $20. They know everything is a dollar, they know they have $20 to spend. She made a list of who she needed to buy for and crossed them off as she went. Then kept counting to make sure she didn't go over her budget.

It was a lot of fun and she did a great job shopping for everyone.

WSU Laura looks like I just said something I wasn't suppose to in front of the WSU Hubs. That's probably what happen, I sometimes can't keep my mouth shut. could have been because I snapped the picture while she was eating. People love that when you do that.

WSU Laura and I taking pictures of each other.
A cute family picture of The Gotthiershittogether Family. We love them! We think they are one of the nicest family ever!

Princess Spoiled Brat the morning after. She's suffering from a fun hangover.
It was a fantastic time. We can't wait for camping season to start.
So while I was acting like a crack addict, The Hubs was getting a little work done around here. That's right! The bathroom
The tile is all down and sealed. It looks fabulous. I think he did a great job for someone who has never done this before.
The new toilet in..........and working!

The dining room light in the bathroom, my thrift store mirror painted and my garage sale sink. I'm happy with the out come.
Now it's time to decorate! The Hubs still has to hook up the sink, and put the trim in but that's it. It's almost ready to receive guests.
Now your caught up on what's been goin on at The House of B's.
Stay tuned........I'll be back next week.
I promise!


Donna said...

I was wondering why I didn't see anything for a week!! Saying it out loud is the first step, like I've had to say out loud this month - I AM 41!

WSU Laura said...

I got the problem again because J HAVE to beat Anne's score.I am also trying to talk Laura from a Dozen Eggs into joining us.

WSU Laura said...

I got the problem again because J HAVE to beat Anne's score.I am also trying to talk Laura from a Dozen Eggs into joining us.

WSU Laura said...

Addicted? Not me...I just have to BEAT Anne's score and then I am done. Promise. I am also trying to peruade Laura from a Dozen Eggs to join in on the fun. Had a great time at the Opposite party.

Linda said...

Well I just thought you still had glass up your ass Timi and were still digging that out from that bad experience, LOL! Glad that is not the case but gees, I feel deprived, you left us for Facebook. Whaaaaa Come back to us!
And yes, us WA gals need a get together, I am game for it, would be fun! Have fun on your weekend, travel safe. I look forward to you cracking me up with what happens on your trip when you get back!!
And loving the bathroom redo. Tell the hubs to come over here and help us when it is time for tile work, he did great!
Hugs, Linda

Laurie Anne said...

Hey Timi,
I read Joj your post and he wants to know if Jay plays mob wars and if he does, he wants Jay to join his mob.
Bottom line, you are not allown in the addiction that is crackbook :0)
BTW the bathroom looks great. I am so loving the floor. Jay did a fabu job.

Wanda said...

The bathroom looks great! Love the green and love the tile.

What a fun idea to have a reverse surprise party, too. I'll have to remember that - someday.

Boy, do I understand addiction. I can't figure out just what I'm addicted to at the moment, but it's something..... Oh. I know. I'm addicted to laziness right now.

Coastal Nest. said...

Man oh man...If only I could be SO lazzzzzy.

I love your mans teeth. VERY sexy. I love the bathroom! I mean totally!

I also would love to drink WSU lauras husbands big beer, there.

I am totally going crazay..3 sick kids and germs everywhere. Puke, snot, and other bodily fluids to be nameless.


cherished*vintage said...

Those games! Oh those dang games on crackbook. I had to quit at 3 am this morning - I totally understand! I think I need an intervention...

Maison Douce said...

The bathroom looks great!!! It was so much fun to see you and The Hubs (forgot to ask his name...), I wish we had had more time to visit! Maybe next time... Sleepover party?

adozeneggs said...

The bathroom looks great!! Love the colors, and the chandelier is fab.
You have no idea how long it took me to figure out the whole Goththeirshittogether thing!!
I thought, that's a rather foriegn sounding name. What a nerd!