Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Was Shaken In My Cute White Shoes
3 years ago today The Hubs and I were Las Vegas with family and friends.
WSU Laura and I started out the day with a spa day. She was trying to calm my nerves.
It was some shitty spa that the website was much more glamorous than the actual spa. Not worth mentioning.
But we had fun!

Then my Mom came to join the fun.


I was shaken in my cute white shoes!

I was off in a limo with The Hubs (actually he wasn't The Hubs yet) to the Special Memory Chapel to be married.

I know! It sounds like some sort of Alzheimers Center

The whole day I just kept saying to myself "is this really happening?"
Trying to remember everything, enjoy everything and still keep it together.
I was getting married to the nicest guy in the world and best of all...........he loves me!
We were surrounded by family and friends.
It was so much fun to see who showed up. We didn't know who all would be coming to Vegas with us. Family, friends and friends of friends.
They came from all over the USA to help us celebrate this day.
Did I look like a nervous wreck? I was!
Me, The Hubs, and my new niece Katie.

My dear friend Michele signing our marriage certificate.
All the paperwork and payments need to be done before entering the chapel.
It cracked me up that we were herded through the wedding process like cattle. There were 2 weddings in front of us.
The funniest part about being herded like cattle...........we were happy to do it!
Me and my Dad getting ready to walk down the isle.


We were Mr & Mrs Nuckinfuts!

We changed clothes and began to celebrate

First stop..........The roller coaster.
We thought this was the perfect way to celebrate just being married.
Welcome to the ups and downs of marriage!
Not to mention that crappy picture they sell you at the end of the roller coaster ride made a great Thank You card to send after receiving gifts.
It was time to start celebrating The Hubs 4oth Birthday
Yep that's right! The Hubs turned 40 at midnight, right after we were married.

The Nuckinfuts, The Flustercucks and my brother in Old Town Vegas

We had a great time

Then it was home to start our life together.
What a fun time we have had together over the last 3 years.

These are some of the reasons why I married The Hubs..................
He didn't mind when I brought our furry kids home.
Their cute but worthless!
My family loves him! Him cookin burgers at my family reunion.
This was the first time Princess Spoiled Brat met The Hubs (before he was The Hubs) and she took a likin to him right away.
How could you not? He sat and blew bubbles with her.

He got her a new bike for her birthday, sat on the floor and did puzzles.

I know!
It's a lot of pictures of my niece Princess Spoiled Brat but ...........Damn their cute pictures!

She was only 4 when The Hubs and his brother took her in this plane. She still talks about it.

I love you Mr. Nuckinfuts.........aka..........The Hubs!
You are the best thing that ever happen to me. I love you more today then I did on our wedding days.
Happy 3rd Anniversary!


Our really empty nest said...

Timi, Congrats to you both! What a wonderful tribute to what seems like a terrific guy! You are a lucky gal! Hope you guys do something fun for your anniversary! Sue

Amber Rose said...

Awe..what a sweet post!!

The Brickhouse said...

happy anniversary! OMG I love reading your blog! Your make me laugh! Keep on blogging! By the way, Happy birthday to the hubs, too! Hope you have a great anniversary and a great birthday.

adozeneggs said...

That's so sweet!
Happy Anniversary!
We got married in Vegas too, but without the family. It was a long weekend getaway and about a month before, we decided to do it.
All I have is a crappy polaroid though. You got some really nice pictures.
We wed at the chapel across The Strip from Circus Circus. It was sooooo ugly I almost walked out.
But I didn't and now I have my marriage certificate that says our officiant was from the "ministry of the stars".
Congratulations and cheers to many more happy years together!

Linda said...

Congradulations to you both!!
Nice to find each other in this big old world. And like they say, kids and pets are a good judge of character. I know my son and dog both liked my hubby right away when I met him. So I kept him!
Hey you going to Faded on Sat. night for the Girls night out or in?

kal said...

OHHHHH, what great pictures. Happy Anniversary! Congrats!!!!!!

Maison Douce said...

Happy anniversary, Timi, what a sweet post about the two of you!! You make a cute couple!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome & fun post! Sounded like a fun time for everyone! Happy Anniversary & Happy Birthday to the hubs!

Laurie Anne said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
Jay is one lucky guy :0)

A Thing for Roses said...

I loved this post! Such great pictures of the two of you lovebirds. You definitely found a keeper and so did he. Hope I get to see you again soon. Barn House on May 9th? I know it's a long drive, but if I promise to take you to lunch after would that help?



Coastal Nest. said...

Timi and Jay....what a beautiful pair to draw to. Happy Happy days girlfriend~
such a cute post about your ol man..You looked ravishing on your big day!!!
from the beach

WSU Laura said...

Has it really been 3 years!!! That seems like it was just yesterday. We need to make a return trip soon. What a sweet tibute to the man. Happy Birthday Mr. Nuckingfuts!!!