Monday, March 15, 2010

There's no"I" in Team

Theres no "I" in TEAM!

Last weekend I hosted my first Antique/Vintage inspired Flea Market.
Now, I have hosted events before but nothing like this.

It went really really well!

I had been planning this event for months.

I planned for about 75 people on Friday night.  We ended up with over 230 guests!

On Saturday, we planned for about 200 and we had over 400.


I was a crying blubbering mess all weekend and most of this last week.

I was so touched and over whelmed by graditude that I have been barely able to form sentences that make sense this week when talking about it.

Thank God WSU Laura, Donna, and PJ who can finish my sentences for me.

I was so touched by how;

The vendors all worked with me and with each other in getting the word out about the event to guests. How they all helped each other in putting together a great display of all their talents

This picture gets me all choked up!
4 of the most talented, kindest, sucessful women in this business. I will always be greatful that they took a chance on me.
Joy, Linda, Mary, and Cindy

And how my friends showed up from all over to help when I called for back up

My family showed up to help and ended up staying both days with no questions asked

Charlene (the life saver, never mind Organic Gardener extroidnair), Mrs. Gotsthereshittogether, Faux Aunt Reta, and my mom.

How Kathrine who planned for 75 guests on Friday night had to make it work for 200 and the ladies from MA Graphics (who also do Tom Douglas's Catering) rolled up their sleeves and got in that kitchen to help.
I can't thank Marie and Julie enough.

Isn't it beautiful?  It tasted even better than it was pretty!

How Tiffany from Shabby Scraps  and Kimberly from Mimi Charmante showed up early and then went home and posted how fabulous the show was going
immediatley on their blogs.

How Charlene and vendors husbands (thank you Sue Baker and Charity for loaning us your husbands when you were just as busy) jumped in to help with the parking nightmare that happened on Friday night.

Your Saturday Parking Crew
Pistol Packin Pretty Boy, Jimmy Hoffa, and PJ

My Dad will now have the nickname Jimmy Hoffa since he spent all weekend trying to get all my help and the vendors to organize and form a union.  There were many "union meetings" held in our Mobile Estate over the weekend. I never heard any feedback about how those went but I did happen to see a lot of beer bottles in the garbage.
Thanks Jimmy for always keepin them laughing and the pot stirred!

Just a little side note/behind the scenes on the parking issue Friday night.....
We ended up having way too many cars all at once on Friday night so people naturally started parking themselves.  Well the fire lanes got blocked, and we had ONE car that parked a little too close the the RV park enterance. We tried our best to make the announcement that cars needed to move, we even went and asked guests if they owned these cars.   The manager from Lake Pleasent RV Park took it upon himself to stand out in the parking lot screaming at customers and us that we had too many cars.  He also sent someone over to walk through the sale yelling at people that he was having their cars towed and that there were too many cars in the parking lot.

And you're helping us alot by screaming at us and threatening to call the police.
I don't like to give a bad review to anyone. If I wasn't happy with someplace or someone, I just won't say anything.
This will be an exception to that rule!

 Lake Pleasent RV Park in Bothell Washington unless you have heard they changed managment.
The manager is a HUGE jerk!

Ok, I'm done!

Back to the good...............

Yes, I planned it, I had the ideas, I put all the money up front,
but seriously...............
You know I'm a hot mess and this could have just as easily been The Hindenburg, and me divorced on the following Monday after the show.

I couldn't have done it without the vendors who took a chance on me
and my friends and family who came out to help.

The Come Junk With Us Team

Thank you
It's been an amazing experience to see what happens when everyone works together.

Here are some more pictures

Thank you Amber at Tres Birds Photography

Now there is no "I" in TEAM but there is an "I" in Tim -meeeeeeeee

I know!
It cracks me up too everytime PJ says it!

So speaking of that..........

Did you get to see all the cool merchandies I have been working on, designing and perfecting?
These are some of the reasons I haven't been able to blog on a regular basis.
This has been so much fun for me.  Some of my ideas coming to life.

I was very excited about this!
Especially since I have the Diet Coke "problem" and all ya know.

16 oz  cold or hot tumbler. Double walled, hard plastic and reuseable.

No Junk Queen can be without a cute shopping cart liner right?

A pocket that holds the Junk Queen tumbler or a Grande Starbucks hot cup.

These liners have pockets in them so your wallet, camera, handbag, or whatever dosen't fall to the bottom. 
My cart I had last year at The Farm Chicks didn't have any pockets and I kept losing all my stuff in the bottom. Everytime I needed my camera, wallet, or Diet Coke I had to fish through all of my purchases to find it. 

We made these so they will fit into several different size shopping and vintage.
We sold out of them but we will soon be having more on our STORE page on the Come Junk With Us website. 

My next fun item was the Junk Queen folding chairs

These aren't your ordinary camping folding chairs
Sturdy, fold up easily, strap for throwing over your shoulder, side table that pops up, easy to get in and out of.  What could be better??

And...............Look at all these pockets?

 I know I already used this photo
It was good!
Thank you Shabby Scraps

This is the t-shirt we had.
All crystal encrusted
They were very cool in the sunshine! Lots of glitter.
I'll be getting more of these and I'm also looking for nice-fitting plus sizes.

We also offered a starter charm bracelet and then each vendor had a different charm that you could purchase for a $1.  Some people had some really great bracelets at the end of thier shopping time.

This is one of the customers bracelet. She had been on the Junket to Sumner and collected all the charms and then some more at our sale.  It was fun to hear why she choose each one of those charms.

We had so much fun and this was an amazing experience for me.

It's made me even more excited about the upcoming Farm Chicks Junk Junket and all the other Junk Junkets and events we have planned for the rest of the year.

Here are some great upcoming events

Annie's on First in Snohomish
Anniversary Sale
April 17th

Snohomish Antique Faire
Saturday May 15th
This event last year was really good. 
They are accepting applications for vendors
You would have the tourist draw for that event. All of the vendors that I talked to did really well last year.

There is a new Market opening at Sandpoint!

It starts May 8th
If you would like to be a vendor
Contact Linda for Information

Poppyseed in Stanwood
is looking for vendors for thier flea market also
They start in May
Watch their blog and Facebook Fan page

Start watching Retreat
they have some really fun and exciting events coming up. If you're not on thier mailing list, facebook page, or following Deb's blog you might want to.  She's been a working fool for months.  You don't want to miss out on her events!

Have a wonderful day!


Sophia's said...

The show looks like sooo much fun. I would have loved to have been there. Cute new merchandise! Can't wait for Farm Chicks...

Barn House said...

Congratulations, Timi!!! Cindy came back with so many wonderful things to say about the show and the turnout. The pictures are awesome!! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. And being the crybaby I am, I could have even cried with you!! :o)

You did a wonderful job!!! Oh, and I loved story about the crazy man yelling in the wouldn't be a great show without some great funny stories. ;o)

GardenGirl said...

Hi Timi!
I'm soooo happy for you way to go! I've heard so many good things about your show! So wish I could have been a part...wasn't in the stars this time, hope to be a part next time!

Deb @ Garden Party

Monticello Staff said...

Joyce said;
Hey Timi! Looks like you had a fabulous show. I wish there were two of me so I could have gone. Give yourself a big pat on the back and you go girl. Hope you can come down to our Home & Garden show next month, would love to see you again.

Our really empty nest said...

TIMI, Congrats on a very successful junket! I so wish I didnt live almost all the way across the country! What an amazing adventure. I would really love to hear more about it! Sue

SeaWorthy said...

I have heard it was the event to end ALL events! The photos proved it. Congratulations and may this be the first of many excellent adventures to come..
you deserve all the kudos you get, lady..
Rock on~
coastal nest

Amy'svintagecottage said...

Oh Timi I'm sooo happy for you! Only wish we could have participated, next time for sure
if you still want us? Heard great things from alot of our customers that made it up your way! Too bad about the R.V jerk , theres always one in every crowd! I wont be taken my lil shasta there!:))
Take care
O... need more junket flyers when you get a chance just toss em in the mail.

Laurie Anne said...

Oh Timi,
the event looked AMAZING!!!! I's so bummed I couldn't make it. If you do it next year, I'm so there. Also, congrats on having and idea and turning it into something amazing. I so admire that. It takes a certain kind of special person to rally the troops and make greatness happen, you clearly have the gift.
Way to Go!!

carlytee said...

Thank you so much for hosting such a fabulous event! All your hard work was worth it and I hope you do it again soon!


April said...

Congrats, Timi on such an incredible event! I will definitely plan to come next year ... my mom-in-law and sis-in-law would love this!!

Shopgirl said...

Timi you did such an amazing job. Your vendors were 'funktabulous' and it was very evident that you were working as a team. It is so nice to have such a beautifully done show on the west side! Thank you for all of your support for our flea markets too!
Poppyseeds, Stanwood

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I'm so impressed! And so happy it all went well. But with great friends, how could it not?

Kim G. said...

Congratulations on your first show Timi! You are making it happen girl! XO!

Uncovered Ruby said...

Way to go Timi! For your first show, sounds like it was a smashing success! Job well done...
Lisa :-)

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Wow, What an amazing event. I've been livin' in a hole cause this is the first time I've been to your blog! Be back again.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~