Sunday, February 21, 2010

Have You Seen It?
Have You Seen It?

The new Flea Market Style is out! 
It’s fantastic!

Inside you will find a fabulous article with some of the most beautiful pictures of  Barn House

Yes, our Barn House right here in the Pacific Northwest.


I have a special place in my heart for the guys of  Barn House.  I had loved reading their blog, attending shows, and met them a couple times, but didn’t really know them, nor did they know me.
I was just one of their many fans.

But then one day at one of their shows , I got my nerve up and approached them with a crazy idea of bringing a bus load of ladies to their next show. They said “Yes, let’s do it! Here is what we can do…”
Not only did they “do it” but they went far beyond my expectations and Come Junk With Us was born!

They once again set the standard on a old idea and helped make it new and fresh.

Here is a little insider info on that photo shoot that is in the magazine………………….
I (along with a bus load of my friends) were there just hours after they had done the photo shoot for the house.

Yeah I know!

Very cool!

The magazine pictures are lovely, but they only show you a small little tidbit of how gorgeous and serene Barn House really is.

Joe and Jermonne took an old farm house and transformed it into a beautiful home.  They not only have a  talent for decorating with junk,  but they also have a talent  for inspiring people.

Congratulations Joe and Jermonne!

It’s a beautiful article.

Another friend has big news too!

I love it when people have worked so hard and get recognized for it.
It makes me giddy for them!

romantic french cover
Deb and Bob Kennedy of Retreat have been featured in Porch Magazine.  Now I haven’t got my hands on one of these yet to see all the funktabulous myself.

I’m sure it’s lovely!

Has Deb and Bob ever done anything that wasn’t funktabulous?

Go check out Retreat for yourself and get back to me.

They have also been very supportive of Come Junk With Us.

These two have given me business advice, talked me out of arson, and…….well they have been very good to me.

They welcomed me into the community of junkin and decorating and said “you run with it and we will be there to help!”

I’m so happy for them to be featured in PORCH.
Congratulations Deb and Bob!

Yes funktabulous is a word!

WSU Laura and I made it up and are trying it out.

Funktabulous; a little funky a lot fabulous!

We suspect it will be in the dictionary like HOT, PHAT, or EVOO soon and you will be able to say
“Hey I know those two fools!”

Have a wonderful day!

Come Junk with us has new blog buttons! 
They are super cute and will look FUNKTABULOUS on your blog!


shabbyscraps said...

Love it!!
I gotta get my hands on that new mag....haven't seen it yet, but I need to support my boys!
xoxox, Tiffany

DebK said...

I just can't get over you, girl... thank you so much! To be mentioned alongside the BH Boys... oh my!!!

Deb @ Retreat

Come Junk With Us said...

I know! I didn't finish reading the whole magazine until after I finished the blog post.

Please........see Queen of Tarte in this issue also. She has the picture on her blog which is beautiful! Again someone who does a Funktabulous job in this industry. LOVE HER!

Andy's Attic said...

You are funktabulous!

WSU Laura said...

I am sooo having a t-shirt made...just saying.