Wednesday, August 13, 2008

High Maintenance, Fakebusy Master
or Just A Great Procrastinator?

A late post to follow up this last weekend. Tardy, behind, neglected, and plain old blowing it off seems to be the theme of my blog posts lately.
With all the road trips in the month of July and other side activities The House of B's has been a bit neglected. Well a lot neglected. The shower is broke, the kitchen sink drips, the dishwasher isn't working right yet, floors need to be vacuumed, sheets changed, the weeds have taken over, and the yard has almost grown high enough we could probably get some livestock. So this weekend The Hubs and I decided we would just stay home and try to get caught up a little. As you can see from my last post Friday was super busy.
On Saturday...............well this is where it kind of goes haywire with getting stuff done.

Saturday morning The Hubs (Gun Geek) had planned on going to the Gun Show with our friend (Gun Geek 2) Tony. They were just going to be gone an hour or so, then The Hubs was going to come straight home. The plan was we would get busy trying to get caught up. My plan was to get busy while he was gone. Well.................I decided to "just start" my blog posting with Friday's events because I didn't want to forget anything. I sat and typed, drank Diet Coke, ate Whore's breakfast, and typed some more.

After about an hour an half or more I thought "oh shoot, I better get busy before The Hubs gets here." I decided to start with stripping our bed of sheets and putting on fresh. So that's what I did, but then I thought "if I have clean sheets and duvet cover on the bed I better give Charlie a bath". I got Charlie and fired up the shower. Oh, the hand held sprayer won't work, OK, no problem I'll go to the tub. I move Charlie and all his shower gear in to the tub. WRONG! What a mess! Charlie apparently hates the tub. He wouldn't hold still, he kept jumping out every time I tried to fill the pitcher with water to rinse him. It was a nightmare. I was soaking wet, the bathroom was now soaking wet. The dog...........half ass washed! This just set me off and my head started spinning. Nothing works around here, you can't find anything when you want to fix something, hang something,or do anything. We are so unorganized and such huge procrastinators that it's a mess here! I'm pissed off!

So The Hubs comes home and before he can get his new purchases sat down (oh yeah, he wasn't going to buy anything at the gun show) I started in on him

Me; "we need to talk, sit down!"

Me ;"I'm sick of all this shit laying around, stuff not working, and nothing ever getting done around here!

Me; "Now I realize all the piles of shit laying around on all the tables is mine, and that garage full of shit is mine too, and the two bedrooms full of junk is mine too but...........I'm sick of it!"

Me; "I can't get anything done because I'm up to my eyeballs in shit!!" "When stuff breaks around here you don't fix it!" "It just stays broke and it annoys the hell out of me!" "the shit piles are bad enough, but when things break around here and don't get pisses me off even more!"

Now The Hubs is sitting there staring at me smirking and trying not to laugh.

Me;"don't laugh, I'm sick of it!" "I'm going to start throwing stuff out and fixing things and if you don't like how it's getting done then I suggest you do it yourself!"

The Hubs; "OK, what do you want me to do?" "where would you like me to start?"

Me; "I don't know, there is so much to do

The Hubs; " I can't help if you don't tell me what you want done first"

Me: " I have so much to do, I don't know where to start and I don't want to look at it. I want to leave!"

The Hubs; "you want to leave me and the house or just leave the house?"

Me; "I want you to go to Whidbey Island with me to The Arts and Craft Festival in Coupeville

The Hubs; "OK, whatever" " that will help a lot"

Me; "I know but I can't deal with all this shit right now!"

So we loaded up Charlie and headed to Coupeville! Now we didn't take the shortest route there because the ferry was a 90 minute wait. I figured we could drive up and around faster then that. As you look at the map we didn't start in Mukilteo we drove North up I-5 to Burlington and cut over west on HWY 20. Yeah it's a long ass drive!

Well we got as far as Burlington and it started pouring down rain. The dark clouds just got blacker as you looked west. So we decided not to waste our trip up there. We just went to my parents house. We hadn't been there since they started remodeling and we wanted to see how it was going. So we visited with them, looked at their (HUGE FREAKIN MESS) project, drank some beer, went to dinner and returned home about 10:30 pm.

Another day SHOT TO HELL!

Sunday................It started out good. I got the laundry done, vacuumed, and got a few things listed on EBay. That's when I decided I really wanted to try going to Coupeville again to The Arts and Crafts Festival. So I said to The Hubs.....can we try going to Coupeville again today. He said "sure"

So we loaded up Charlie again and off we went

This is The Hubs "are you kidding me look" Given to me when I said "let me get you and Charlie for a picture on my blog"

This is a shot out the window on our way over Deception Pass. This is a long , very high bridge that connects Fidalgo Island to Whidbey Island. If you have never been here, this is another MUST see destination when visiting the Pacific Northwest. It's really stunning.

Another out the window shot. You ask "why didn't she pull over and get us better pictures?" Because my photo taking skills suck, we were too lazy, and I had an Arts and Crafts Fair to get to!

Another display of my fantastic photography skills. This was another looking out over the water picture.Top Picture is out the truck window of the entrance to NAS Whidbey .
The picture below is one The Hubs sent me to use for my blog. He couldn't believe I would use such a bad picture on such fantastic sight. OK, whatever! Apparently he hasn't met me. I like junk, flowers, food and shopping!
The one on the left is an A-6E Intruder, a Medium Attack aircraft; on the right is an EA-6B Prowler which is an Electronic Countermeasure (Jammer) aircraft. This is where The Hubs did his last duty station in his 21 year US Navy career. He gets all nostalgic on me when he comes to Oak Harbor. Me ,I can't wait to get the hell out of there. There AIN'T NOTHIN I NEED IN OAK HARBOR! It's a lovely place to visit, a better place to be from! Sorry all of you who might be reading from Oak Harbor! It's just my opinion which doesn't really mean shit.

We finally get to Coupeville, to the Arts and Crafts Festival. We start walking toward the rows and rows of white tents. THEN..........the sun came out, the birds started singing, and music started playing. There it was...........The MA Graphics booth! Yes, folks it's true. I made The Hubs drive my high maintenance ass all the way to Coupeville so I could decided what t-shirt and sweatshirt to get. I have several MA Graphics sweatshirts and t-shirts and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I wanted one of their new designs but I just couldn't decided when trying to order it on line. I had been trying to get to one of the shows they were doing (by suggesting a camping trip to the town they were in or going to a show a little closer to home)so I could look at all the new designs, touch them, see them, and then decide. I'm not the best on line shopper. I like to touch stuff before I buy it.
So here are my choices. I'm so excited about them. If you haven't seen any of MA Graphics items please go check them out. They have the best designs. They are fun, colorful, and best of all.........they are all on great quality garments! You won't be disappointed. Tell Marie and Julie that you read about them on my blog. I don't think it will get you a discount, but I know they would love to hear from you. Marie and Julie are great, some of the nicest funniest ladies you will ever met. I love them!

So after I got my MA Graphics purchase and ran through the rest of the festival we went to the food part to get a little bit. The Hubs found a great little BBQ place called Columbia Beach Barbecue. They were fantastic! We had the best BBQ Tri Tip French Dip Sandwich. As we were sitting there eating Charlie laid down in the dirt at my feet. Apparently he doesn't read my blog! I hate dirt! AND..........I just gave him a bath!

Here is yet more displays of my poor photography skills. This is on the ferry on the way home. Above...passing ferry Below....leaving the Clinton Dock

More pictures out of the truck window on the ferry. As a ex-professional ferry rider (I use to ride it every morning to work) I have no desire to hassle with getting out of the car, going up stairs to the top deck and looking at the view for some photos. I'm fine watching it from the truck.
Trust me, my pictures from the top deck would have been just as good as they are from the front seat of the truck!

So I ask you ...........
High Maintenance, Master of Fakebusy, or Just a great Procrastinator????

So now I'm going to show you my messes! What has me all fired up.
I have never shown these to anyone!

The pictures you are about to see are shocking, appalling, and horrifying. Please don't let your children see these! If you would like to pass them on to Clean House or any other HELP show on TV please do so. These pictures also require little explanation with them.

I thought if I showed all of my messes to you then I would be SUPER motivated to get them all cleaned up. Now I HAVE to get projects finished, throw stuff out, get organized and clean! So for the next few days (OK weeks probably) I'm going to be working on cleaning all this stuff up. Not looking for other things to do so I can avoid these messes more easily. This means no blogging, no shopping, no lunch with the girls, no more fun! I have to get this all cleaned up!

Dining Room full of material. It's everywhere! This is a project I'm working on that you will soon see. It's going to be fabulous!

More dining room mess. It's now creeped in to the living room. We don't have one table in the house we can sit at! They are all covered with CRAP!

Below is our guest room. It's a nightmare!

We couldn't have guests if we wanted to

Extra bed room.........I usually keep the door closed and let NO ONE in there. Not even my own husband or mother!

It's all going to go!!!

Garage mess. This isn't all mine but the majority of it is.

Below is the sun room mess. This is stuff that came from my parents house and now I need to figure out what to do with it.

This is the entry way to the front door. These boxes have been in front of the door for going on 3 weeks now. At Home America stuff I ordered. Must not have really needed it if it's still sitting there. THAT SUCKS! In so many different ways it's so wrong and sucks!

OK let the games begin! I'm off to clean up these messes!

Do you have a mess your ashamed of? Let's see it!


Laurie Anne said...

You are too funny. Joji and I have the "I can't deal with the clutter" discussion all the time. It usually ends with dinner out :0)

SW Baseball Mom said...

I thought my house was the only house with piles of projects that need to be done. I was just beating myself up this morning for not getting off my lazy ass in the evenings and accomplishing something. Nice to know I have great company. Hope your clean up is going well. I am going to need you to blog soon

Donna said...

That picture of Jay is priceless - before I even read what it said underneath I knew it was the 'what the f***???!' look!! Ha ha ha ha ha!