Monday, July 5, 2010

Glamping Will Never Be The Same!

PJ and I do love to go camping and it's been fun to be able to step it up each year with adding a new tradition and items to our Glamping gear. 

Our camping buddies The Flusterclucks, The Gotstheirshittogether's, and us, The Nuckinfuts have had such a good time over the last couple years.  It's been fun to reminisce about the first camping trips

Our first trip to

Family Reunions
and so many more that we still laugh about.

Well this year in addition to the donut maker, and the outdoor movie projector, we have added

Drum Roll Please................

The Hot Dog Machine!

Yes folks it's true!
We are the proud owners of a Hot Dog Machine.

While looking through the 2nd Saturdayz sale in Seattle a couple weeks ago PJ spotted this under some other items.
He snatched that up and brought it home

Took it all apart and pain strikingly cleaned ever inch of this thing.

It made it's debut to camping

It was an eye catcher sitting on the table in front of the Mobile Estate.
Especially since it was gray, dark and rainy the whole weekend.
Those lights where the brightest things in the park

PJ was instant popular-guy!

After beating the window lickers off with a stick
he told them all they needed to have a ticket to get a hot dog.

They looked at him like "what are you talking about" then they all disappeared and came back
They had ran off, made themselves some tickets and got in line!

Hot Dog Time

It was a hit!

Finally it was time for PJ to have a dog and a beer
Oh which one? Which one?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  good!

What's better than a hot dog? 
Served on a silver pedestal plate.
Mrs. Gotstheirshittogether  has not only gone full throttle on glamping but now the
little Gotstheirshittogethers are totally in to it also.

Oh wait!  Don't take off with that just yet!
It will go nicely with  beer!

How cute are they?

I know!
You want to know who that new kid is?
She's not normally in our Glamping Posse.

I would like to introduce you to............

Mr and Mrs Accidentwaitingtohappen and their cute kids

You ask "why?"  "why is that their name"?

It's simple!

We don't get to see The Accidentwaitingtohappen very often but when we do

They have the best Emergency room stories ever!

See that scar on Mr. Accidentwaitingtohappen's hand?
Funniest story I have ever heard!
I wasnt' sure if I should pee my pants from laughing or from being horrified at the actual accident.

There are always stories of an unfortunate "accident" with this family.

We love them!

Mrs. Flustercluck and I didn't do a very good job of Glamping and setting up our campsites.
We were a bit put out by the rain, wind, and cold.

But then cocktail hour came around and we had to do something!

white damask tableclothes, the good Baer wine, the fancy Riedel Wine Glasses, and flowers in a silver ice bucket
We were set!

You can't camp without roasting marshmallows and making smores

Just before we went on this trip, my foody-friend  Heather of Farmgirl Gourmet told me about a different way of making smores.
You put a piece of chocolate inside the marshmallow and then put it on the stick to roast it.
When it's all brown and toasty on the outside the inside is all melted with chocolate

It's called a poopie diaper!

I shared this information with the kids.
Now not being a kid owner myself, I had no idea the frenzy this would set off.
The frenzy of saying the word poop every chance they got.
Thank Gawd they weren't in my trailer that night being all hopped up on sugar and seeing how far they could push it with the poopie diaper business.

Mrs. Gotsthiershittogether having herself a poopie diaper smore

After the kids go to bed and finally stopped saying poop is when the adults have a couple cocktails and play some cards

Yes for money!
Why else would you play?

Mr. Accidentwaitingtohappen brought a little adult treat

Apple Pie Moonshine
Click Here for some recipes
I couldn't resist looking it up

Looks a little like a "speciman"

PJ took a little sip

Taste like Speciman!!!  Naw...This is all show!
He enjoyed it and said it was like apple juice
which we all know that cocktails that don't taste like cocktails are dangerous!

Notice the jar at the end of the table
Almost gone
Cards got more interesting and .........
well I can't show you the pictures....
I promised.

The next day we had a lot of relaxing
game playing

Watching our new friend "Speedy" and his progress of getting across the campsite

A lot of visiting, catching up and story swaping

Camping buddies got to play together

The Gotsthiershittogether's
Aren't they the cutest family?
Love the girls and mom in thier matching Glamping Gear

Mother Madden was the only one who went full on Glamping decorating!

Got to love that she always brings her full on "A game" for whatever the event!
Rain or shine!!!

It rained, we were all soaked, covered in mud but once again


Someday you will have to come
Glamping with us!


Stephanie said...

WOW! Thats one heck of a Glamping story ! You guys do it BIG! Love the hotdog machine, everyone needs one like that! Love it!!Now you just need a Diet Coke dispenser!!!
Onto more adventures!!
Happy Summer :)

Barbara said...

We're ready...just let us know when and where!

Ang said...

We love the Mad Hot Dog Scientist look all over PJ's face as he is watcing the dogs spin! Or, was that the brewskie? Great to see the rain did not dampen any of your glamping fun. Can't wait for August...bring that doggie machine down south and we will keep PJ supplied with an ice bucket of cold one' the brew!

Florence said...

Those smores sound great with the chocolate in the center of the marshmallow, what a find in that hot dog cooker. What a novelty to find. Sounds like you had a really good time. Florence

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Timi... That looks like so much fun! And now, finally, we're getting some decent weather.. Give Glamping another shot. :-)

Warm hugs,

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

Now THAT is a vacation!

Writing Without Periods! said...

What a lovely photo trip. Thanks for the pictures. I love that hotdog machine...reminds me of when I worked in the movie theater in the 1970s.
Happpy Wednesday,

Our really empty nest said...

Timi, All i can say is you two sure know how to live! What a life! Sue

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

oh wow Timi! Camping with you looks like the most fun!=) Love the storeis and recipes (cannot wait to share the name of the choc inside marshmallow with my boys when we go camping!!)