Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm In Are You In?

The Farm Chicks Show is just a couple weeks away. I'm so dang excited I can't hardly sleep at night (Well that and my physical therapist Sandy roughs me up 2 twice a week), I'm like a kid who found out they are going to Disneyland.

Kim over at Camp Whimsy along with her friends Laurie and Debbie had this STINKIN BRILLIANT idea about making blog badges to wear to Farm Chicks so we could identify each other. What a great way to meet your fellow bloggers!

We read, we comment, we chat, we e-mail each other through the wonders of blogging......this would be the perfect time to meet in person if you're going to the show.

I'm in!

WSU Laura and I got together and made our blog badges.

As you all know I'm not so crafty. I have never been good friends with my glue gun. This last Monday.........I was going to get creative and make my own blog badge.

Yeah for real!

I started out with what I had laying around the house. US Postal Priority mail cardboard envelope to start with. Then some of my linens and ribbon I like to hoard.

It's an illness

Drew out some circles, cut them out and started gluing stuff on.

This took A LOT of Diet Coke and naughty words to create!

WSU Laura had a clear plan unlike myself. She knew exactly how she was going to create her blog badge and what it was going to look like when she was done.
Finally.............she was done!

Look how cute that turned out.

Laura's is all cute and dainty.
Mine not so much!
It just kept getting bigger not better.
I'll be the one with the big ass blog badge that covers half my chest.

Mine needed something else but I wasn't sure what.
Maybe my name and my blog name?????

DUM DA-DA DUM!!!.....................Here it is folks!

A Girl Named Timi Blog Badge
If you haven't got your blog badge ready for the show
This is going to be so much fun!
Once you get over being blinded by my big ass blog badge and all the bling on it, please say "hello"!
Disclaimer.....not responsible for any blindness one might incur while looking at said big ass blog badge.

The other thing that Laura and I feel is a "must-have" while attending Farm Chicks is a freakin cute-ass apron. We have been talking about learning to sew and making aprons to wear to the show for a year now.
Up until a month ago it was just talk.
I finally got off my Princess Lazy Ass butt and started trying to learn to sew.
My first project was to make an apron for Laura.
Something a little WSU-ie
I really like how it turned out


Not the best sewing job in the world but it's cute.

Isn't that what really counts?

Soooooooooo then I decided that I would make one for a give away I have been planning. Yeah you heard right A GIVE A WAY!

I did a major screw up on this one when I was finishing it.

I'm too lazy to tear the pocket off and redo it soooooooooo

it's back to the drawing board for that apron.

It did turn out cute. I'm probably just going to keep it or............should I give it away? You tell me. What do you think?

I made this apron out of two vintage curtain panels I had.

It turned out cute.
I sewed the fabric on the pocket flap on the wrong side. My hem stitch shows.

So that's what has been going on at The House of B's this last week.

This is what is going on this weekend......

26 miles of garage sales in Long Beach Washington!
I'm there!
I'm on it!
I'll blog about it!


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

cute badge and apron!! I am going to the garage sales at the beach too!! In fact I think I am going to have one there. Have a great day!! hugs!! Britt :-)

Lateda said...

CUTE badge girlie! I love it! And it is all "blingy" which is perfect!
Have fun at the garage sales:)
I will call you tomorrow:)

A Thing for Roses said...

I'm so jealous you get to go the the beach garage sales. How come I never heard of that? We will be at the beach too, just further south. Lovin the badges you guys made. Very cool! I can totally tell from this post just how excited you are about FC's. I'm feelin it too. Will be posting pictures of my badge right after this so stop by and check it out.



Linda said...

Awww those are all cute! You gals will have fun no matter what. Wish I were going but alas I am watching the pennies, to many big things to pay for this Summer and wedding next Summer to help with.
Trying to be good in other words.
Hey I am happy today as I can get on someones blog and comment!

laurie - magpie ethel said...

Glad you joined the badge fun for the Farm Chick show. Your badges turned out super cute...I'll be on the watch for you two! I can't wait for the show.

Laurie Anne said...

Have fun!! Can't wait to see the great finds!!

Terra said...

Wow I love your badge and both aprons!

WSU Laura said...

Love love love my apron! Thanks Timi!!! Had a great time in Long Beach, can't wait to go Glamping again.