Saturday, February 13, 2010

 Reno Isn't My Friend!

Last weekend PJ and I took off and went to Reno for a 4 day weekend of fun. 

Well… and there was that little matter of winning big!

Since my first visit to Reno back in the 90’s I had dreamed of getting my picture taken with one of those big ass checks.  Then my picture hanging on the wall as you’re going down the escalators at the Fitzgerald.

I had my hair done, got my nails done, brushed my teeth and was ready!  Positive thinking going on. I had listened to the Secret for a week prior.  Read a little Anthony Robins  and
003 Out my window going over Mt. Rainier
Thank you Southwest!

This was us waiting for our ride to the hotel.  Aren’t we all happy?


This is me not even getting out of the airport before I had to put money in the machines.

010 I know!

Your sitting here reading this and thinking “does she have some sort of problem?”

Gambling is just one of my many “Problems”

Needless to say I lost my $20 bucks in about 5 minutes and PJ grabbed me by my hood and drug me out.
Well I have about 35 more pictures of me sitting in front of machines with losing tickets like this one. 

I decided to not bore you with them.
You might know where this is going.
The story never got better or changed

So the next morning I get up and I’m going to the Fitzgerald to win and get my picture taken with that big ass check!

I go out side to walk down the street and what do I see?????

The freakin Fitzgerald boarded up tight!

Much like my dream of being on the Oprah Show, my dream of my picture with my big ass check on the Fitzgerald wall………….GONE!

I went to the Cal-Neva where I proceeded to LOSE!

Then I went to Harrah’s where I LOST!

After sitting at a machine and looking at the clock on my phone every 2 seconds to see if it was after midnight yet so I could get more money out of the cash machine I decided that maybe I should just got to bed and start over the next morning.
I would do much better at the sports book!

Sunday morning PJ and I get up and walk over to the liquor store so this loser can buy herself some Diet Coke. 

Are you aware that Reno is a Pepsi town?
Yes, it’s a problem!
Happy Girl!
I didn't even mind paying the $4 a 6-pack.
That's how bad I needed it!
Again..................just another "Problem".

So after the liquor store PJ and I walk through a few pawn shops.
He decides that he’s going to hock my plane ticket, take half the money and put it on the game and with the other half buy his wife (me) a used clarinet so I can stand on the street corner and play to get some money.
No I can’t play the clarinet!
He was hoping people would pay me to stop playing it and I would make a fortune!

PJ put all our money on the Saints! 
Underdogs, big point spread………….big money if you win!
015These are my folks. I come from a long line of party planners and organizers.
Mom makin sure everyone knows what they are suppose to be doing.
Figuring out the last few details before it’s game time.

020 Me and PJ
These were our MC’s for the party.
Dennis Brown from the San Francisco 49’ers and Tony Hill from the Dallas Cowboys.
He had a big ass ring….just sayin!
Super Super nice guy!

Dennis if your reading this call me! I'll help ya recruit!

027 He ended up sitting at our table for most of the game

It was because we were so much fun041or because the beer kept coming his way.
Nothing wrong with buying friends!

038 This is Faux Aunt Reta and her friend Linda with the famous dudes.
These guys were hot!

031 This is Doug. He was very excited. Not because his team scored……………

oh no no no…………….
Because this guy was asking every big black or white guy to sign his Superbowl hat.  Apparently he thought all the guys sitting at our table were somebody.   While they were all somebodies, only two of them were really qualified to be signing hats!

So the game starts!
051 Not happy
Very Happy
I got a lot of this look
Stop taking pictures!
This totally cracked me up.
Every time there was a score change these 3 would put their glasses on and start rattling papers.  They must have been in about 4 different football pools and they had to see where they stood with each score change. 
054 Then it was over!  Saints win!
Fantastic!  I know you think ”you and PJ must have won big!”

That would be NO! 
We decided to go big or go home and took the 7-12 point spread.  The Saints won by 14 points so that means…….

Game over!

All and all the trip was super fun.  We lost our ass and will be eating odd combinations of whatever is in the cupboard for the next couple weeks.  I’ll be bitching that I hate Raisin Bran and PJ will be bitching that  it’s all my fault.

Have a great weekend!


Laurie Anne said...

Bummer about your trip, but LOVE that last pic of PJ :0)

Andy's Attic said...

You crack me up!! Sounds like a fun trip even though you lost. I am a Coke girl too, so I understand your pain.

Monticello Staff said...

Joyce said,
Hey Timi! Your Reno story CRACKED me up girl! I never thought being a LOSER could be so much fun :) Better luck next time...and take me with you.

Auntie Joy said...

Yeah, who cares about the $$, we girls have to have our diet coke!!

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Always enjoy your adventures. They keep me laughing. Check out my 200th post giveaway!!! M.

marry said...

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