Friday, March 6, 2009

It's A Damn Mystery!

People I don't know what is going on around here.

The House of B's is usually in mayhem all the time. There is something always going on. Buying, remodeling, cooking, buying, road trips, buying and just general foolishness.


It's a damn mystery I tell ya!

Don't get me wrong, I'm kind of enjoying it but I'm also wondering what is around the bend. It's been a little too quite .....If ya know what I mean?

Facebook has been some of the problem. As you all know I'm totally addicted to that stupid ass game Bejeweled. I guess being in front of the computer has kept me off the streets and out of trouble. Of course I'm behind on reading all your blogs,commenting, and everything else I'm suppose to be doing.

The other part of nothing happening...........It's cold, wet, some snow, horrible allergies, and just nothin goin on.

WSU Laura and I have been making camping reservations starting in April. That's exciting. I can't wait for those trips. We will be busy all spring and summer again.

I'm trying to get mentally prepared for shoulder surgery on my torn rotator cuff this month. I haven't gotten to that place yet of not being scared out of my freakin mind so I've moved on to thinking about what needs to be done before I have no use of my arm for 6 weeks.

Things I have thought about;

How is my hair going to get washed and combed

How am I going to get my jeans on

How am I going to sign my name for the credit card

This is the most disturbing to me

Can I drive

What about the computer, how is that going to work

OOOOOh the list goes on and on. Until someone says "you will have no use of that arm" you don't think about how much you use them.

Another..........It's a damn mystery!

One thing about it.........if I can use the computer to write this should provide some good blog entertainment!

During the height of my Bejeweled addiction some of my friends started blogs and websites.

Please give them a blog land welcome by checking them out.

The Cock Crows

I have known Jenny since I was a kid.

Actually since she was a kid. Her older sister Suzy and I went to grade school and high school together and to this day Suzy is one of my dearest most treasured friends.

Jenny is just getting her feet wet with blogging and I think she is doing a great job. Her story of The Princess and the Chickens made me laugh. We have all soooooooooo been there!

Julie MacKenzie

Is another sister to Suzy and Jenny and a good friend to me.

She is my travel guru. She has booked many a trips for us and gotten us fantastic deals.
Check out her new website for all your travel needs.

Make sure you bookmark her and try her out next time you need to book a trip some where. You won't be disappointed I promise.

Bella Country

I met Kal and Angie at The Farm Chicks show last year when I ease dropped on a conversation they were having and butted in.

We have been e-mail and blog buddies ever since.

They are working on a website and getting acquainted with their blog and how it works. Say hello and keep checking back with them. I think great things are yet to come there.

Dianne Berst is a woman I had the honor of meeting last year also. We met through my friend Barb. I have mentioned Dianne and her fabulous cookbook I like Cookies before in my blog.

Well now she has a website with both her cookbooks available. Check her out. These make great gifts! Mothers Day and Fathers Day is just around the corner.

You won't be disappointed in the recipes and the story behind how I Like Cookies came to be. Tell her Timi sent you.

Mama Berst

The Hubs is checking me in to Bejeweled Rehab again this weekend. This time he has my family involved.

This should be good!

Have a fantastic weekend


kal said...

You probably won't be able to paint your toes, so you should get at least one pedicure before the surgery. Maybe even one after, for healing purposes.

Linda said...

Here is a great physical therapist I have used, recommended by the neck doctor I had to see.
I haven't had to go to him for over 2 years, because my natural stuff has helped me so much and neck has been good. But if you need this, he is an excellent one.
Terry Benham
16410 Smokey Point Blvd Ste 309
Arlington, WA 98223
So is surgery the only option for that?
I don't know and am curious.
Would be nice to avoid if you could.
We will have to come over and not only clean for you but entertain you!!!LOL
I use to do a mean Geraldine ( Flip Wilson)!!

adozeneggs said...

Listen, I know what you're up to.
Facebook. And those crazy video games.
I am too.
We need to get off our asses and do something, live life and interact with actual people. And not on fb!!!