Friday, January 22, 2010

A Project


Before Christmas I was lucky enough to attend a really fantastic Christmas sale at My Sweet Savannah’s house.  She and Kimberly from Mimi Charmante put together a great little show.

As I was snooping around Melaine’s beautiful house admiring her fabulous decorating choices I also noticed she had these wonderful numbered wine glasses.  They weren’t exactly like this but maybe a little more fabulous.
wine glasses

These are from Ballard Design

I’m not sure where Melaine got hers or if she made them but I really did admire them.
She probably made them because she’s all talented and shit ya know?
 I didn’t want to ask her where she got them or if she had made them, because at that point in the evening I was the one leaving finger prints on everything and that would have just been rude and embarrassing.

Being the thrifty (cheap) person I am, I found the need to set out the very next day to find these on the cheap. 

Ring Ring Ring…….

WSU Laura:  Hello

Me:  I need those glasses that Melaine had last night. I need to go to town right now and find some!  You want to go with?

So Starbucks in hand we were off to town to find these glasses. 

Well about half way through our shopping quest we forgot what we were looking for and got all caught up in the fun Cupcake stuff at Crate and Barrel.
We both came home with this

instead of the wine glasses.

I did found some etched glasses that I really loved but a set of 6 of those glasses were $154.

Well guess what???

Too expensive for me! 
I just wanted them for the occasional party not for everyday

After leaving Crate and Barrel with our new fancy cupcake holder I said to WSU Laura “Why can’t we make those glasses?”

You all know I’m not so crafty.  Crafts usually mean some sort of emergency room visit, scaring or something very painful for me.

Oh yeah, there is the cussing and making up new bad words that comes with me crafting also.

Laura laughed and said “sure you can make your own”  
She’s supportive that way.

Because she’s such a good friend this is what she gave me for Christmas
saturday projects 001
saturday projects 003
12 very plain wine glasses
and a potential emergency room visit!

I trotted my crafty little self down to my local Ben Franklins Crafts  the other day
and got me some vinyl numbers made.
January 2010 040
Then I commenced to put them on the glasses
First to find the very special tools for this project
saturday projects 005

saturday projects 004  Some scissors
saturday projects 007
Then lay they vinyl number on the glasses, and start rubbing away!

Wine glasses 010
There they are!
Wine glasses 011

I was so happy with how these turned out that there might just be a set of them turning on a Junk Junket for a door prize.
With no accidents on this project it’s encouraged me to perhaps try something else.
Cheers to crafting!


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Now see there? You CAN be a crafty person. They turned out so pretty. Much prettier than those ol' Ballard Designs ones.

That cupcake holder is too cute. And I bet you can find a bunch of uses for it.

Maison Douce said...

Love, love it, Timi!!! You did good!

Laurie Anne said...

WooHoo those look very fabu :0)

WSU Laura said...

LOVE! Those turned out great. I also like the font you used too, very funktabulous.

Melaine Thompson said...

Timi! You are cracking me up!!!! You can ask me ANYTHING, I don't care! I do have to say yours are faulous! I got mine at that Rosanna warehouse sale in Seattle. You did so good though! Thanks for all the compliments, seriously though, ask me anything anytime! :)

p.s. How are you liking "my" sign? Melaine

Kal said...

Oh I LOVE those! They are so fabulous.

Susan said...

Wasn't mysweetsavannah's open house fab!? Great project! They turned out great!

Susan @

junkrescuerbeth said...

Cheers to crafting is right! These glasses look divine. Rub on vinyl letters are our friends!

Beth of Salvage Studio

Julie said...

The glasses are fanfrinkingtabulous! Drink up girl!

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Too cool! Congrats on a successful creative endeavor!

Mermaid Debbie