Friday, March 13, 2009

Exciting News In Snohomish

You all know I love Annie's Antiques in Snohomish.
She moved!
Annie teamed up with her good friend Mary and moved to a much bigger store. Mary has been at another store for years and had wonderful things. Now they are creating fabulousness together!
It's just a block up from her old store so, still easy to find. Right next to the coffee shop. Get yourself a drink and wonder next door.
This store is filled with some beautiful things.
I stopped by the other day, the first day they were open and had to get a peak. It's freakin fabulous!!

Here are some pictures I snapped. My pictures don't do their new digs justice.
I suggest you stop in and take a look yourself.

Stop in and say hello

Spring is right around the corner
With any luck

Annie has lots of beautiful garden items.

Lots of jewelry and gifts. Annie has a great variety. Some handmade by local artists.
This should be your first stop when looking for a birthday gift for your girlfriends, mom, boss, sister, or ............who ever you need to buy gifts for.

Home Decor
She's got it all!

Lots of beautiful furniture pieces
Look for the big "A "estate flag hanging out front of the store.

An estate flag like this.................
You too can have one. They are only $65 WITH a pole. That's a great deal.
Mother's day, Father's day, birthday, new home, new RV, they are great gifts.
Go see Annie and Mary's new store
You won't be disappointed
Tell them you read about them on my blog.
It probably won't get you a discount but it will be a great ice breaker for chatting if you have never met them.
Get out in the sunshine........go discover Snohomish!


Laurie Anne said...

Looks like a great little shop. If I'm ever up that far north I will have to check them out :0)

mishebe said...

I have that flag to but with a C. I knew she was moving, i will have to go check it it. She is such a nice lady. I am trying to vision where she moved. hmmm. mishelle

Linda said...

Thanks for the tour Timi, I have been wondering how their move was going. Going to be a great location for them. I know they still have work to do but looks great so far. I can't wait to get over there to see it soon.
Hey, you did good if you got out and got away from the Bejeweled, LOL! There is hope for your addiction yet, ha!

Stephanie said...

One of these days I will find myself wandering around that town !!! You might see me too :)

Coastal Nest. said...

I love love love that tall white cabinet with the skinny glass doors! oh my GAWD!!

How ARE you, girl?
That bejeweled is just a little too much for me, My man says I totally suck at it, no confidence means no play-time..
oh well. When you heading for the Coast?

Barn House said...

We will definitely try to get there soon! Thanks for sharing...

Annie said...

Thanks Timi for the nice words. Whew what alot of work, not my store, but how you manage to make a story like a wine cooler so freakin funny!!! If I wrote about that, everyone would be hittin the back button....Thanks for all the kinds words, tons more stuff now availble for your shopping enjoyment....

Annie said...

Whew Timi, what a lot of work... not opening a new store, but you telling a story about a too small wine cooler that made tears come to my eyes. Such a talent you have. Thanks for the kind words, there a lot more stuff in the store for your shopping enjoyment.