Monday, May 4, 2009

From Chicken Crap


Chicken Salad

Ever had those days or weeks when everything seems to go wrong? I've had a lot of them lately but this last week...............seemed to really be the week.

Not since I bought the chandelier that I wasn't suppose to have things gone so wrong.

My blog posts were sparse this last week because I was busy getting ready for a surprise Kentucky Derby Party. I spent all week (it's actually been weeks but this was crunch time week) trying to get ready.

By the way, thank you to the anonymous commenter that sent me this link for planning my party. It was super helpful.

Yeah, I know!

Your saying............she isn't suppose to be lifting anything!

Trust me it was a challenge and I probably made more messes as well as making the whole process 10 times harder and more frustrating than it needed to be.

We had planned this party way back in November before I even knew I was going to need shoulder surgery and we couldn't' change the date because of scheduling conflicts with the Suprise-ee and the Surprise-ers

So the show must go on.........

More about that party later.

So my week actually started out good I was getting things done, feeling pretty good about being a head of schedule for the surprise party.

Then it just went to Chicken Crap!

I went to the doctor...........

still no lifting for 6 weeks, physical therapy twice a week for the next 4 weeks and ......well that was enough to frustrate the crap out of me. I'm sooooooooooo over not being able to use my arm.

Damn that Dr. Julie giving me a torn rotator cuff diagnosis. I should have instead on the massage prescription and sleep number bed!

A couple other things happened over the course of a few days that frustrated me and gave me something to bitch about for hours.

(Fact about Timi) FAT: I easily get spun up about things and I bitch and complain for a while, then I'm usually over it, just move on and do what I can do to change the situation. It's rare that I stay totally pissed off for days about something.

These two things that happen had me pissed off and totally frustrated all week, I'm still pissed about it! I would like to share with you what happen but The Hubs has forbid me to speak of it publicly.

Bitching about family, friends, and financial publicly is one of The Hubs gag orders.

This fell under one of those categories so...........

Know this.............if I could burn someones house down and have no consequences........There would have been a couple house fires!

In the middle of my frustration and bitching to The Hubs

Princess Spoiled Brat called me and wants to know if I can come to her Grandparents/Special Person Day at school.

I would love to go but I have so much to do before the party on Saturday. I don't really want to take a day to drive all the way up to Skagit Valley (hour drive each way), go to the program, and come back right back.
So I tried to get out of it and used every excuse that that I could think of when under pressure. Every excuse I gave Princess Spoiled Brat, she had a solution for.

I don't know how she got so smart.

Yeah, that's right I got played by a 7 year old.

How can you say no when a 7 year old tells you "I would be disappointed if you aren't there."

At the end of the conversation she asked if I could bring Charlie with me. Which isn't out of the normal conversations we have. Princess Spoiled Brat always wants Charlie to come see her.

She likes to tell people that Charlie is her cousin.

I tell her that I probably will not bring him but we will see. Depends on the weather. If it's sunny that day no because he can't sit in the car. If it's raining maybe.
So program day...................

Thank God it's sunny!
Before I got on the road to The Valley I called my mom. She tells me this story of Princess Spoiled Brat. Apparently she told her teacher that her Cousin Charlie would be attending her program as her Special Friend.
When the teacher mentioned it to my mom of "how nice it was that her cousin was coming" My mom laughed and said Charlie is the dog.

Well apparently the teacher had a conversation with Princess Spoiled Brat about dogs not being invited to the program.

My mom said Princess Spoiled Brat was kind of ticked off about the whole thing

Me annoyed...........basically I was invited to the program so Charlie would have a ride!


So off I went................

My crappy pictures taken with my left hand. I keep packing my camera but then realize I really can't take pictures!

I laughed the whole time at how cute these kids are. It was the Kindergarten, 1st grades, 2nd grades and 3 grades. The music teachers did a great job and I have a new respect for people who can get all those little ones on the same page.

I thought it looked a lot like herding cats.

I was glad I went despite all the bitching about not wanting to take the time out of my busy week. That little trip did put me behind in getting ready for festivities

but oh well..........

Because she is such a spoiled brat and Charlie got the unvitation to the program (and I had no intention of ever taking him) I thought I would give her a little gift. A Charlie, Wire Haired Fox Terrier figurine.
On my way home I decided to run a couple errands. When I came out of one of the places I had stopped, I was walking towards my car and........................

What the hell????

My drives side head light is completely gone!

Are you kidding? How? Why would I have not noticed that? Why would I have not heard it fall out? Did someone steal it?


So I got on the phone to The Hubs..........

He's asking all the same questions I just asked myself.


On the ride home I called the dealership............$552 to replace, don't know if VW warranty will cover it, and it's a special order item.


I get home, The Hubs and I rehash why I wouldn't know that was missing, why I wouldn't have not heard it fall out, what did I buy that I wasn't suppose to that caused The Shit Buying Gods to be angry? .........blah blah blah!

I may have had the radio on or been on the cell phone. Who knows?

Shit happens!

I decided to start working on my Kentucky Derby hat for the party on Saturday. I bought a cute hat and thought I would hot glue my own stuff on to make it my own beautiful creation.

I don't hot glue things much and I had an old glue gun that I probably got in the 1980's.

I'm pretty sure at some point over the years this glue gun was recalled. It worked, so I continued using it for the little bit that I ever hot glued something.

Well I was working away on creating my beautiful hat for our Kentucky Derby party when I pulled the trigger to glue something on and the glue had an air bubble or something in it and blew hot glue all over my fingers. It was so stinkin hot. I couldn't get if off my fingers. When trying to get it off my fingers I glued my fingers together. I was screaming, cussing, and basically flipping out.

Apparently it was the last straw in my crappy week.

I know your saying................Big deal cry baby! I have had worse days, weeks, months, years than that! Boo freakin hoo.......sniveler!

Please keep mind I can't move one arm, my elbow on my left arm is starting to bug me all the time and now I have burned some important fingers on each hand that seem to touch everything.

And.................... I need a damn manicure!

All hat creating activity ceased!

So this is the crap that keeps happening. I'm frustrated, I'm scared that I'm not going to get everything done for the party, and I'm kind of freakin out.

This is where chicken salad happens................

I go to the mailbox and shoved in the box is a package.

Really? For real? I didn't order anything. I wonder what The Hubs ordered?

It's to me!
I look at the return address and it's from someone who reads my blog. She has commented a couple times about my blog on Facebook.
I tear in to the box.......

I can't believe what I 'm seeing.
It's beautiful!

One of my blog readers has sent me the nicest card and gift.
This is where I start crying.
Joanne Tuchman who is a mosaic artist in Thousand Oaks California sent me this beautiful touching framed mosaic heart.
How amazing, thoughtful, and just down right nice is that?

I can't believe it! This made my day.
Thank you Joanne!
Joanne and her friend Kimberly Hughes own Pieces of Paradise (they need a website,blog or something so we can all see their work) and created the big mosaic iguanas at The Mary Pickford Theater in Cathedral City. I'm sorry that I couldn't find the link to this great story and pictures to show you. It's amazing.

Thank you everyone who comments, e-mails me and keeps encouraging me to write. I never knew writing would be something I enjoy so much. Not to mention who would have guessed that my train wreck of daily events (most of them self inflicted) would be kind of entertaining. I should have been doing this when I was single and doing a lot of on-line dating. You would have all had to have a hernia operations from laughing so hard.

Ooooooooooooh I got stories!

Stay tuned for Kentucky Derby Party details....................


Anonymous said...

Wowza! What unlucky (the burn) to lucky (the neat framed mosaic)! You can't have evil without the good!

Glad to hear you survived your own party though!!

Our really empty nest said...

You pour thing, they say when it rains it pours sometimes, but man it seems to be monsoons with you. The party sounds fun though, cant wait to hear about it! Hang in there it can only get better! Sue

Maison Douce said...

Timi, I have never seen anyone get into so much trouble.... You must have angered some gods!!! You may have to do some sacrificing!!! Too funny!!

Amber Rose said...

Oh my you have such better blog readers than I!! A gift from a stranger?? Now don't get me wrong I get gifts..but they all from my sweet friends.. no strangers!!
I'm kinds surprised you did not get a ping pong ball...

Auntie Joy said...

If I had been having the kind of day you were having I might have been afraid to open a package from someone I didn't know...
Sam had a program at school last week all 1st graders there are 5 classes at his school. It was so darn cute I couldn't beieve it and naturally we were the last ones there so I had to stand the whole time! It was worth it though!
Maybe you better leave the glue gun for the professionals I have seen some horrific burns, one time a friend dropped some glue on her upper leg, that was a long time ago when we use to where shorts!! OUCH!!

mishebe said...

i have had the Shitty week too. feel for ya sister!! I have some advice though. Look for the light on Ebay for the bug. The dealer is always to high. I have the same bug by the way. but creme and cuter. Just kidding. no i am not. Yes i am... lol. us bug people have to stick together. .. Mishelle

adozeneggs said...

Ok, aside from everything else, I think someone stole your headlight. Those things don't just "fall" out.
We had a Passat that was stripped of it's side signal lights, as was every foreign car in the lot. I bought the parts at the dealer and had it installed by an independent mechanic. The parts were $75 and my mechanic installed them for $20.
The dealership quoted me over $400 for the parts and labor!
Hope this week is going better for you!!