Monday, January 12, 2009

Today Is The Day

Today is my actual 44th birthday.
I KNOW! I can't believe it either!

I had planned on spending my day just like this, riding around on the back of my car waving at everyone with a tiara, long gloves, a cape and sash. The Hubs went to work today (apparently he forgot it was a holiday) so there was no one to drive me around. DANG IT! Guess I'll drive myself.

Isn't this a cute cake? I would imagine one of my friends will be showing up anytime now with a cake that looks JUST LIKE this! Chocolate of course!
I'm sure ALL my friends have been scrambling all week baking cakes, cookies, and cupcakes to present to me. You know, like when The Queen gets flowers on her walks.
I do find it odd that none of these friends have called yet to see if I was going to be home. UUUHHHHHHMMMMM?????
I got a call from the Family Eye Clinic letting me know my glasses were ready.
I bet that they put them up to calling me to find out what I was doing so they could plan a surprise!

Later this afternoon I'm having lunch at the Met with some of my friends who I share the same birthday with. They all flew in for our Annual Birthday Get Together.

Melanie Chrisholm aka Sporty Spice of the Spice Girls.

Kirstie Alley, whom I do really like. I know she is kind of bat shit crazy but I like her. I loved her in Veronica's Closet and my most favorite was Fat Actress. I was so sad when they canceled that show. I still use lines from that show. LOVED IT!
Kirstie if your reading, I don't care if your fat let's do lunch!
You know Guy is excited it's my birthday. Finally he can get me a lavish expensive gift. I expect a delivery from him at any moment.

It appears Mike forgot my birthday. That's OK baby, you can make it up to me later.

I'm pretty sure the only thing I'm getting today for real, is some sort of award for being full of shit!
It might look like this

In reality I'm Queen of my own little world today and that's all that counts!

I found this drawing on the internet and I love it! I have no idea who originally did it but it's so damn cute I had to use it.

Have a wondeful day!


WSU Laura said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! Does IMing you count as surprising you? How about cookies that were ordered and homemade from elsewhere? Happy Happy Happy!

kal said...

Happy Birthday Timi!
I hope you have a fabulous day!!!

Lateda said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Laurie Anne said...

Happy Birthday Chickie!! Make sure the hubs spoils you rotten!!
Sending you lots of blue box, white ribbon wishes on your specail day. :0)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. So glad you made it and you got through.
Happy Birthday to you Happy birthday with many more,
here is to getting better than you were the year before!!

Awww you are still a babe, I got the big 50 coming this year, HEEEELLPPPP! But it is the new 30, so it is ok.
Glad it sounds like you are doing it up right!

lisagh said...

*confetti toss*


Stephanie said...



My 40th is right around the corner :(

A Thing for Roses said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend! Did you know we are the same age? Well actually, I will be 44 in July. Every time I read your blog I see more and more why we are BFF's. I hope you are having a great birthday week! Isabel and I will be at the Clark County Fairgrounds on Saturday for a big antique show if you want to join us. I know it's a little far for you, but I promise you will have fun and lots of laughs. Think about it.



Maison Douce said...

Happy belated birthday, Timi!! Keep on celebrating!!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday! I used to have that Spice Girls poster in my room!

Coastal Nest. said...

I hope all you day was just gangbusters..I would love to have a cocktail and hordeurve with dirty mike. LOVE TO!!

happy birthday, old lady. Your the greatest!

April said...

Sending some birthday love from sunny Cabo!!! Hope you are having an awesome week, Timi! I am so happy we have become blogging friends!! xoxo