Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Official!

Today, Saturday January 10th is the official kick off day of
Timi's Birthday Week!

That's right, for the next week (maybe even the entire month we will see how it goes) I will be transforming myself in to a Birthday Wannabe Sweet Potato Queen for my birthday week.
Doing whatever I want, when ever I want, where ever I want, and barking orders like a Queen on parade day!
Rule #1 to Birthday Week....If Birthday Week is interrupted in any way shape or form by everyday mundane activities ie; grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, cooking dinner, picking up dry extra day will be tacked on to the week.

Now I know some of you are asking "what the hell is a Wannabe Sweet Potato Queen?" For those of you who already know...........HELL YA SISTA!

If you have not yet become a fan of The Sweet Potato Queen Click HERE and find out what it's all about.
Then I suggest getting on line to Amazon and start ordering the book or books. My suggestion is the first book. Then go from there. It's an attitude that isn't for everyone.
No money was or is being received for this plug. I just love these books! However Jill if your reading I'm willing to work with ya.

This book has gotten me through some tough and dark times as well as provided some good laughs. When ever I'm down, ticked off, frustrated, or just need a good laugh I think about the advice I got from this book or I reread it.


My next birthday (not this one) is a significant numbered birthday (which hasn't really set in yet. I can't believe I'm that old!) and I was thinking that I would like to do something fun. Something that will be always remembered or life changing.

On my 30th birthday I was admitted in the hospital for a month for a mysterious illness. People don't under estimate the power of stress!

My 35th birthday I had too much to drink and did things that I TOTALLY REGRET to this day. This may be a blog entry one day. I have been thinking about it for a while.

My 4oth birthday was very fun. It was celebrated with a surprise party thrown by my Dad for myself and my mother. My mom shares the same birthday month with me and it was her 60th.

I also met The Hubs right after my 40th birthday and we started dating the following month. We haven't be apart since the day (second date) I told Donna that I thought I would keep him.

So for my next birthday in 2010 I have always had big plans of trying to plan a trip to Chicago and getting on the Oprah Show.

Because you know................If Laura did something big fun and fabulous, I have to do something! Here at The House of B's it all about one upping or keeping up with the WSU's!

So Oprah if your reading, as you can see I'm a walking Oprah Show. I have enough problems it would take you an hour to sort my crazy, over weight, money spending, non giving, keeping up with the WSU's ass out. You'll need to probably call in the big guns..... Phil, Suze, and Mehmet. Oh shoot you better get Robin and Maya there too! Me........I'll need 8 tickets please!

I got to thinking is January really a good time to go to Chicago? How much work is it going to be to try and get tickets? You know Me, Princess Lazy Ass isn't all that excited about doing too much work.

Then I easy would it be to get tickets to Jackson Mississippi?

Defiantly something to think about!

THIS week is going to be my birthday queen week. I was thinking of what I would like to do or where I would like to go. I have so many things in mind that I can't decided what it's going to be. I do know........................I won't be staying home!

I will keep you posted!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Please send gifts directly to The House of B's. I like expensive lavish over the top. The more sparkly the better. Don't be shy, a gift is a gift and I like them all!

P.S. To those of you who guessed yesterday that I would be announcing that I'm pregnant....Fantastic guess but.....No sorry! That announcement will probably never come from The House of B's. We accidentally spent all our fertility treatment and adoption money on The Mobile Estate.


Coastal Nest. said...

your such a spoiled brat. As if you could spend a whooooollllleee weekend on yourselFFF!! (sarcasm is my middle word, girly)

I totally wish you the happiest of birthdays, sweetie pie.

lotsa love from the beach!!


Laurie Anne said...

Happy bday week. did you see on LA ink where a chick got a sweet potato queen tatoo for her 40th bday? :0)

pennythequeen/queeniep said...

Oh honey, I am lovin those queen's.
I, yes moi, had my picture taken with the.... Queen Herself!!!!
Yep I will let you touch my hand someday if we ever meet somewhere.
Do you have the Big Ass Cookbook, Get it. YUMM! is all I can say

Have a happy birthday and do whatever your little self wants to do, run naked in the snow if you want!!!!!

Linda said...

Awww I royally declare you the funniest Queen I have ever met, even if through the internet!!LOL
Happy Birthday, do something fun!
Hope to meet up with you one of these days! We are to close not to.

Maison Douce said...

Timi, you're too funny!! You are truly an example! Next time, I won't let my birthday go unnoticed, like I always do!! It's time we women start celebrating ourselves!!!

Linda said...

And I will owe you a birthday lunch too!
Linda Q