Monday, June 8, 2009

Winner Winner Winner Winner!!!

WOW! What a great turn out for my Farm Chicks give away. Thanks to all of you who participated. I really appreciate it!


So let's get to the business at hand.

We had some problems on Sunday morning at the hotel room so I didn't get a chance to have Donna and Michele draw the winner as promised.

The problem you ask????

We couldn't get out of our hotel room fast enough to get back to Day-2 of The Farm Chicks Show!

So your Master of Ceremonies for drawing names is none other than the famous Hubs.

He's drawing the name from a bag that some of you might be interested in. Mary Jane Butters Farm Store.
Yeah, we went there!
Dum Da-Da Dumm
There it is!

Terri Adams

Terri is a reader not a blogger. Apparently her sister-in law sent her over to check out my blog and she has become a regular reader.

Thank you Terri's sister-n-law!

Congratulations Terri!!!
Contact me so I can get your information and get this fantastic prize sent off to you. You're going to love it!

So here is a little sneak peak of Farm Chicks and it's events.

Me with The Farm Chicks Teri and Serena getting my cookbook signed. Yeah! In person. We talked and everything! It was as exciting as when I met Paula Deen.

The blog badge group picture

Thank you Kim at Camp Whimsy. This was so much fun.

Stay tuned for more Farm Chicks pictures and a recap.

I'm working on it.


kal said...

SHUT UP!!!! When did you meet Paula Deen? I wanna be you.

Coastal Nest. said...

Lord....hurry UP already..your such a little tease..

Amber Rose said...

Oh looks like you had a blast girly!! Can't wait to see more pics:)

Kim G. said...

Timi-you are the funniest blogger I know. (The whole "who writes this crap" tipped me off to that fact), so the show was great and I LOVED meeting you and Laura, and I can't wait to start makin' me some casserole. 'Cause you know Jesus loves casserole!!! Rock on sistah!