Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Girl From Bow?

Do you even know where Bow Washington Is? 
Most people don't

Bow is about an hour north of Seattle and right off one of the most beautiful drives in Washington State Chuckanut Drive.

This is where I grew up...
Farm Country!

The type of farm life where we named our cows

A farming community where the day after school was out for the summer, the kids went out and started working in the fields.
Strawberries, raspberries, peas, cucumbers, blueberries, and corn.
If you didn't work in the fields then you helped your folks on the dairy farm.

The girls in my neighborhood rode in posses on horseback.
We rode to the little grocery for soda and penny candy, bare back, in cut off jeans and halter tops. We rode as soon as we could get out the door in the mornings until it started getting dark.

It was the 1970's man!

I've made it no secret that I wasn't the best student in school.
I did however do really well in socializing, and penmanship. 

I had teachers tell me that I should learn to measure well because all I'll ever be doing is cooking for all my kids.

Well  I still don't know how to measure very well, and
I don't have any kids, but I can do retail math quickly in my head.
You know... % off, buy one get one free, average sales, total sales, and that kind of stuff.
I can also do Fakebusy like nobodies business
 and throw one hell-of-a party!

Those are my skills and that's how my resume reads.

A few months ago I got an email from a really nice lady in New York City
asking me for my phone number because she wanted to talk to me about an opportunity.

I was like
Yeah right! 
She probably needed me to send her a $5000 Wal-Mart money order!
You know one of those scam emails.

Well I looked at the bottom of the email at the company name and it looked interesting so I did a google search.

It was legitimate!

It was a TV production company!

So of course I had to call and find out what she wanted to talk to me about.

I called and chatted with the nice woman
who talked to me for a long time about Come Junk With Us and my blog AGirlNamedTimi.
Then she told me about a new TV show they were producing.

They asked me to audition for a new TV show!

Now this was exciting but yet super scary all at the same time.
ME?  Timi?  Really?

So PJ and I worked on an audition tape for what seemed like forever.
This was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life!

WORSE than math problems in 7th grade on a chalk board in front of the entire class room!

Not only was it  hard to do, but it made PJ and I fight more than me making sneaky trips to the casino.

Those people in front of cameras on your favorite shows make it look super easy
It's not!

I sucked!
 But I sent off my tape anyway. I didn't get the job, and I was totally ok with it.

It was just really fun to get asked.

It was like getting picked first for kick ball teams knowing full well that you SUCK the worst at kick ball.  It was just nice to not be last picked for a change.


Last month I got asked to submit some information to a magazine about myself and my little company

So I did.
Thinking...............that's cool but magazines are for other people.

I once had a guy friend (whom I thought I loved more than breathing) Paul Williams tell me that if I wanted to impress him I would have to be published first.

Well SHIT!
Guess we are going to have to break up (even though he didn't know we were dating, only I thought that) because that was never going to happen.
Being published... that's for... well educated, talented, pretty people.
Not girls from Bow that don't know how to measure properly.


Here it is!
September 2010
A Girl Named Timi on the pages of Romantic Homes Magazine

Who would have guessed?  Not me!

Now  I know you are all thinking
Oh this is great.
This is going to go to her head and she will forget where she came from and who she is and it's just going to be a freakin nightmare next time I see her.

PJ won't let it happen.
When I opened the package I got with the magazine in it I was jumping around all excited.
What did PJ say?

"Hey, you need to go pick up dog poop so I can mow!"
He handed me a shovel.

I know there was that story I wrote last summer that was published in the Paula Deen online Magazine last year but this is totally different!
This has pictures and everything!

Now, to all of those who offered no encouragement, (including you Paul...)  I'd like to quote the great comedienne Kathy Griffin (my idol) who said "SUCK THIS!"
I have lots more exciting news, but I'm going to have to run to town right now to buy up all the copies I can find!

Thank you Tres Birds Photography for the fabulous pictures submitted to Romantic Homes Magazine!


Victoria and Ella said...

Sooooo happy for you Timi! Can't wait to get my copy. It's a really cool thing, and something I could never do....

SeaWorthy said...


--but you really knew, deep down, that you would do this, someday..

Im not worthy--
but I am tickled pink for you, sister..

Melissa said...

How exciting for you, Timi! That is so awesome! I can't wait to get a copy and show my mom! :)

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Oh my goodness, congratulations Miss Timi!!!! You work hard for your money girl!! Yea for you!!! Love your not jealous, but sort of envious friend=)
PS...I know Bow, and I even know Chuckanut Drive!

bullie_mama said...

HOLY COW! That's so cool! Congratulations!!!!!

Jana said...

So very very Exciting!!
I'll have to go buy a magazine if there are any left... :)

Linda Q said...

Well I already knew you were Queen Timi but this just proves it, holy shit balls as Kathy G would say!
This is cool, way cool.
Got to get me a copy now, how much will you charge to autograph it?
Hugs, Linda

Jennifer said...

You go Girl!!!! and your pictures ROcK!!!

My Shabby Passion said...

Now the whole world knows what we already knew, which is how amazing you are! My gosh, I'm rubbing elbows with so many famous people now that have been published! Small town farm girl does good! I love it! See you soon!

Auntie Joy said...

Okay Timi that is so stinking cool I am crying real tears I'm so happy for you!! Now I have to put on something "decent" and go get a copy!! No wonder I can never get anything done!

Lori Walser said...

Isn't that the truth about our little town of Bow. I wish our Edison teachers could see, in HARD copy the success you have achieved by all the skills that you have learned...Mrs. Nelson...Mrs. Walters...Can't wait to celebrate with you!

Thompson Tales said...

AWESOME TIMI!!!!!! I love reading your posts, it is like talking to a best friend, you just say it like it is!!! Congrats on your story, I will definately buy the magazine here in Fort Collins, Colorado!!

Beth E-R said...

I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see this article. Hope you left a copy to buy in Snohomish County.

Monticello Staff said...

Joyce said:

You go girl! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to get it in the mail.

Leslie said...

Timi this is GREAT!! AWESOME!!! I could only dream about the magizine!
Have fun.

Susan said...

Congrats!!!! :) Soooo awesome!

Melaine Thompson said...

wow! Can I get an autographed copy neighbor? :) Congrats girl, you work so hard, you deserve it! Melaine

Shelly said...

You've got the "Right Stuff!" Congrats! I'm very happy for you!

Now, girlfriend, when are you going to post a Button on your sidebar so we can start sharing the "Timilicious" Event in October??? The "sneak peek" was Great,,,,,,but Come on Sista! Get the Button out so we can promote YOU and your event!

Hugs, Love and Congrats! "You DA Woman!"

gretchen said...

Ooooo, your picture and all!
and in Romantic Homes, that is better than a box of chocolates, two boxes! congrats!

Shopgirl said...

Timi YOU Rock!!

BirdSong said...

Can you say "Autograph My Copy"!!! I will be swooning when I see you on Saturday

A Vintage Gathering

Molly Mo's said...

Congrats Timi!! You're a "supa-star" as Mary Katherine Gallagher would say....going to go buy the magazine and check it out!

tnt521 said...

Now did the sweet lady that interviewed you ride on your bus for a bit...if so I got to talk to her for a bit at the Farm Chicks show and she was wonderful! So excited to read your article and a big congrats to you! Very deserving!

tammy t

Ormolulu said...

It doesn't matter where you were born . . . it's what's born from inside of you that counts! Congratulations Timi from Bow who was "born" for this wonderful opportunity! Your road-less-traveled way of growing up has nurtured an accessible, charming leader. It's a pleasure to see you succeed!


Uncovered Ruby said...

This is awesome exciting! I'm going to go out and find this magazine..I can't wait to read it! Way to go girl!! Lisa :-)

A Thing for Roses said...

OMG! Timi, this is so exciting. Sure beats my picture with Dexter in Flea Market Style magazine. ha ha Gorgeous picture btw. I haven't seen this issue at the stores yet, but I'm sure I will squeal with delight when I do. I'll be yelling to anyone who will listen, "I know her! She's my BFF!" Can't wait to see you this Saturday!



Anonymous said...

Awesome - hey I'm from Mount Vernon. Go Skagit Valley!

haleys cottage said...

Congradulations. Why didn't you brag about it today.


Violet said...

WONDERFUL!!! I can hardly wait to go get the magazine. Congratulations! I've heard so many great things about the 'Come Junk With Us' trips. And I am very excited about the flea markets you are organizing. We have chatted at Gina's shop ... and I so love your passion for what you do!

~ Violet

Chez Zizi said...

That is really cool.

JunkySouthernGurl2 said...

That is AWESOME!!! So excited for you...:-)


Janice Selby said...

CONGRATULATIONS, that is such an awesome magazine. One of the best now. You are a STAR!!!!!!!

Janice In Missouri

Angel Heart Designs said...

Thanks for stopping by!!Congratulations again...see you soon
Cindy :)

Florence said...

Got my magazine and love the article on you. Wow You are doing a great service out there. Thank you. Florence

Marilyn said...

I FINALLY have a brush with fame and you even commented on MY blog!!!!
This is so exciting for BOTH of us, congratulations :D

Shawnee H said...

That is totally cool! Congrats - and what GORGEOUS photos!!