Sunday, August 10, 2008

WOW! What a busy weekend a the House of B’s

I’m settled in and ready to write. This is going to be a long one people, so you should get your favorite beverage and treat and get comfortable.
I needed a little something to sustain me while writing this long-winded blog as to not leave out one detail. So this morning’s blogging required the super food, the best breakfast in the world. That’s right……..Whore’s breakfast! A piece of cold pizza and a diet coke! Oh don’t act all appalled! You all know you have enjoyed this on a less than glamorous morning...after a night of fun and foolishness. I too have enjoyed a piece of cold pizza and a diet coke early in the morning on the "drive of shame" home after foolishness. Which is why I like to call it…………Whore’s breakfast. Some how that cold piece of pizza and diet coke seems to take away some of the shame. Anyway………….this subject really could be an entire blog posting all by itself.

This fabulous pizza is from The North Lake Tavern. Some of the finest pizza in the Seattle area. If you are ever here visiting and love pizza this is a must stop!

First off I have to give a shout out to an old friend but new reader Maggie. She is reading my blog from the local hospital psyche ward! How ironic is that? The Nuckinfuts have a reader on the Psyche ward! LOVE IT! Thanks Maggie for letting me know you're reading.

**UPDATE **** Maggie isn't a patient on the Psych Ward, she just works there and then gets to leave on her own when ever she wants to. Sorry Maggie I wasn't clear on that in the original post. MY BAD!

As you know, on Fridays I love to go garage sales or thrift stores. This Friday was Donna’s birthday and for her birthday she wanted to go to thrift stores. Well, we didn’t make it to thrift stores but we did make it to some fantastic garage sales.
We were only able to go for half a day because she needed to get home early for birthday festivities with her family, and I needed to get home and get ready to head to Burlington for my 25th class reunion.

Donna and I were off and shopping at 8 am! We didn’t make it very far to our first garage sale. It was right up the road from my house. This woman had TONS of fabulousness. She was an artist and was cleaning out. This seemed to have set the tone for the rest of the day because all the other sales we went to were crafters getting rid of their finished items and surplus of supplies. If I was creative, it would have been the mother load of garage sale days.
Here are some of fabulous finds for the day.

Cute little green pottery vase

I love little dog figurines. Especially if they are Fox Terriers These were a steal!

These are handmade wool seat pads. The woman I bought them from said her mother made them in the 50's. They are in perfect condition.

I got these 3 cute little figurines from the same woman. She said her mother made these also. They are dated 1962

This beautiful lead crystal candle abra is dirty but with a little elbow grease it will be lovely!

I love old oil paintings done by amature painters. This is a really beautiful oil of Lilacs. The frame is gorgeous. The other frame I found was just a must have. No plan for it...just liked it.

This was the find I was really excited about. Brand new in the box Dansko Mary Janes. My size and brand new.........THE FIND OF THE DAY!

Then at noon, I decided I had nothing to wear to my reunion so we headed to Macy’s to find me something wonderful. Something that made me look 65 pounds lighter, 20 years younger, and like I had my shit together. After plowing through the racks for an hour or so, trying on a million items I decided that maybe I would just take my undecided items home. I was convinced they would look totally different after I showered, washed and styled my hair, shaved my legs, and put a little make up on. They didn’t! I ended up rummaging through the clothes basket and finding a sweater. I was comfortable, felt like I had my shit together a little (I gave up on the other 2 goals) and I was off! I admit, I had been dragging my feet a little not wanting to go. I just had it in my mind that I see the people I want to see. PISSY PISSY PISSY Attitude! For all of you fellow classmates saying the same thing, and not showing up……………you missed out!

The Burlington Edison Class of '83 has never been known for being able to organize and execute well. Now mind you, we all seem to do fine on our own, as individuals, but as a group we have never been able to quite get it together. I will say this………….we work well on they fly! Case in point; Our Freshman Homecoming Float. We did it the morning of the parade. We worked for weeks on it, but apparently when kegs are present, we are a group that is more into just having fun and not working!

This reunion get together was planned about 3 weeks ago, and we tried to notify as many people as possible with e-mail and a posting on The local paper let us down for a posting (Thanks for nothing Skagit Valley Herald) and I... Yes I... Princess Lazy Ass, forgot to put a posting on Craigslist like I said I would. Sorry everyone!
Here are few pictures from my 25th class reunion.

That's right! 40 something acting like 16! I'll be sure to post the e-mail that I got after posting this photo of Patti.
That's me chatting with Bryan. He is an excellent craftsman. If you are local and need a good me, and I'll put you in touch with him.
He rocks!

The girls!
Here are the girls again. Don't they look fabulous for 40-something.
This was suppose to be a group shot but .......well it was a bar, it was late, and......need I say more.

Earl and Renata... High school sweethearts, still married. Isn't that so fantastic? I learned that Renata is a fellow junker. Her and I will be getting together!
This is our little group of Edison kids that showed up. We all grew up together in Bow and went to grade school (K-8) together, then high school. We always have so much fun when we get together. Next year will be our Edison Kids 30 year grade school reunion. We planning on having a big hootenanny for it.
Me, Suzy, Michele, John, Earl, and Javier.
More of my fabulous photography skills. This was outside on the patio of The Sports Keg where we had our shin dig.
John and Jeff. Two of the nicest guys in the world!
Well that's all the pictures I have of the reunion. I was hoping that my picture skills had improved since the last adventure, but as you can see I'm still lame !
Well it's Sunday mid-morning and I have been doing nothing but blogging. The Hubs is anxious for me to get my Princess Lazy Ass up and moving doing something constructive (verses my usual destructive) today. So I guess I better get busy!


Laurie Anne said...

LOVE that empty frame, very cute!! I'm glad you had a good day of garage saling. We skipped our 20 year reunion, but might venture out if there is a 25th. Our class was also pretty lame in the "get things done" dept :0)

A Thing for Roses said...

Hey Timi,

Loved seeing pics of your 25th reunion. I was all set to go to mine, but I decided not to afterall. I know, I'm lame. Anyway, so glad you had a good time. I still need to do your meme. Look for it on my next post.



sheila said...

well, if we had a class reunion held at a bar, then maybe I'd go!

(love the sweater...)

calicobebop said...

Love the Dansko shoes!! Congrats on all the finds! Great pics too!