Sunday, August 24, 2008

Only 300 more
The Give Away is over!

I only need 300 more hits on my Feedjit counter before The Give Away is over. The goal was 4000. If you haven't entered yet you should hurry! It's super easy, all you have to do is leave a comment on The Give Away blog post and your entered. HURRY! I see lots of the same places coming up and no comments or e-mail. Come on LaConner, Kirkland, Everett, Eugene, and Oklahoma! ENTER!!! I would love to give one of my frequent visitors something.

***An Update on Annie's Antique Sale***
Annie Thank you for putting on a great sale! Annie's on 2nd is closing in September. She still has lots of great things on sale. If you couldn't make the sale stop in Tuesday - Sunday and check her stuff out.

First just let me apologize for not taking any pictures. I was busier then a one armed paper hanger! I totally forgot to take pictures in the morning and through out the day. I would like to give a shout out to WSU Laura for coming and saving the day! Had she not showed up to help me unpack and set up ...........I would have been screwed! THANK YOU!!
I thought 2 hours would be plenty of time. NOT! I had so much crap....oops.....I mean really cool stuff that it took forever to unpack and set up. The Hubs and I rolled up with a truck and utility trailer full. All these other ladies (who knew what they were doing) rolled up in mini vans, SUV's and small trucks unloaded and were ready to rock and roll! Ooooooooooooh no, not the Nuckinfuts! We looked like the Beverly Hillbilly's rollin. Then after we unloaded, The Hubs went home to get another small load! Yeah, that's right we couldn't get everything in the first load in the truck and utility trailer.
I sold alot of my stuff and all an all I had a really good day. It was hotter then blazes out on that black top all day. I came home (Yes, it turns out I am a Hillbilly)sunburned, tired, dirty, tired and starving. Did I mention tired? BUT......I would do it again in a second! I met some really nice people, chatted with some new friends, saw some old friends and learned that those fancy beautiful shows you go to are more work then you can ever imagine. I have a whole new appreciation for antique and farm shows now. It was fun and I would love to do it again!

Remember all those pictures of my messes? Posted August 13th with the title High Maintenance, Fakebusy Master or Just A Great Procrastinator?
Well this week I am no longer any of those things! I have all of my messes all most COMPLETELY cleaned up. I will post some pictures later to prove it. I know y'all don't believe me!
Well it's true, Yeah, that's right, cleaned up, thrown out, given away and anything that resembled antique, shabby chic, Paris apartment or sellable went to this sale. I sold a lot of things but now with an up coming 3 day weekend The Hubs and I decided we needed to just finish off cleaning out all those rooms and the garage and end it with a garage sale. Then we are done! We can start some new messes! Oprah Light Bulb Moment for The Hubs.........with all my stuff cleaned out and gone or boxed up in a small space in the garage.........The Hubs realizes everything he has been tripping over and complaining about wasn't all mine. He's been out cleaning all morning, going through boxes (yes, the ones with 4 different Navy moving stickers on them) and cleaning out. I'm so proud of him! I might just do a little somethin somethin nice for him!
We are off to the Evergreen State Fair this afternoon (weather permitting) with Princess Spoiled Brat. I'm looking forward to doing a little bit of nothing the rest of the day.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


Laurie Anne said...

So bummed I couldn't make the sale. Sounds like a great time. Don't you just love when your cleaning bug rubs off on the hubby. Is there anything better than a man cleaning?? I don't think so. Congrats on your sale and your new found space in the house :0)

WSU Laura said...

It was fun, thank good ness I didn't find anything. Clean Clean Clean. Hey I gave you an award on my blog.

A Thing for Roses said...

I'm so glad you had a good sale. It feels so good to get rid of crap, I mean awesome stuff. I really need to work on cleaning out the garage. It would be nice to be able to actually park a car in there sometime. Hope you have a wonderful week!



Mom in High Heels said...

Hey! Great blog. I just shot you an email in response to your questions about my cabinet. Check your junk mail! ;)

Lateda said...

hey girlie! Did you end up going to the fair in this FABULOUS Pacific NW weather!!
Talk to you soon!! Glad the sale was good! Im still depressed I missed it!

Anonymous said...

The sale looks like fun. I'm crossing my fingers that i win =D