Monday, January 18, 2010

It's My Birthday!

Another Trip Around The Sun

I love this song and I make sure I listen to it every morning during  Timi week.  
“ one more candle and another trip around the sun”
With having a birthday right after Christmas and New Years you kind of end up doing a lot more reflecting on the past year and what you would like to do in the upcoming year… rather than celebrating your birthday.

I made a new years resolution years ago that I would NEVER make another resolution. My new way of doing the dreaded resolution would be to just think about what didn’t work out so well for me last year and maybe try to accomplish something productive to change it in the coming year.   Writing down resolutions was just setting myself up for failure.
Besides that my mom told me to NEVER make a list of what I was  gunna do because if someone finds them then they will be purvey to the fact that you accomplished NOTHING. 

So I’m not a list maker. I just try to remember. Which doesn't work out so well but hey! 
Friends and family who have to deal with me on a regular basis know this isn’t really such a hot idea either and are fully aware that me doing what I say I’m gunna do is a crap shoot.  50/50 chance that I’ll remember where I’m suppose to be, when I’m suppose to be there, or what I was suppose to do for you.

What I do like to do that makes me look like I have my shit somewhat together, is to make a list of what I have already done and leave it laying around. I usually add a couple things at the end of that list that I was hoping  The Hubs would do.  That way when he comes home and sees how busy I’ve been he feels a little guilty and jumps right in and helps.  
Yes! Please feel free to go ahead and use that helpful tip I’ve given you ladies. 
It works!
So no resolutions here, just trying something different and hoping it is time well spent.

WHOOOOAAAA!!!   BACK UP DA BUS!!  It was her birthday you ask?
Yes it was!

As most of you know Timi Week starts the week before my actual birthday. This year I snuck in a few more days but we aren’t talking about those. I’m thinkin, if I slowly add them in, pretty soon The Hubs won’t know that we are celebrating Timi Month!
In case this is your first time reading my blog this is how it works. I highly suggest you adopt this way of thinking because it’s really a concept.
Pick the week before or after your birthday for your week.  Your choice.
Then you let your friends and family know that you’re taking reservations for doing only FUN things. Going where you want to go, doing what you want to do, buying what you want to buy. 
Remember this is a guilt free week for you so don’t be shy!
Then you inform your friends and family that if you have to do ANYTHING that YOU don’t want to do……….it tacks another day on to your week.
I have found that people usually start catching on after my week has gone on for about 2 or 3 weeks.  Then, the next time your birthday comes around they start doing what you want, when you want, where you want…. just to wrap it up!

Well this last week  was Timi Week and it was BUSY BUSY BUSY!

It started out with a trip to Bravern in Bellevue.  Now they don’t call this a shopping mall but……IT IS!  A high priced mall at that.

Birthday 2010
Michele (The Worlds Best Nurse) took a day off from helping those in need to help her good friend Timi out with a little celebrating.
We went to the new Niemen Marcus, walked through and touched things, gasped at prices, left finger prints on all the cases, talked to all the sales associates, and left.
Then we were off to grace some more of the over-priced- boutiques with out presence.
We did hit Anthropolgie where we enjoyed ourselves very much, and Michele purchased this very cute little tea towel for me for my birthday.
January 2010 023
How darn cute is that?
I love love love it!
It could be yours too by clicking here

After drooling over fabulousness in Anthropologie we stopped in at
January 2010 014
January 2010 012
I indulged in 4 of their fancy cupcakes
Chocolate Peanut butter
Triple Chocolate
Vanilla Chocolate
Red Velvet
Ooooh yes, you guessed correctly
I do love me some chocolate!

Then Michele and I were off to Molbak’s  Home and Garden for a little more shopping and some lunch with………………
Dum dum dum………….drum roll please……….
Birthday 2010 molbaks
Loves these creative ladies.

Then I came home and The Hubs took me out to dinner and presented  me with……………….
A new pair of shinny red patient leather Dansko clogs!
I love them!
That was a good day!

The very next day I met my
Therapy Group
January 2010 017 
Anne, Jennifer, me, Laura
Now I know your wondering “what therapy group?”  What problem does she have now?
Well actually it’s laughter therapy.  When the 4 of us get together we start laughing so hard that people stare.
After a little session with this group anything that was ail’n ya is gone!
So the girls met me for a little doughnut and Diet Coke
and then much to my surprise…….
January 2010 020
Anne had contacted the creative folks at Frost and let them know it was my birthday.
Them kids down there at Frost done out did themselves!
I also got all kinds of gifts from my friends that were just lovely!
January 2010 021
Look at those lovelies!
I love all the pinks. It was so spring like, I was wishing the rain would stop for just a little while.

Then it was off for a little more shopping
Another good day!

The next day………………
I went to lunch with Donna at
This is a tiny little place that I love love love.
New Camera Pictures 008
The flowers in the spring and summer are beautiful
New Camera Pictures 009
This is Wendy
She does everything.  People think she is short answered, abrasive, and sometimes down right rude. She’s not……………she’s stinkin busy!
Stop in and see her one day. Tell her Timi sent you. You won’t get a discount but I bet you get a smile out of her.
New Camera Pictures 010 This is the man that makes the magic happen on the plate
Sorry I was thinking about my Swiss Dip with homemade fries I had there. 
Sorry…….back to the update.
After lunch with Donna I had to rush home and get ready for
 Tank prep
Meeting with our attorney and our neighbor’s attorney.
During the holidays we got slapped with a letter from our neighbor’s attorney that we were encroaching on his property.
Well you know we are lazy around here so there hasn’t been any encroaching going on with us. We haven’t done a thing to the property line since we moved in. 
So………we had to get an attorney.
That’s all I can tell you until it’s settled but BELIEVE ME, I will have a lot to say when this is settled!
Right now it’s totally cutting in to my fun money!

Timi Week was wrapped up with
nails getting done
toes 002
Toes getting done
toes 006
Brunch with the family
Some camping reservations made with friends.
The Gotthiershittogether’s hosted the “Make the Reservations Party.”
What a fine job they did!!
Because they have their shit together we let them host whatever they want!
Wine glasses 008
Lots of really nummy food and drink

Wine glasses 007
A place for us all to spread out with lap tops and calendars
What more could you want?

The Camping Divas will be sporting velour sweat suites with a lot of bling on them this year.
As well as some cute aprons.
Wine glasses 006
What a great Timi Week!
Upon reflection of this years somewhat land mark birthday, I do believe I’m going to need to get some more friends so I can have lunch out EVERYDAY! 
Have a great day!


City Girl Country Heart said...

WOW O WOW! You had a great week!!!
Im going to go back and re read everything again, just incaseI missed something!! Love the shoes, very cute!!

Linda Q said...

Well Happy Birthday girl!!
You deserve a whole week of fun, don't we all! And more often than just our birthdays I purpose, I should make that a royal decree!!tee hee
Glad you had such fun!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Timi, the list and remembering part was like reading my life. We are so much alike, you and I, but we've noticed that before, haven't we?

Timi Birthday Week sounds like you've had a great time. Happy birthday!

adozeneggs said...

Aww Honey, that sounds like the most amazing Birthday week!
Happy Birthday Timi!!!

Kal said...

Wowza! What a great week! Happy Birthday.

Andy's Attic said...

Happy Birthday Timi!! Sounds like a very fun week and the red shoes are cute, cute. Birthdays are very special to celebrate and you should move on to a Birthday Month celebration soon.

Amber Rose said...

Umm next time you invite ladies for lunch ON your birthday you should INFORM them that it's your that said person could at least buy you lunch..or spit in a diet coke for you:)

shabbyscraps said...

happy birthday sweetie!
xoxo, Tiffany

junkrescuerbeth said...

You really know how to celebrate a birthday! I'd like to add my happy birthday greetings to the heap!

Beth of Salvage Studio

Kim G. said...

Happy Birthday Girl! Your birthday week makes my birthday day look weak. (jealous). So glad it was a good one for you, you lucky gal!

The Pifer's said...

Hi, I am new to BlogHer and I am going through others blogs trying to get to know people! I love your blog and I hope it's ok if I follow you.

(Hope you've had a good birthday)

Amy'svintagecottage said...

Happy Birthday Timi!
I LOVE birthday week!