Friday, January 9, 2009

Just Fantastic!

For the last 2 days Charlie has been in the kitchen, on the floor, under the cooktop cabinets. Sniffing, rolling, sniffing, digging, sniffing, and driving me nuts! Charlie the Wired Haired Fox Terrier is known for his mouse hunting skills. He along with Franklin The Wonder Cat have been known to capture and kill an unwanted guest in the house as a team.

So this concerns me..........................


Along with
All of this...........

Usually means this.............
But...So Far................

Franklin The Wonder Cat hasn't seen the need to jump in and help. He's the real hunter. If he feels the need to get involved then it's time for me to start freakin out.
Then it's going to be time for The Hubs to pull out drawers and crawl under the house and see what is going on.

Until Franklin gets involved in this little problem I'm going to ignore it.
Besides that I have much much more important things to concern myself with!
Stay tuned!
Tomorrow you will find out why what the the dog and cat are doing are NOT going to be my problem!
Can you guess?


AGSoccerMom said...

Yep that's what my cat does when there is a mouse in the house.

WSU Laura said...

Could it eb because it is your Birthday Week!!!! WOOOOOOOO! Ummm just a wild guess.

Linda said...

Is it something to do with the bathroom redo? Hopefully your snow and all not coming off to fast, no floods I pray there?
Or is something blocking the road out and you can't get to your favorite shopping places? I know that is a crisis for us all, tee hee!

Tammy said...

Hmmm... maybe there's a stray treat under there somewhere. :D My guess is that you are preparing for a big game OR you are pregnant! I'll be back. Can't wait to find out.

Coastal Nest. said...

this would concern me, greatly. Once, not too long ago, was in garage (at old house) opened up and reached into get a new lightbulb..but what did my wondering eyes should appear..a miniture RAT and his long pink tail...
lordy, this is why girls shouldnt change lightbulbs,eva.
heres hoping you dont have a varmit.