Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Does Too Much Clutter
Make Your Ass Fat????

Way back in February 2008(I can't believe it's been that long but OK . Oprah it's your website I guess you would know) I watched an Oprah Show where she had Peter Walsh from Clean Sweep on her show. This was the episode that featured the poor woman who was a hoarder. That show has had me on a rampage ever since. I'm convinced that all the crap and unfinished projects around this house is the root of all the problems here at The House of B's.
Like an anorexia who thinks they are fat, I always think my house is a mess, dirty and cluttered. With this self diagnose I 've done, it's been a constant battle around here ever since. Let me just clarify that..........It's a constant battle for me. There are other members of the House of B's who don't notice it and think things are just fine. You know who you are!

Since last February I have been saying to The Hubs "we need to get rid of all this shit!" The Hubs reply "it's all your shit!" Which I had a hard time believing that statement. I do get a lot of stuff but it couldn't possibly be all my shit. Could it? I'm an eBay seller so I was under the impression that I was getting rid of my stuff by selling on eBay. Yes, I had piles of junk that I hadn't listed yet. I would get around to it and all would be right in the world. Right? WRONG!
It gets out of hand and you can't get a handle on it. If it doesn't get listed right away when you get it then it gets tossed in pile. Pretty soon the pile is as high as the ceiling and you start another pile. It was mostly all my shit!

So about a 2 months ago I got to thinkin.........what if I just got rid of EVERYTHING ? Cleared out all the extra bedrooms, cleared out the garage and finished up some of my half done projects? Get it gone or get it organized was my mission! Well in true procrastination fashion it's taken me a while. Each day I would start, make a bigger mess, and leave it. On more then one day I would get all gunho on getting started on my new mission. Every day was going to be "the day" this crap gets cleaned up. Within about 15 minutes I would get overwhelmed with all the stuff and how much crap I really did have that I thought "I think I'll have a Diet Coke and go to town". To do what you ask??? Buy more shit of course! Oooor......I would call Donna and say "hey you want to do lunch today?" Call WSU Laura and say "hey, you want to go to the mall today?" WSU Laura and I had more then a couple "Let's not stay home and look at it" days then I care to mention.

So I did it! I professed my procrastination problem and junk collecting (August 13) problem to the world. The reason for this insaneness was to show the world what a huge mess I had and proclaim my mission to clean it up. That way I would have to do it. So for the last couple weeks mission Clean it up or get it Organize is what I 've been doing. I did the parking lot sale at Annie's 2 weeks ago to sell off some of my fantastic finds that never made it to eBay. Then this last weekend I had the final sale of crap! The plan.....sell it and what was left over went to charity. I have been watching a lot of Clean House so I had a plan and was stickin to it!

Yes, folks...............I finally did it! The dreaded garage sale! The Hubs and I have been talking about it for months and months. We just kept putting it off because......well........it's a lot of stinkin work!

Yep! I hauled everything out in the driveway and this is what I did all weekend. Getting rid of shit! It's amazing how much stuff we had. Even The Hubs got rid of some of his junk he had been hauling around from country to country, state to state for years. We had the double car garage filled with tables and tables of stuff along with racks of clothes. We sat out in the sun (yes we are hillbilly's yet again), visited with neighbors, and met some of the new neighbors. In our neighborhood the houses are pretty far apart and you don't really get to meet or know your neighbors which kind of sucks but it's nice to have your privacy.

I haven't been able to get my car in the garage for over a month so results from this sale were crucial! Remember GET IT GONE OR GET IT ORGANIZED!

There it is! My car in the garage! We got rid of a lot of stuff. Yesterday some one came and picked up all our left overs from the sale. We still have a few things to take to the dump but for the most part it's cleaned out. I do have a few things I couldn't just give away that I'll have to list on eBay (it's what I do) but the majority of it is all GONE. The car is back in, the Harley is back in and best of all..............we can walk around with both of them in the garage. Both bedrooms are pretty much cleaned out and tomorrow I'll be rearranging furniture , cleaning and organizing. I can't even begin to tell you how much of a HUGE weight this is off my shoulders.

So over the next week or so I'm going to be posting the photos of all those messes and what they look like now.

Thanks for helping me with my therapy!


AGSoccerMom said...

I so need to declutter. I just don't have the time. Maybe I will just call the truck and write it off instead.

Lisa said...

feels good, huh? Mine went over well this weekend, too. I will be able to get my van in the garage just as soon as soon as we take down the tables..YAY!!

winner winner chicken dinner..check it out, girlfriend