Monday, April 28, 2008

I've Been Tagged! Some Unimportant Things About Me

I have been tagged again! Thank you Shelia at Life at Number 17. These are always fun.
1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Post these rules on your blog
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself [aren't ya'll in for a treat]
4. Tag six random people at the end of your entry [I will try my best]
5. Let the six people know by leaving a comment on their blogs [ditto above]

1. I'm a computer idiot!
I know how limited things but for the most part I just don't get it. If I have to sit at the computer and read for hours on end how to do something, it's not getting done. I barley know how to blog right. The only reason I have done what I have is because of WSU Laura. She is always answers my questions or tells me how to do what I want done. THANK YOU LAURA! I sat at this computer for 2 days straight trying to figure out how to build a website on one of those "easy as 123" sites. It never happened! I finally had to hire someone to help me. It's sad but it's true. I JUST DON'T GET IT!

2. I'm obsessed with knowing about The South life style and tastes. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Now I know when you ladies look at this your going to say "that's not the south" but when you live in Washington State it all is to us. I can't get enough information about the decorating styles, food, or fashion. The women seem to have different tastes, style and attitudes then the women out in the Pacific Northwest and I LOVE IT! It all started back in the early 90's when I went on a trip to Texas and all the women seemed to be dressed to the 9's and in perfect make up all the time. Their homes were lovely and I felt like a frumpy farm girl that just crawled off a Greyhound Bus. I was amazed and at the same time sucked in. By 1994 I was obsessed with moving to Texas. My mother promptly talked me out of it. Again in 1997 I was obsessed with moving to Georgia. I did it! I was only there for a short time and I enjoyed it but found that my umbilical cord just didn't stretch that far. :-)
I'm still obsessed with it and try to get my husband to move on a weekly bases. For now I get to read all your blogs which is so fun for me. Watch way too much HGTV, and read every magazine and book I can get my hands on.

3. I'm annoyed with dirty laundry! I do laundry just about every day so there is NO dirty laundry laying around at my house. You will never find piles of dirty laundry at my house. If you do it's because I'm working on it after a trip or my husband unhooked the washer and dryer to give them a rest for a couple days. It drives me nuts! Now for my friends reading this thinking I'm judging them on their dirty laundry piles.......NO I'm not. It's only my house! :-)

4. I hate snakes and lizards. As far as I'm concerned they were put on this earth for one thing and one thing only...........Boots, shoes, and handbags!

5. I totally profile people. I secretly do it. I spent years working in the Human Resource field and many of those years interviewing people for jobs. People really do follow a patterns and pretty soon you learn to read those patterns. Now with all the new police shows on and self help shows, I get to learn even more about people their nature. I'm secretly profiling people in my mind. Why you ask?? I don't know??? In case the show Criminal Minds calls and wants me to help them solve a case. I'll be ready! I do love that show.

6. If feel like I'm still not living up to my potential everyday. Feel like I could be a better person, better friend, better daughter, better wife, and do more with my life. I'm working on it but always feel like I could be doing better.

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WSU Laura said...

Ok done! I am thinking I am getting quite strange in my old age.