Thursday, January 22, 2009


I know!

It’s been what seems like forever since I did a post. It’s not because I’m so busy it’s more like because nothing really exciting has been happening at

The House of B’s.

Over the last week I have been doing lot of screwing around with Laura, Michele, and Donna. We have done some thrift store shopping, dollar store shopping, mall shopping, had afternoon tea at The Queen Mary, football party, and some more shopping.

Tuesday I took my mom and Princess Spoiled Brat to the airport for an unexpected trip to Florida. My uncle passed away this last weekend and they are going out to attend the services and be with my aunt.

I'm so happy they were able to do that.

6 year old Princess Spoiled Brat was so funny when I took them to the airport. She was all dressed up in a little skirt, tights, boots, dress coat, leopard print hat, gloves, and scarf. Then she had her grown up luggage that I had bought her for Christmas. No more Princess luggage for her. She is all about monograms on stuff now.

Yes, that is my doing!
I wish I would have taken my camera. She was trying to be so grown up, and acting like traveling was something she did everyday. Reading signs for where to go, pulling her luggage her self, and making sure all her prized possessions (15 thousand My Favorite Ponies) were packed safely before they took her luggage to be loaded.

I love that my mother has gotten her bitten by the travel bug early. She loves to go anywhere! I hope when she grows up she does get to travel as much as she wants!

I also went to dinner Tuesday night with my Non-Book Club friends (we use to all read the same books, now we are just friends that love to get together and visit over drinks and dinner) at Purple Café in Woodinville. I collected a couple belated birthday presents while at dinner.

It was like Timi Week started all over again.

Look what I got from Laura

This very cute Vera Bradley Hipster New Colors bag and Vera Bradley Botanica Reversible Belt. I'll be stylin for Farm Chicks!

I got this very cute and very appropriate gift from Shawn. How fabulous is this?Archipelago Monograms Soy Candle B - Bougainvillea & Tuberose

Yesterday I did a little thrift store shopping while I was suppose to be running errands.
I was so thrilled with all my finds. The Hubs has started calling my thrift store shopping Shit Shopping.

I felt like I had a very successful day if shit shopping.
Look at my finds…………….

Remember the cute little vintage handbag keeper I found a couple weeks ago? I found this great hat box that goes with it.

The colors are perfect together. The colors don't match a thing I have but they are so fabulous I had to have them. I put all my handbags and hats in them up in the top of my closet.

I love it!

Makes me feel all organized and shit!

I was so happy to come across this find. How fantabulous is this going to look in my new bathroom if it ever gets finished? I'm thinking I need to paint it black. My thought is, if I keep packing shit home for the "new " bathroom eventually The Hubs will get the hint that it needs to get done!

How dang cute is this?

I walked in to one of the little grandma operated thrift stores that is only open every 3rd Tuesday of the month with a full moon when the month ends in R.

Well I happen to hit it on the right day and this was sitting right inside the door. I walked in, picked it up and said "I'll take it!"

I have no plan for this little side table but it was just too cute to pass up.

I'm a big fabric, notions, trims, buttons and linens hoarder. I sometimes buy the oddest things just because I like the fabric or the buttons.

I found these cute cotton curtain panels. I think the fabric is so cute. Then I came across all these trims.

I'll add all this to my collection.

I saw in one of my magazines that they had taken old Ball Jars and planted paper whites in them. It was so cute. I was thinking maybe these would be cute with some hyacinthsin in them for spring.
We will see, I'm usually not so good with the follow through on planting things.

Now the find of the day that I was just giddy over.............
This cotton print blanket in all the colors of my bedroom.

I think it's going to look fabulous in there! When I get it all washed up and figure out where I'm going to put it I'll take pictures and show you have fabulous it is.

Here is a hard to find item I was excited about. It's hard to find nut crackers and picks in these parts. We use them for crab crackers and everyone is looking for them. I found these at the grandma thrift store. I'll be passing these on to Laura, she was looking for some and couldn't find them. I got a couple last week.

I stopped at a store to do a return and I just happen to get there when they were putting out some new Life is good Longsleeve Shirt for Women. I'm a huge fan of this line of clothes and everything it stands for.
I had to have this shirt!

When I got home and there was huge box on my front porch.
I did'nt order anything.

So I open up the box.....

Look what was in side!
I was so excited I about wet my pants.

I know your probably wondering the same thing The Hubs was………
What the hell is it?

It’s a Wired Haired Fox Terrier topiary form!
Donna had it sent to me for my birthday.
It’s freakin fantastic and I’m so excited to find a place for it, get it planted and looking fantastic.
Any suggestions?
Where should I put it?
What should I plant it with?
Should I let it stand alone or should I put it in a large pot with other flowers?
This form came from Plant Play.

Check out these Topiary Airedale forms. I thought they were very cool also.
Here are some other projects I have been working............
I have always wanted to be a good sewer. I know the proper word to use would be seamstress. Not with me I just want to sew well. I love fabric, I hoard it and I need to do something with all of it. So I decided I was going to get out my sewing machine and start sewing.
I figure it's like anything if you keep practicing you will get better.
I started with this apron pattern. I figured it would be easy enough. It wasn't bad.

I have the worst time following instructions on patterns. I think this is what keeps me from trying.

I also thought my hutch needed a little spiffin up.

This is before

This is after

I was trying to use some of the items given to The Hubs and I by our Grandmothers.

Now I'm kind of thinking it just looks like a cluttered mess. This is something I'm going to have to work on again. I'm not sold on my display skills.

The Hubs went out the other day and started the chain saw up and started trying to clean up the aftermath of snow, wind and flooding.

This was a huge old growth Lilac tree in our front yard. It just broke right in half. That one made me sad. The rest of the trees and scrubs that got broke off I don't really care. They will come back. This Lilac tree I'm a little sad to see cut down. Maybe it will come out of it this spring.

Charlie and I watched a little of the clean up. Yes, I should have been out there helping.
I cleaned bathrooms (yes there is still 2 that needed cleaning) while he was out there. I hate yard work!

Have a wonderful day!


WSU Laura said...

Thank you for finding those nutcrackers for me, DH is esp. going to be luvin you. I think the buffet looks good.And I LOVE the little flower table you found. You did really well on your shit -shopping adventure.

Laurie Anne said...

Great finds. Don't worry about the lilac, it will come back. Probably won't bloom this year, but will next year if you leave what's left alone ;0)

Our really empty nest said...

You and several other bloggers have inspired me to start looking into Thrift store and goodwill shopping, I have never really done it before ,but when I see what you all are bringing home, I think I have to give it a whirl! I will let you know if I find anything! Sue

Linda said...

Well I am glad to see you were having shits and giggles while gone! Good for you. More fun than what I have been doing, sick, yuk!
You found some fun things and I am loving your topiary and the real thing is darling too! Making me want a doggy again!

Anonymous said...

I think you have better thrift stores than we do here. That little table is Too cute! I'll be watching to see if you decide to sell it.

Amber Rose said...

Ok first off..FRICKEN CUTE TABLE!!!
You MUST share that special thrift store with me..I promise not to buy all the good stuff...ok that was a lie, but still!!
And secondly I heard through the grape vine you have some dress forms for sale..need the info on those I might have a interested party:)

adozeneggs said...

I think the hutch looks great!
Love all the finds.