Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New BFF

The Mailman
In the middle of my painting of the second coat of green in the bathroom I had a knock at the door along with a doorbell ring. Who is that? Nobody ever just stops by. It's either Church Folks or Magazine Sales.
I go downstairs and there in the window is the mailman. Now he normally is a stale smoke smellin curmudgeon. Today I had what must be the B or C team of mail delivery personnel. I say that because our normal mailman doesn't bring stuff to the door. He hucks it from his car in the drive way to door. If he's too lazy to do that he usually just tries to shoves it in the mailbox which doesn't always work. In August he knocked the mailbox over...........anyway..........back to my story.
This B Team Member is my new BFF! Not because he brought the package to the door and let me know it was there but because he brought me this...............
That's right!
My new funky ass rubber boots! The Hubs got me these for Christmas but because of the weather (they would have come in handy while we had 2 feet of snow) they didn't make it in time.
These are Nomad Boots from Shoe
They have some really fun boots. I found a couple more styles that looked like they would like to come live with me.
Not only are these boots funky and different but they are super comfortable. I have some freakish high arches and I can't wear flat shoes so all those cute rubber boots that are popular now are a NO CAN DO for me. Which has made me cry more then a couple times. I had to get these boots a size bigger than I normally wear so be aware of that if your going to order these.
Love them! They are going to go with everything. Brown, blue, pink, white plaid with black trim. Since we still have a foot or so of snow and it's snowing again today I bet I get a little use out of them still this year.
These are going to be fantastic at the beach this spring!
The Hubs just informed me that these are not a late Christmas present. They are an early birthday present because he's so organized and on top of things!


Linda said...

Cute!! Well happy late Christmas, early New Years or Soon to be Birthday then to you!
I will just be happy when UPS finally gets it together and gets things here, like things we ordered around Dec. 15th that still are not here! Grrrrrr
Have a good New Years Eve!

AGSoccerMom said...

Those are so super cute.

WSU Laura said...

Funktabulous! Mr. Nuckingfuts is taking this New Year resolution thing a bit too seriously and before the New Year...WTH!? By the way...UPS delivered our snowglobes intact today!!!! YAY...about f-ing time. Happy New Year! I am sure I'll be stalking you later.

Stephanie said...

Those are wayyyy cute :)

Enjoy them this Spring !


Coastal Nest. said...

You are so farking adorable! Crack me up sooo bad.
The mailman I live with says that all parcels are suppose to be delivered to you door. your post office. The also need to put your mailbox back UP!!!

The boots are so hot~
I am so pissed that your not spending any time with me..I think that the mobile estate pulling up to my house would have been an awesome belated Christmas present!

happy new year..Your contractor is rockin, that new bath is going to be sooo cute! nice job..
coastal nest