Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

WSU Laura and I were invited to a dinner party from a very talented lady

Can you guess who?

Her signature colors are the turquoise and red

You guessed it!

We went to Patricia Mackey's house!
She is the famous Tippy Stockton


Not only was I totally thrilled with getting an invite to her house, but when I got there.........................
who was there?

Kimberly of Mimi Charmante and Tiffany of Fancy Farmgirl

Damn the luck!

Then it just started getting better with
Lisa from Humble Pie
Lisa from Salvage Studio
Deb and Bob Kennedy of Retreat Design
Cindy from Haley's Cottage

In my mind, this was totally a blogger's A-list party

How I got invited, I have no idea,

but somehow I did!!

Actually, what I think happened is 

Miss Tippy's husband,  "Boy Wonder" likes PJ.

I think they were thinkin "if we invite her, she'll bring him and it will all be good"


PJ was busy so I brought WSU Laura who EVERYONE likes!

I'm not dumb! I know how to keep myself on invite lists.

Doesn't this look like a party being held in the Hampton's?

It was such a nice evening
Above is Boy Wonder cooking up some grub
Miss Tippy snapping some photos

Look at the table setting!
It was so pretty

The food was fantastic!

Every detail thought of

A little lemon chicken grillin

Miss Tippy used a recipe from

Did you know Miss Tippy actually met Ina Garten?  
Chatted with her and conversed with her?

Not in a book signing line at Costco either.
Not like me and Paula Deen

It was in her store, in the Hampton's
you know why?
Because Miss Tippy is the shit!

The ladies enjoying some good conversation

The lovely smiling lady sitting next to Tiffany is
Miss Judy. 
She lives next door to Miss Tippy and is an incredible lady.
I could have hung out with her all night
In fact I think I'll start cruising the neighborhood looking for a house next to hers.
Maybe start asking her elderly neighbors about their health and financial situation
Hey!  You never know!

Lots and Lots of laughing at this dinner party

Then whats a dinner party with a Fancy Farmgirl  if she doesn't go to her mini van and bust out her chickens?

These were the lucky two chickens who didn't make it to the lemon marinade, then to the grill!


The night ended with some fabulous desserts, a little fire, some more laughter
and WSU Laura and I pinching each other saying "did we just get invited to the best party or what?"

This was the prefect evening to start off a long summer holiday weekend!

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend!

Blogs of those at the dinner

Maybe there needs to be a big blogger/Facebook party?
I'm on it!


SeaWorthy said...



Im sure the creative juices were just a flowing..


J & L Variety said...

Well for god sakes I hope I get invited to it. What the hell?

Kathrine said...

OMG Timi, you are so funny. It looks beautiful!!

Lissa said...

it really was a fabulous evening! Such a beautifully put together night! It was fabulous to meet you. You had me in stitches all night!

mimi charmante said...

It was a really nice evening and so nice to see friends that I don't see often enough! We definitely need to do a summer party!
Have a great fourth my friend,

Deb Kennedy said...

I don't know... maybe we weren't there... maybe I was just dreaming??? Cause if you aren't in the photos, welllll.... it's like it never happened! LOL

Florence said...

Looks like you had so much fun. Florence

Andy's Attic said...

How FUN!! I guess this puts you at the top and now I wonder if you will still speak to us regular folks. (Kidding) So glad you had such a wonderful time!! Hope to see you in July,

haleys cottage said...

It was very fun! What an awful picture of me. Depressed! Next time I will do the tilt.