Monday, April 28, 2008

OH MY GOD! My life is complete!

It came today! I have been waiting and waiting (it hasn't even been a week) for this to come. I was so excited. It was all wrapped cute and matching just waiting for me to bust it open. This is going to make my car driving experience complete. Thank you so much Lisagh at Grosgrain Garage for my spiffy little monogrammed key chain. Now along with my matching car glasses I'm going to be set for some nice weather and the top down in my new little car.
Now my life is complete today. I'll keep you tuned in to the next item or items that are going to change my life!


WSU Laura said...

That Lisagh is so talented! Did you see her fabulous apron she just made? WOW! Love the keychain.

suburban prep said...

She is so talented.