Friday, May 29, 2009

………………And We Never Saw The Beach!

Over Memorial Day weekend, The Hubs and I headed to Long Beach WA with the Mobile Estate in tow for a weekend of fun. The big plan was to leave on Thursday after The Hubs got off work. Destination Andersen’s RV Park where we stayed last year. Going over Thursday night would allow us to get up bright and early Friday morning to hit the Longest Garage sale. That’s right! 26 miles of garage sales for our shit shopping pleasure!

The other plan besides doing some junkin (aka shit shopping) WSU Laura and Family (aka The Flustercucks) and the Gottheirshittogether’s would be meeting up with us for some weekend of fun.

Everything goes as planned…………………..

Until…………..I did a Google search and decided we should try a new route. A route that appeared to take us highway most of the way instead of the hilly windy road we took last year. According to Google it was only a 3 mile difference in distance and about 4 minutes in time. I showed the map to The Hubs and he said………..lets do it! 5 hours and 20 minutes no problem. That sounds reasonable.
With Bellevue traffic, Tacoma traffic, Olympia traffic and the new “faster” way we ended up in the truck 7 ½ hours. We arrived at Andersen’s around 11 pm, it was cold rainy, windy and The Hubs had been up since 3:30 am.

Yeah you know where this is going………..

The Hubs decides that we just need to do the full on set up of the Mobile Estate instead of the back in the spot, crawl in the back, go to sleep and do it in the morning plan we had agreed on while driving and driving and driving.

I'm helping, doing my assigned jobs for trailer set up. Then it comes time to put the slide outs out. I start sliding them out and all the sudden it makes some weird noise and I see plates all over the floor.

SHIT!!!! What the???

I stop, go over to take a look………..DOUBLE SHIT!!!! The cupboard door has come open in transit.

Oh nooooooooooo, not because it wasn’t shut tight before we left.

Because I have packed it so full of cute dishes they have shifted and opened the door. They have all fallen out of the cupboard, on the floor between the slide out and the main body of the trailer.

Think Timi Think!!!

OK, lets just pull the dishes out with a broom (they are wedged in between and it's one can't get their hand back there.) and it should be fine.

Uhhhhmmmmmmm No!

Now the cupboard door is stuck in the edge of the slide out.

So I back up the slide out, reach in with my hand to see if I can get it unstuck.

HOLLY ……….F*&^&^% SH(**&%........

The cupboard door came off!

I had ripped the damn cupboard door off! It’s hanging on by one hinge. Guess that was the funny noise. The noise of wood, held by screws, being ripped out of the wood it was screwed too.

The Hubs comes in the trailer wanting to know what the hold up is with getting the slides out so he can finish up. After all he has been standing out there in the dark, wind, rain, and cold.

There I stand with 20 (give or take 5 or 12) cute Land's End plates on the floor, me with a broom in one hand, and a cupboard door in the other looking like an idiot.

Well you know where this conversation went.

It wasn’t good.

I was informed that nobody needs that many plates in a trailer where only 2 people use them.


They are cute! I loved the Land's End melamine summer collection they had last year and when they went on sale at Sears for 75% off the sale price….I bought everything they had. Then I was at a thrift store where I came across some really cute floral melamine plates that went with the Land's End dishes PERFECT. How could a girl pass that all up?

1:30 am……..we were tired, cranky, and snug in our beds in the completely set up trailer, Hookups hooked up, levels level, and slide outs slid out and my newly remodeled cupboard which I now call my open china hutch.

Yes, The Hubs could have taken the easy way out and just backed that Mobile Estate in to the spot and called it good. Then done it all in the day light in the morning. He didn’t! He’s amazing! And……….on that cold windy dark night………he didn’t kill me when he had the chance.

I was up at 5:30 am ready to go to garage sales! The excitement kept me awake (and shoulder discomfort) and I couldn’t take it anymore.


The Hubs assured me that I could probably wait until 8 or 9 and still have a good start. So I let him sleep a little while longer.

Yeah, I’m good to him like that.

Later in the morning we headed out. I grabbed my camera because you never know when you might see something you need to take a picture of. Both of us also needed to charge our cell phones so I grabbed the car charger. We could do that while we were driving around.
Side note** We brought one cell phone charger with us because the The Hubs decided that the docking station I usually bring with us was unnecessary. He determined that one charger that plugged in to the lighter in the truck would be sufficient.

We went to a few sales, and I was loving life.

I look so forward to this weekend all year. We would stop at a sale, find nothing, hop back in the truck and the truck seems to not want to start right up. That’s odd!

I tell The Hubs it did that to me a couple weeks ago but I didn’t think anything of it because it started right up the second time. I thought maybe I hadn't waited long enough to start it. The Hubs gets it started, but now the idiot lights are flashing and the battery gauge has fallen clear to dead. Great!

Now what? We decided we better get it to a parking lot where it could be towed easily if necessary.

What to do, what to do?

The Hubs is now outside with the hood up looking to see if maybe it’s just a battery cable or something (knowing full well this is BAD) while I’m sitting in the truck worrying about where we are going to take this diesel truck to get fixed in Long Beach WA over a holiday weekend, how long is it going to take AAA to get to us with a tow truck, and everything else (single girl car problem panic has set in) that goes with car problems.

I get an idea

I’ll call Andersen’s RV Park and see if they have any suggestions before I call AAA.

Oh wait!

Cell phone is dead!

Maybe The Hubs has some power with his cell phone?…………NO! Dead!

Both phones had a little charge on them but only enough that making some phone calls would have killed them in the middle of the conversation. Luckily I carry an old cell phone with T-Mobile that I have had since 1998. It's fully charged!

BRILLIANT IDEA on my part to call Andersen’s.
Lorna who is the owner of Andersen’s has lived in Long Beach her whole life. The woman knows EVERYTHING! She tells us that Box K Auto Repair is just up the road from where we are. Here is the number, call them and tell them you are staying at Andersen’s. When you get your truck there call me and I’ll come get you.


We call Box K, they says no problem bring it in and they can take a look. We limp the truck a few blocks and we are in the parking lot of garage.

Picture taken later after camera was working


I think I’ll take a picture of Box K, because you know this weekend is now starting to get really interesting. Blog worthy as I like to call it.

I take my camera out of my pocket……….No memory card! I forgot I had taken it out to download some pictures and forgot to put it in.


No problem…..The Hubs put his camera in the truck. He has been begging me to give up my crappie little camera and start using his fancy one. OK, today seems to be a good day to do that.


It’s not charged up!

Are you kidding?

Let me get this straight………..Cell phones dead? Cameras dead? Now the truck is dead. This weekend isn’t really going as planned so far.

It’s about 11 am now and we decided to just walk up the road to our favorite Philly Cheese Steak place The Surf Sand. Then have Lorna come get us. Box K will give us a call after 2 and let us know what’s going on.
Shit shopping over for the day!

So I cried my eyes out over the best Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.

Well didn't cry my eyes out but defiantly wallowed in disappointment for a while.

Things started to look up when Lorna came and got us. She gave us this incredible tour of Long Beach and SeaView. Showed us some historical homes, gave us the history on the beach front and pointed out some points of interest.

Love this woman! We had the best time with her. I could have drove around all day listening to her stories.

Back to our campsite.............

WSU Family soon arrived along with The Gottheirshitstogether's.

Things are looking up!

Mobile Estate

How The Mobile Estate is suppose to look

This is how it looked Saturday morning after The Hubs went and got a rental car so I could go shit shopping!

We love him don't we????

Let's all do a big AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Love you Hubs!

So off we went to do a little shit shopping on Saturday in the Volvo.

WSU Laura and I taught Mrs. Gottheirshittogether the fine art of shit shopping.

I think we did pertty good! This sign cracked me up. I realize that the Elks Club is a private club and that's why they had this out but..................It made me chuckle.

It was totally blog worthy!

So what was the find of the weekend???

WSU Laura got this commercial donut maker.

This will be a camping must have from now on!

Oooooooooooh there was some serious donut making experimenting going on at Andersen's RV Park space #39!

Those donuts went very well with morning coffee.

Notice there is a kid that dosen't belong to us now hanging out at our camp.

Trust me by the end of the weekend we had lots of new kids showing up and random adults with coffee cups.

We became very popular.

WSU Laura and WSU Child #2 playing a little Monopoly

Saturday we stuffed ourselves with crab, halibut, prawns and clams!

The Hubs and Mr. Gotthiershittogher talking about how to cook all the seafood or maybe it was guns. It's hard to say.Charlie supervising the crab cooking.

I know!

Your saying "what the hell kind of stupid cooker is that?"

It's called a Timi Bought The Wrong Kind Of Cooker.

We made do!

The Hubs and WSU Hubs crackin out a little crab for their ladies.

Crab Sandwiches made with all the left over crab we had after stuffing ourselves the night before.

WSU Hubs probably making more donuts.

This is what we did A LOT of all weekend.

Sitting around, eating, visiting, yelling at kids, chatted with passer byers, untangled dogs leashes, and laughed until our stomaches hurt.

It was a fabulous weekend!

My fury kid Charlie

Kids getting fury kids ready to go to the beach.

Kids excited to go to beach.

Our fury kid tuckered out.

Yes that's in my bed!

The weekend started out not well and "dead", but it soon picked up and turned out to be a really good time.

Sometimes I wonder if these type of things happen to everyone or if the Blog Gods are just trying to make sure I always have something to blog about?

I really wonder.

We ended up spending only one extra day in Long Beach beacause of the truck needing an new alternator and the part needing to be ordered. Mr. Gottheirshittogether had new screws for the cupboard door and got it fixed.

We can't thank Lorna or Box K enough for all their help.

With all the shit shopping, eating, visiting, stress, laughing, and sightseeing...............The Hubs and I never made it down to the beach!.

As your finishing up reading this long ass blog post The Hubs and I are already on our way to yet another adventure.

This weekend we head to Crow, Oregon to The Sweet Cheeks Winery for the Eugene Soroptimist Club's annual event

Red's White's and Blooms.

I'll try to have a camera that works to post pictures of the event.

Stay tuned...............I have even more exciting news next week!

Just when I couldn't get anymore excited about Farm Chicks...........something happened!


kal said...

Oh Timi, It always happens to you! At my house these type of trips are called "big adventures" because you never know whats gonna happen! At least Farm Chicks isn't far away!! Hope you have a better trip this weekend.

Deborah Burton said...

Timi, you make horrible circumstances sound so dang funny!! Glad there was a silver lining for you . . . otherwise, I shudder to think what you might have said!!

See ya in Spokane!


Linda said...

Oh Timi, you and hubs are having way to much fun , LOL! and I am just ROTFL about your typed edition of it all. My gosh!
Thanks for the giggles.
And thanks for the drools too, crab and donuts gosh I am hungry now!
Our weekend for Memorial Day was not even away and we had things break down. Had to buy a new lawn mower and microwave, both of ours died. Not as fun as shit shopping that is for sure!!!
Hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Good lord of living - that was one heck of a trip! Charlie tuckered out best describes it al!
Sure looked like fun though!

mishebe said...

Lol. God thankfuly it ended alright. And looks like you had good food too. That is important. lol. mishelle

Our really empty nest said...

Timi, what an adventure, i hate when things dont go as planned, but it looks like they turned out great in the end! Cant wait to read your next adventure!
If you have a minute, stop over at my blog, you have been TAGGED!! Sue

Scott said...

Too funny, glad it all worked out.

Anita said...

I was laughing all the way through..You know that laugh when someone else falls down the stairs? Yep. That laugh. Mostly cause it was NOT me , for once. This type of shit happens to me NONSTOP. And the fact that you continued camping shitshopping using a rental car, and proceeded to start making donuts after all of this ids really really admirable. Seriously. And you didn't kill each other, torch the camper on fire or give up and go home. Bravo. Well done.

Courtney said...

This is my first visit to your blog and won't be my last!!
Oh by the way I have the perfect pal for Charlie, our Millie looks just like him!