Saturday, April 18, 2009

Breaking News!

I had a couple blog posts that I was working on to share with you. The Subjects were: why my mother -in- law loves me and a camping trip to Ocean Shores we took recently.

They will have to wait!
Over the last couple days I have gotten out and about a little and learned of some fabulous events that are taking place. I had to share with all of you.
Event #1

This is team Walkers For Knockers

2009 will mark these ladies 3rd year of walking in the

Susan G Komen 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk.

This month will be the kick off for their fund raising events. The first event is a HUGE Garage Sale. It will be held in Bothell at WSU Laura's house on April 24th and 25th.
Address: 29 197th Pl. SW
Bothell WA 98012
Hours: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Consider attending if you are in the area. They have had lots and lots of donation for this sale. No garbage! Laura has been working really hard for weeks getting things organized and priced to sell.
This sale will impress you!
If you can't attend the sale please consider donating to my good friends Laura and Michelle.

Seriously.......Think about it................

We have all been effected in some way by some sort of cancer. Directly or indirectly you know someone that has been through it. Let's try and stop it!
If each person who wondered across my blog or was a regular reader donated just $ could make a difference!
Thanks for letting me get on my soap box and beg for money.
I have had 3 good friends over the last couple years who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. With that said I'm happy to say I have also witnessed the miracle of what the Susan G Komen foundation has done in the research for a cure. All 3 of my dear friends are still here to be mommies to their kids!


Event #2
Downtown Snohomish will be celebrating it's 15oth Anniversary this year.

On May 16th Annie's Antiques, Faded Elegance (who is also having a girls night out on April 25th)and The City of Snohomish are organizing a antique sale downtown. This is going to be must attend event!

Never been to Snohomish?
This will be the day to venture out.
Snohomish is one of your regular shopping places?
Mark your calendars ladies and gentleman!

If you would like to be a vendor they are still looking for people to participate.
Event #3
My good friend Charlene who has Freshly Doug Vegetables in Stanwood is gearing up for summer harvest. If you would like to have fresh organically grown vegetables delivered to you go check her out. This is a great way to get fresh vegetables every week. It's also a good way to force yourself to try new things.
I can't wait!
The Hubs and I are excited about it!

Also..........Charlene is planning a one day event at her farm on August 1st. She is looking for vendors. Organic, antiques and home grown is the theme. Go to EVENTS on her page or contact her if you would like more information.
Event #4
You all know the Farm Chicks Sale is getting closer.

How excited are you?
I'm like a kid that knows they are going to Disneyland. I CAN'T WAIT!

My new BFF (she doesn't know it yet but she is because I love this idea and her blog) over at Camp Whimsy has the best idea ever. Making and wearing badges with your blog name on them so all of us bloggers going can meet up when we get to Farm Chicks.
So all of you who are going to Farm Chicks and are looking to meet fellow bloggers........Get busy!

Me and my posse can't wait to meet you. WSU Laura and her posse will be there with us also.

Event #5
It's a road trip!

Destination..........Crow Oregon!
I know!
Your asking.......Where the hell is Crow?
It's just west of Eugene Oregon.
The Eugene Soroptimist Club is putting on a spring event at one of our favorite places, Sweet Cheeks Winery.
The event is called Reds, Whites, and Blooms.
Cute right?
The Hubs and I are planning on attending this event for the first time. We are so excited about it. Well I am, The Hubs isn't so excited about pulling the Mobile Estate down there but once he drinks too much of that fantastic Sweet Cheeks Wine he won't care anymore!
Not to mention, it's a bit easier to get his fists pried open and away from his money.
Check out the event and consider attending if your in the area. If your going to be in the area at a later date...............Don't miss stopping by Sweet Cheeks Winery. You won't regret it.
P.S. I have some inside scoop that Sweet Cheeks Winery is opening up a B&B on the property SOON. I hear it's going to be somethin! I also heard it might be open in time for this event.
It's all so exciting!

Our summer calendar is starting to fill up already with fun events. I can't wait to share them with you.

I promise in the near future you will find out "why my mother-in-law loves me"
You won't want to miss it!
Have a great day


Our really empty nest said...

Damn i wish i loved in your neck of the woods, sounds like alot of fun! Sue

WSU Laura said...

Thanks Timi for the shout out! I am excited about the garage sale. Also am looking forward to Farm Chicks. The Sweet Cheeks soounds great too, gotta see if I am around and not on another camping trip. Fun stuff coming up for you and the Hubs, just keep some nights open for cocktails on the patio at our house. SMOOCHES! Go Walkers for Knockers!

adozeneggs said...

Sounds like an amazing time.
I wish I lived closer, I'd be at all the events!