Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Full Weekend Of Crime Fighting and Shopping

What a weekend! I should be exhausted. This weekend was the beginning of garage sale season in our area. I love this time of year. It's the time of year that there are so many garage sales that it's hard to know where to start. So I was up early, dressed, tote bag ready, Diet Coke ready and armed with the garage sale list and a Thomas Guide. Delightful Donna and I were off! We were as excited as kids on their first trip to Disneyland! Well, we went to 5 or 6 garage sales and it was a bust. We really didn't' find any thing that great. We did however find a great new Antique store in Downtown Everett and a bakery called PAVE. The Spare Room Antiques in the old Jack's Men's Store is fabulous! The was OK.
So after a busy morning of shopping and then lunch we were on our way out of downtown Everett when we drove by the Village Theater where I saw a young man (14-15) and he appeared to be drawing on the wall with a big black pen. As we drove by I said to Donna, "Is that little S*&^# writing on the wall?" She said" I think he was!" So I pulled over and dialed 911. I was so annoyed that this little disrespectful brat was tagging a wall and in broad day light. I couldn't let it go. This on the heels of seeing protesters on the news deface our state capital building in the name of "protest" . I was truly outraged. As I got on the phone with 911 and told them what I had seen they asked me to stay at the scene so I did. I tell ya, it took Everett Police Department all but 1 minute to get someone there. They had that hoodlum handcuffed and up against the wall before I could even say "Holly S*&&%!" Then the officer asked me if this was the kid I saw, what did I see him drawing and what color was the pen. I ID the kid and filled out a report. As I was sitting there filling out the report the police officer was really giving this kid the 3rd degree on what he was doing. All the sudden the kid started crying. I said to Donna "If I had done that when I was his age I would have been begging the officer to not call my parents and just take me to prison!" Donna said"me too!" I knew that prison would have been better then either of my parents coming to get me. Well this whole thing went on for about a half hour. They took the kid to lock up (I think that per his mothers request) and we were on our way to do a little more shopping! Another crime interrupted by the dynamic duo.
As we were wondering through one of our favorite thrift stores we decided that we were just tired and ready to go home. It had been a full day of crime fighting and shopping. When I got home The Hubs said "what are you going to do for dinner tonight" I looked at him like he had a 3rd eye growing out of his forehead and said "I'm tired!" "Do you realize I have been shopping and fighting crime all day?"

We went to town to eat! :-)


Melissa said...

Well, no wonder you're exhausted! Just the shopping alone would have worn me out;)

WSU Laura said...

Too bad you didn't have your lasso of truth to throw around the tagger to make him tell the truth. I think your car is far cuter and hipper than the invisible plane. I am sure Bb1 and BB2 would beg to differ. Way to go!


Hi Timi,
Thanks for all your compliments on the trailer! I say , do what I did, go find a trailer, pay for it and then tell your husband to go pick it up, it worked for me!LOL. Although I didn't pay alot for my trailer, so Jeff didn't really mind. At this point (we've been married 21 years) he just shakes his head and says, why??? What are you doing now? Anyway, I hope you get your trailer, we had alot of fun redoing ours.

Laurie Anne said...

Hey timi,
Love the new digs :0)
I didn't forget your tagge (thanks by the way) I've just been swamped but today I will finally post it.
Hope you are enjoying the sun today :0)