Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blogger Advice Needed
Happy Saturday friends and fellow bloggers!
Here is my question today...............
What is too personal to blog about?
Where do you draw the line?
What if it's so funny you want to tell people but it will expose very personal details of your life?
What if your so angry about it that you want to vent but it will expose probably more details than necessary about your personal life?
Do you do it?
Where is your line with what you blog about?


April said...

Good question! I am all about being real - unless my opinions or ventings may directly hurt someone I truly care about. You will never see an all out trashing or bashing here, but I can definitely laugh at myself and others (if they are laughing, too). If you need to vent, I have seen bloggers do so, but not include names.
Bottom line - go with what you feel! If you don't think you will be crossing lines, then your readers probably won't either. We all have different senses of humor, and if someone doesn't like what you post, then they don't have to read. It's YOUR blog - do it your way! :o)

Linda said...

I am pretty much an open book and will blog about it if I feel I need or want. Not in my nature to judge what others do, that is up to them and none of my beeswax anyway. I am a pretty open minded person in general.
I know from experience that personal stories have helped others and if that is the case then that is the reason I am talking about it!
I am just who I am and if folks don't like it, don't read or meet me.
The world is a big place, embrace the differences and don't swet the small things!

Laurie Anne said...

You never know who reads your blog, so I try and keep that in mind. Many a post I have deleted after writing. When I was working and we first got email, the directive was given to not to put anything in an email you wouldn't want painted on the side of a barn.

Our really empty nest said...

WOW that is a toughy. I would have to say to give it a night, sleep on it if you will and if you still feel the need to blog about it go for it, as long as it is not at the expense of others. And if it is funny, I cant wait to read it! Sue

Amber Rose said...

Hmm..I think it depends on your blogs feel. It's such a personal thing, blogging, it looks different for everyone of us. So one thing might be super personal to one person, the other person might not think anything about it.
Our blogs are very much a personal reflection of our lives, if it embodies who you are..I say go for it..if you are nervous about what you will portray..maybe not so much..(

Coastal Nest. said...

I guess if you write it they will come, and you really never know who THEY are, so I am always on the pg13 page, considering I have a dad, a son and mostly some people I really admire reading, occasionally, so Im kinda AFRAID to be too REAL..Sad, but true.

You could always start a blog where you invite us girls who will love you dressed, or naked..whatever. Ive got those kinda friends, too.
keep on writing, girlfriend..

Summer said...

That is a great question and one that I think most of us struggle with. I know that my parents, cousin, aunt and grandma read my blog so sometimes that holds me back from telling the whole story. But, as is evident from my last post, I have also decided that it is MY blog and I will write what I want or what is on my mind at the time.
However, I'm hopeful it doesn't back fire on me. After my last post I feel a little exposed. Like everyone knows my little dark secret. Your comment meant a lot to me and I am so glad you took the time to write it! It made me feel like being volnerable was worth it.