Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why You Should Listen

Everyone once in awhile I catch my self not listening to what PJ is telling me. 

 Ok, lots of times.

The other day he came home from work yammering about something he heard on the Don and Ron radio show. I only half listened but it was about something with the Department of Revenue and getting unclaimed money. 

I was thinkin "yeah yeah yeah, another scam  "I'll see you on the news with Get Jesse, trying to get your money back...nobody ever gets money from those things"

After he told me this big long story that he heard on the radio while on his way home from work (me not listening) he said "what do you think?" 

Me: "great! You should do it"

I have no idea what I just agreed to but off he went to his computer and me........... able to play Family Feud uninterrupted.
It's really good!

Back to my story

About a half hour went by and he was yelling at me from another room to confirm my social security number, asking me some former addresses where I had lived, quizzed me about some places I had worked. 

I'm thinking "great now he's going to drag me in to his big money scam"

About a week later Charlie and I walked out to get the mail

Look what came

That's right checks!
Apparently I had some money from an old job back in the early 90's that I had a stock option in.
Who knew?

I don't listen!

PJ apparently missed an escrow check getting to him while out to sea on an aircraft carrier
BT............ Before Timi

I guess I should start listening a little better.

Now I'm off to town!


Barbara said...

Have fun shopping! Nothing like free money.

Jennifer said...

That's freakin awesome!!! Have a blast spending it!!!

gretchen said...

sort of like finding that forgotten $5 in a coat you haven't worn for a long time...but way better!

My Shabby Passion said...

How awesome is that?! You and PJ deserve a little extra moo-la, just because you're great people.
My mouth was watering after I read the blog about your new hotdog machine. And I probrably only eat a couple of hotdogs every year, but there is just something about camping, and food tasting better!

Object of Maya*ffection said...

CONGRATS! I think we need the website :)

Mary said...
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