Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dust off Those Blog Badges!
Remember that brilliant idea Camp Whimsy and Company had when we were getting ready to attend the Farm Chicks show this year?
The idea was to create a blog badge that represents your blog and to wear it to Farm Chicks.
The idea being that you could identify fellow bloggers while wandering around and shopping amongst all of the wonderful vendors.

Yeah, THAT brilliant idea!
This idea was so much fun at Farm Chicks that I’m stealing the idea for an upcoming blog party.

That you ALL are invited to!

My blog badge from Farm Chicks

Here’s how it works

Create a blog badge for yourself if you don't already have one.

Not a blogger??? No problem…..create a badge that says

"I’m a Reader (with your name)"
Not a blogger? Not a reader?? Create a badge that says...
(This would be for your friends that do neither and just want to attend )

"I’m just here for the fun"

Take a picture of the blog badge you created and then simply send it to me agirlnamedtimi@hotmail.com along with your name and blog name.
I’ll post it on my blog so you can check back to see who is planning on attending and who you need to be watching for.

THEN...............Post your blog badge picture on your blog and tell your blog buddies about it.

Pin those badges on your favorite outfit and head to Snohomish on August 8th!

Rumor has it that prizes are going to be given out for the 3 favorite blog badges and…………that blog badges might get you special discounts in the participating stores.
Don't want to make a badge................No problem

Just come join the fun!

There will also be door prizes and appetizers
Bring Friends, Mothers, Daughters, Sons, Aunts, Uncles, or Your Hubs.
Your Hubs can come meet other poor neglected Hubs.

Hubs that suffer from........."My wife's a Blogger" syndrome.
Like my Hubs.

Come out and enjoy our fabulous little town of Snohomish, meet new friends, visit with old friends and just have a good time. I can’t think of a better way to spend a hot August night.

Everyone is invited!
Stores that are participating
Curly Williow **New Store***
Bed of Roses **New Store**
Cin-A-Mon Stick
Java Inn
Hope to see you there!
Please e-mail me with any questions

Jesus Loves Casserole Update............
I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to get Jesus Loves Casserole recipes posted.
Thank you everyone for sending me recipes.
I will get back on track next week. Keep those great recipes coming. I'm really enjoying hearing from all of you.
Jesus Loves Casseroles is now on Facebook.


Barbara said...

I can't wait! It all sounds like so much fun. I guess I better get to work on a badge.

Lateda said...

Ooh.. ohh. ooh.. So excited! Now I need to get busy on the badge! :)

WSU Laura said...

Dusting right now. Too fun! Umm do the hubby's have a badge too?

Timi said...

Blog Badges aren't mandatory for attending. If you want to make one for your Hubs and he'll wear it then I say go for it. The Hubs at this house won't do it.

Funky Junk Sisters said...

Love the "my wife's a blogger" syndrome! We feel a blogpost coming up about that...this will be too much fun!

Linda & Dixie
Our local paper just did an article about blogging and featured our blog in it. We talked about how it connects people rather than the attitude that it takes away "face to face" contact. This is a perfect example, we even referenced blog parties in the article!

mimi charmante said...

So so so fabulous to have had the chance to meet you at the BH flea! Looking forward to the 8th~

Linda said...

Will be fun, I was working on my badge yesterday. I plan to make a day of that day, since it is my day and what better way to top it off than with blog buddies and a party, woo whoooeee!! I will be the older broad there, LOL!!

Amber Rose said...

Going to be a blast girl!!

Melissa Miller said...

How fun Timi! :)
Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

wish I could be there- but too far away on the east coast. boo hiss. Loved the reunion post too.