Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Try, Lord I Really Do Try!

I talked The Hubs in to moving to the burbs of the big city from his rural country house. I buy him Faconnable shirts and Aruba Zip Sweatshirt by Tommy Bahama. I try to show him nice restaurants, fine wines, and that using a cloth napkin every once in a while is a nice change. That trucks aren't just for muddin but can haul fine rare antiques too.
OK, some of that is crap but you get my point.
Then I went to town and left him alone........................
When I got home this is what I found!
The Hubs/ The Contractor had taken upon himself to fix his pants all by himself while working on the bathroom floor.

I guess that just shows that ya can't never change a redneck!
Good Lord! I try, yes I do try.
Yes, that's duct tape he used to fix his pants!
Oh well.........that's one of the many reasons why I married him!
The conversation......
The Hubs: Hey I fixed my pants
Me: Nice!
Me: Hey can I take a picture of that and blog about it?
The Hubs: Sure, I guess.
Me: OK, let me get my picture taken device Pa!
The Hubs: Does the duct tape make my thighs look fat?
Me: Oh no Honey, you look great!
On to other things...................
Here is an update on our quick, we can do this in a weekend bathroom redo that started a month ago.

The Hubs/The Contractor got the tile all down this weekend. It's all stuck and everything. Stuck as in not going anywhere, permanent, not ever moving.

Now he's working on the edges. He had to cut all those little black tiles in half so he could fill in by the door and around the tub.
See all these little pieces????

As I was sitting here writing this blog I could hear The Hubs up stairs in the bathroom cussing, wanting to know where all his cut tiles went to.

Then I heard.............God Damn it Franklin!

Timi come get the cat! He keeps takin the tiles!

It's lookin good.

The Hubs has done a great job for never doing this kind of work before.

We are so excited that it's coming along so well.

In closing.................

Yeah it's the white crap again!

We woke up this morning (Sunday) to more snow!

It's been snowing all day. The weather man says we are suppose to get more this week. What a great way to start the week!

Can you sense the sarcasm?

Thank you everyone for your advice to my "where do you draw the line " question. I really appreciate all your input.

The blog in question will be posted tomorrow.

Remember............No Judging!


April said...

Hee, hee!! Love the fix! And the bathroom is turning out so great!!
Can't wait to see your next post!! :o)

Martha said...


I think your hubs and my hubs have been separated at birth! My husband would TOTALLY duct tape his pants. TOTALLY.

The bathroom looks awesome!


Our really empty nest said...

That is sooo my husband! He has even duct taped his boots before, you just gotta love em! We got some of the damn white stuff too, and supposedly lots more of it starting tonite into Wednesday, yuck! I am so over it and we have only had a little so far. The way I look at it, Christmas is over so what is the point?? Try to enjoy your week, Sue

adozeneggs said...

Funny thing about cats named Franklin, my Franklin would do the exact same thing. He's been running off with my husbands eraser every night. And he likes to steal jewelry that I leave on my bed side table, or the shelf in the bathroom.
They must be related.
The floor looks great, I love the black and white.

adozeneggs said...

My Frankie is really a sweet cat. He Loves to cuddle and waits for you to lie down to get right on top of your chest and purr and knead and make the cutest sounds. He doesn't go outside, but if he did I'm sure he'd be hunting birds and all manner of cute little animals.
I didn't know he was into stealing jewelry and I'm pretty sure he took my enamel and diamond Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty necklace and either ate it or dropped it down a drain. (never to be found again). He also has a thing for getting the kitchen cabinets open and eating (or gumming) anything he can find: boxes of raw pasta, rice, cereal, crackers, bread, hot dog buns, dog treats, cat treats, tortilla chips, potato chips, crisco, chocolate, confectioners sugar, flour, brown sugar, dried cherries, pecans, almonds, cashews. i could go on. And if you leave anything on the counter, he'll try to eat that, even raw veggies like asparagus, broccoli, caulifloplastic wrap so if I leave dough to rise, he'll get into that too. He and the dog are partners in crime. Franklin will pull things out of the cabinet and the dog will shred the container and eat whatever was inside.
Aside from that, he's a great cat. Super cute with a funny personality.
Oh and one last thing, he's shredded a few pieces of furniture, a nice chair and ottoman that I gave away and currently working on the corner of the loveseat in the living room.
Whew, talk about long winded.