Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who's Tough Enough?

It's not something we like to talk about.  There are some people who think it's gotten too much press, it's gone too commercial and they're sick of having it shoved in their face everyday.

The day I wanted some new measuring cups and I couldn't find what I wanted except in the color pink.
I was so annoyed!
I like the color pink don't get me wrong.  But on every freakin thing?

Then there are all those annoying ladies who dress up in crazy outfits and then are some how transformed in to the loudest most loyal cheerleaders ever.  They walk like maniacs, ask for money and hold countless bake sales, garage sales, and car washes.


You know who I'm talkin about

Yes you guessed it!

Breast Cancer Activists!

They are super annoying right?

I'll be the first to admit that I have talked smack about them, I have whintzed and rolled my eyes with so much annoyance that it was hard to hide when my friends said "I'm doing the Susan G Komen 3-Day walk this year"
or "lets do a fund raiser"

Well I got put in super-duper "check  your shit" the other day on this subject.

I would like to introduce you to Jill

Jill and I have known each other
well since.......................
let's just say
Her parents were friends with my parents when they were in high school.
They are like family

Jill is a breast cancer survivor
5 years  6 months and 10 days
Yes, you know exactly how long you have been cancer free when you have
a husband and 4 kids at home depending on you.

I remember when Jill was diagnosed
She was young and her kids were all still little
It was heart breaking
All you could think was "how could this happen to someone so young? So active and always health conscious?"
It was just crazy and trying to wrap my brain around it just never happened.

Jill is one of the toughest ladies I know!
She made having breast cancer look like it was an afternoon of cocktails by the pool.
It soooooooo wasn't !

Jill's passion is horses and she has been riding since she was 5 years old.
Over the 4th of July weekend Jill was asked to ride and carry a flag in a rodeo

 There's a campaign happening right now in the world of horses, rodeos, cowgirls and cowboys

How cool is this?
She's the shit right?

When I talked to Jill about this little ride,  she told me that she was so honored that her riding club had asked her carry the flag. 
And of course..........  WHY WOULD THEY NOT?
She's one of the millions of poster children for Breast Cancer Survivors
The whole riding club wore pink on the 4th instead of the traditional red to show their support.
They raised a lot of money that day for cancer research.
So amazing!

Check out the YouTube Video of the riding club

This got me thinking................

Let me just take you down that road in my wacky jacked-up twisted brain for a minute

Most of you have met my Faux Aunt Reta
She too is a breast cancer survivor
Another tough lady.
She made having breast cancer look like she just got back from vacation
It wasn't a vacation at all but she looked fantastic the entire time.

Remember my dear dear Nurse Friend Michele?
This is her and her mom Marianne
Marianne is a breast cancer survivor too

PJ and his mom
She's a breast cancer survivor  also

This is my friend Genine

This is Genine meeting her mom at the finish line after doing the Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk.
Genine's Mom is also a breast cancer survivor and a foster parent for special needs babies
Can you say Freakin Saint!

Even my own mom has had a breast cancer scare or two.

Then I just found out another friend whom I have just met recently and totally fell in love with and admire so much is waiting for test results as we speak.

So after all this got done running through my head I was in tears.

I for one should shut the hell up and be happy that all those ladies are willing to commit all their time energy and resources to raising money for breast cancer research.  I should be happy that all those companies have got on board to donate a portion of the proceeds of sales.

I am sooooooooooo NOT tough enough to wear pink!

Here are my  friends who are tough enough to wear pink

My BFF and partner in crime WSU Laura, Mother Madden, and Alexa the niece

Annette, WSU Laura's sister-in-law

Team Walkers For Knockers has been working hard for 10 months raising money so they can participate in the

This will be WSU Laura's 4th year walking

Did you know that each walker raises over $2,000.00?
Did you know that these ladies start training to walk 20 miles a day for 3 days in February?
Did you know that in the cold, in the rain, and heat these ladies walk?

These ladies are tough enough to wear pink and they wear it proud.
They should!

Only July 24th Team Walkers For Knockers will be participating in

Along with so many others who will be walking for the cure
Here is a little information on this event
The 3rd Annual Crafts 4 a Cure

Craft Show & Vintage Flea market

Saturday, July 24th & Sunday, July 25th

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (each day)

On the corner of 9th & Proctor in North Tacoma

We are going to have a junkin' good time kickin' breast cancer to the curb!
There will be 15 vendors and crafters on hand; selling handmade and vintage items! In addition Baby Dream Photography, named #1 Best Portrait Photographer by KING5's Best in Western WA, will be on hand Saturday taking Children & Family Vintage Photos! For just $20.00! It's a wonderful opportunity to preserve a memory and join in the fight against breast cancer! *Baby Dream Photography is donating 100% of the proceeds!

You know.................

Breast Cancer doesn't care anything about you, who you are, how much money you have or don't have, nor does it care what your schedule is. It just shows up like a big zit on your face on prom day.

Because of all those who are tough enough to wear pink, breast cancer is no longer a death sentence, it's just a damn inconvenience if caught early enough.

Let's help them raise the money to find a cure so it's not even an inconvenience anymore.
It's just something we talk about USED to happen.

Stop at the car wash, buy something from the bake sale even if you're on a diet, stop at the garage sale, or stop that group you see walking everyday and see if they still need donations.

Want to donate but don't know anyone?

Be tough enough to wear pink in some way!

Still think breast cancer gets too much attention and there are so many other worthy causes?
Donate to one of them today!
If you can't donate money, how about time or goods.
They can use your help


Timi said...

Thank you!

Timi said...

Thank you!

Molly Mo's said...

I have felt that way too about the whole breast cancer awareness-in-your-face stuff at times and then I remembered my sister-in-law Krista. We lost my husband's sister one year ago to this horrible, evil disease. She was diagnosed at 30 w/ three little babies to raise and lost her life at 47. She was too young, too vibrant and her boys still needed her. Breaks my heart, she was so courageous, I no longer EVER feel annoyed by the campaigns after watching her in her last days - we can never stop caring and fighting!


Maison Douce said...

Loved this post, Timi!!!! All of us are directly or indirectly affected by this beast, and I so admire those tough-enough-to-wear-pink ladies... Thank you!

Angel Heart Designs said...

Timi, What a WONDERFUL post!! Your honesty is so FREAKIN' funny and true my friend, just brought on the tears!I will try to come to the Walkers for knockers show next week. I could not imagine to have BC,what brave hearts these people are!I have only known 1 person close to me. Thank G they are still here. I DO wear PINK, I am tough enough, and will help in any way. You rock Timi!!!
Cindy :)

Leslie said...

hi Timi.. I found you through another blog and I am happy to say that I am your newest follower. I enjoyed reading this post. It is scary to think of all of the ladies that are so close to us that has suffered from Breast Cancer. Our closest 3 day walk is in DC in Oct. I am not walking it but have friends and family who are.
Your friend Jill is the shit!
hope you are having a good weekend

JodyC said...

you are the shit Timi! My mom is a breast cancer survivor and she gags too! But, she is tough enough to wear pink.

Thanks for voicing this!