Saturday, August 16, 2008

How Is My Cleaning Going?
I was feeling super bad about all the messes and neglect going on around here at The House of B's. As you could tell from my last post. Oh yes, I have been working on it. It's getting there. Pictures to soon follow.
Franklin (The Wonder Cat) decided to help me out in cleaning.

Can you guess why he looks like he just had sex and needs a smoke?

Need I say more? I just keep telling myself "He brought it in from OUTSIDE!" "It didn't come from inside the house!"

I'm sooooooooo getting new carpet!

You ask "why in the hell would she have pictures of that?"

"Did she take them just for the blog?"

"She really does have a problem!"

No, I took them because The Hubs didn't believe me. PROOF that I can't make this shit up!

Have a great Saturday!


WSU Laura said...


lisagh said...

It's true we'd prefer not to have dead rodents in our homes, but believe me, Franklin brought it in as a present to you - it's almost cute.

On a similar note, when I was a little kid, our cat once brought in a bird as his little gift to the family. Only problem, it was only HALF dead and fluttered around the house with my mom, brother and I screaming like maniacs for about 15 minutes (mommy swatting with broom etc.) until it finally croaked!

Still alone, not lonely said...

About 12 years ago I came home from work at 7am to find that my cat had spent the whole night catching mice. She had 7 mice lined up in front of my recliner as a gift to me. They were in a straight line and if you were sitting in the recliner all of their heads were at the top and tails were closest to the chair. I looked over and she had 7 mice across the room for her and when I sat down in my chair she went over and started eating her row of mice. When she wasn't looking I got rid of mine. Oh, and I knew they came from outside because some of them had grass with them.

Just thought I would share. lol